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    I now have a fix for this in my own local fork, maybe I should have updated to the latest code first. Basically, for the tagList, a position of 0 (zero) is now valid and should be processed in the same way as all others...

    I just forked, edited nbt.cpp and submitted a pull request. we'll see...
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    Quote from nrub

    It seems like TAG_End can now be the element type of a TAG_List (but probably only if the list is empty). This seems to have broken several NBT parsers because they stopped right after encountering a TAG_End as the element type of a list. If I recall correctly it was even specified in the original NBT specification that TAG_End could not be the element type of a list.

    Anyway this is just a heads up for confused modders or tool developers. I couldn't see any other mention of it on this forum.

    Actually, this information was extremely useful just now... Thanks!!!
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