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    Minecraft Username: jh496
    How did you find us?: friends
    What do you like the most about us?: building and playing with friends
    Any suggestions for our server?: no its perfect
    What world should be used for gathering wood/mining (hint: read our features)?: farmworld
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      Will this service limit you to only allowing people to reach your server if they are in your area?

    • Anyone who the server 'owner' white lists can join your server, from anywhere in the world. Obviously you'll get better performance if you are geographically closer to the actual server.
    • Will it allow you to add plugins?
    • Starting out it will be vanilla Minecraft only, but as our API matures and Realms is further developed, some sort of plugin connection may be possible.
    • Will players have something like FTP access, to upload worlds, mods, and manage server settings?
    • Yes there will be a settings panel for the server owner. It will be quite limited from the beginning, but will be built out as the service develops.
    • Is this service aiming to replace third-party hosting?
    • No. We will not be able to provide all the options and features third-party hosting provides, so there will definitely be a need for third party hosting.
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