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    posted a message on Alert Message if Home Bed is broken
    Quote from nTrud3r»

    This already exists. The message is "Your home bed was missing or obstructed"

    No support.

    I'm pretty sure that only appears when you die/respawn.

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    posted a message on Glowstone and Redstone Crystals ~ New Use for Cauldrons

    Well, it's about time for another 'make Cauldrons useful again' thread. Here we go.

    My proposition is to implement a new use for Cauldrons - precipitating crystals from Glowstone or Redstone. The crystals will be injected into currently existing recipes as well as be used for new items. Just sort of thought that crystals would make some cool decorations as well as make a lot of sense as redstone components.

    Precipitating Crystals

    To set up a Cauldron for crystal precipitation, you first need to have a Cauldron full of water. If you are making Redstone Crystals, it will need to be at least in contact with one block of fire - below, or to the left/right/front/back. For obvious reasons, the fire can't be on top of the cauldron.

    Then, you need to right click the water surface to insert either Redstone or Glowstone Dust. The water will turn red or yellow, depending on what you inserted. You can only insert one dust item into each cauldron, and once inserted it cannot be removed. A bucket cannot be used to obtain the dust solution. Breaking the Cauldron will permanently destroy the contents.

    Then, you will have to wait one real-time minute. As time passes, the water level will slowly drop, until all water is gone and a single crystal is left at the bottom of the Cauldron. It will look like an item, but it cannot be picked up by normal means.

    Afterwards, simply right click with an empty hand on the crystal to make 2-3 of the crystal item pop out of the Cauldron, then pick it up.

    Using Crystals as Decoration Blocks

    By putting four crystals in a square shape within a crafting square, you get a crystal block (Redstone Crystal Block or Glowstone Crystal Block). It can be placed anywhere, and they emit light equivalent to a block of Glowstone.

    The texture of the crystals are similar to an emerald block. The Redstone Crystal Block would have a pale red tint, while the Glowstone one will have a pale yellow one.

    Both crystal blocks are translucent like stained glass.

    Recipes Involving Crystals

    Well, here are several preexisting recipes changed. Not really any point. Some of them I just thought that the original recipe made no sense, while for others I felt that the block ought to have crystal components inside them.

    Redstone Lamps will have the Glowstone Block replaced with Glowstone Crystal.

    Daylight Sensors will have a Redstone Crystal replacing the central Quartz.

    Weighed Pressure Plates will have a Redstone Crystal placed underneath either of the metal bars.

    The Beacon will have a Redstone Crystal and Glowstone Crystal replacing the middle-left and middle-right glass blocks respectively.

    And below are new recipes:

    Crystal Sculptures are similar to paintings in that a random shape is picked when placed. They drop naturally when broken. Possible shapes are:

    1. Creeper Sculpture

    2. Zombie Sculpture

    3. Skeleton Sculpture

    4. Zombie Pigman Sculpture

    5. Enderman Sculpture

    6. Steve Sculpture

    Quartz is any crystal. Has to be the same type; the sculpture will appear as the same color as the crystal used.

    Crystal Transceivers are basically wireless redstone signals transmitters. However, their uses are limited since there is only one 'channel' in which sending a signal to any one transceiver creates a signal in all other loaded transceivers. They could be used as possibly a rescue signal (in small SMP servers) or as a 'wake-up call' to bases with lots of mechanical devices, turning on the lights and everything.

    Fire-res potions are Glowstone Crystals, health potion is a Redstone Crystal.

    Crystalline Apples are an alternative to Golden Apples. However, instead of providing 'buffs' such as strength and resistance, it simply refills your hunger and saturation fully as well as 5 hearts of health. Sort of cheap, but whatever.

    Fire-res potions are Glowstone Crystals.

    Logic Gates are... logic gates. Anyone familiar with redstone should know most of these. Just some convenient devices to help redstoners. Thanks to AMPPL50 for suggesting this.

    As usual, fire-res is Glowstone Crystals, health is Redstone Crystals.

    The End.

    Now I realize this is sort of a wishlist with a common theme, but... it's a common theme. Yeah.

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    posted a message on Mob AI Based off of Difficulty - Make hard difficulty hard

    Interesting suggestion. Certainly sounds interesting, and very in depth, despite perhaps being a little hard to follow for new players due to complexity. Still, there's something I'm a bit confused about - your use of percentages. For example, you said (I'm not going to quote; that's a lot of text to root through):

    "They will also have a 5% chance of mounting a spider if they come within 1-2 blocks to one, though they won't intentionally seek out spiders."

    5% when? Per encounter? Per second? Per tick? Per skeleton, with the result decided upon spawning?

    Overall, partial support. Seems a bit complicated for a game like Minecraft which has relatively simple (though diverse) mechanics. Lots of chance and potential confusion swimming around here.

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    posted a message on Command Block Monitors - Simple Visualization of Commands

    It's often annoying when you need to click into each command block and scroll through a text box in order to view each command. Therefore, I'm suggesting the use of monitors to view commands.

    The general gist of this suggestion is to add a 'monitor' block that joins up similar to glass panes, and when touching a command block, will display the textual content of the block on the monitor. With multiple command blocks touching the monitor, the monitor display the most recent command block that was 'selected' by a single shift-right-click with an empty hand.

    A monitor would look like a plain black tile with a grey edge. The edge only frames the sides of an entire monitor structure, and not the individual units, i.e. the grey would look like a frame wrapping around the entire body. Each block would most likely host 1.5 lines and house about 2-3 characters horizontally per line. The command wraps, but cannot extend off the monitor if all space is used up. It is simply truncated and not displayed.

    Compound monitors (ones consisting of >1 block) can only be vertical and cannot be laid out flat like an End Portal. A compound monitor can occupy only one plane (the x-y plane or the z-y plane) and will not join with monitors that aren't coplanar with the original compound monitor.

    A compound monitor has to be activated by a redstone signal. Any connected command blocks will be selected by shift-right-clicking on it with an empty hand, and the command within will be instantly displayed on the monitor. The display can be cleared by simply turning the monitor on and off once.

    The recipe for a monitor is as such:

    Crafting Recipe for a Monitor

    This produces 4 monitors per craft.

    Most likely, the monitors would be compounded in a 1x5 - 1x8 pattern or a 2x4 - 2x6 pattern, with heights of 1 line and 3 lines respectively. They would most commonly be used to visualize entire rows of command blocks, where it would be convenient to simply select each command block and browse through the text just using your in-game perspective.

    So... comments?

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