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    posted a message on Have fun with no rules on my server do whatever

    Hey no rules really just go crazy here ya go

    it is a mcprohosting server vanilla no plugins yet

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    Hello and welcome to my server! I want to make a chill community of mature mine craft players. I am looking for people around my age (24) If not that's ok just be mature.

    I am looking for players that want to do there own thing in a server whatever that may be. I'll think of little spawn projects we can all collaborate on together, i think a spawn town would be fun i am working on something right now for that.

    So for right now i am going to be putting my discord in here because i have the server whitelisted. There you will introduce yourself and put your username in the introduction so i can whitelist you if i approve you.

    Eventually there will be groups and more fun plugins. Right now i just have Brewery and Core protect. Brewery you can make drinks and those drinks have bad effects on the player eventually if you have too much. So you can make bars and places like that to sell them if you wanted. Core protect is a anti grief plugin where i can roll back damage other players have done. I will make a section in discord where you can report that.

    It is a 24 7 server hosted by MC Pro hosting

    So join the discord and let's get to know each other and I'll add you to the server!


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    I am turning the whitelist off for a little bit on a server i rented for friends and myself to play on. I'll leave it public for a bit and if you're chill i'll add you to the whitelist whenever i turn the whitelist back on.

    This is mostly server but it has Mcmmo and Brewery as the title says. I have CoreProtect and Grief Protection so don't worry about anyone messing with your stuff.

    The ip is

    Have fun

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