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    I've tried several different designs for infinite villager breeders in my single player survival world, It seems they all suffer from a common problem however. They start off great, but eventually the breeding slows to a crawl and then stops all together, despite it being an "infinite" breeder. I have Googled extensively and this is a very common problem. Unfortunately, no one knows exactly what causes it or how to fix it.

    After much frustration with those designs, I decided to go with this one:

    I know it's not infinite, (the title says that it is, but that's only if you transport the villagers out and away from the farm) but it is fairly expandable and I've had great success with it. The design in the video will produce 12 villagers total (enough for a small iron farm), since villager cap is is equal to the number of doors X .35, rounded down. So 36 (9 doors a side) X .35 = 12.6

    Knowing that, it's fairly easy to work in reverse. Say you needed 40 villagers for some project. 40 / .35 = 114 doors. So just expand the structure, placing 29 doors on a side for a total of 116 doors. Then just till and place your water sources accordingly. Drop in 2 starter villagers and given enough time, they will breed up to 40.

    Hope this helps.

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    Let me start off by saying that while I don't use mods (other than Optifine) I have nothing but the utmost respect for mod makers. I couldn't begin to understand how they do what they do.

    I, like most players, prefer to use the latest update available to take advantage of things like bug fixes, new content, etc. So why does it seem like mod releases are so far behind? I'm currently running 1.8.1 because that's the most recent version Optifine supports. I'd love to run 1.8.3, but running without Optifine on my dated hardware is just not feasible.

    I've seen so many great mods, but who really wants to run 1.7.10 or earlier just to use them? Again, this isn't meant to be a slight on mod makers, i'm genuinely curious. Does it just take that long to make a mod, or is there some other reason you don't see mods supporting the latest updates?

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    I will try to help answer some of your questions. It sounds like your design is basically like mine (except for the water and cacti at the bottom, I just kill them by hand.) so I will share my experience. It is easier leaving the platforms in place as opposed to mining them out and then replacing them. You said your farm is 19 x 19, so pick a spot anywhere around the perimeter (10 blocks out from center) and dig straight down to the lowest level of your farm. Then add ladders so you can get back up and begin clearing out your floors.

    As for the fastest way to mine that many blocks, I wouldn't use TNT. You can, but if you look at the time it takes to gather the sand and gunpowder, then craft it ,place it, and light it, and then fill the holes it made where you didn't want holes, you're much better off mining by hand.

    The best is diamond, but if you can't get diamond then go with iron. Keep on enchanting until you get a pickaxe with both efficiency and unbreaking on it. The higher the better. Then just repair using the anvil when it gets close to breaking. I had a diamond pick with efficiency 4 and unbreaking 3 on it and it tore through cobble like a boss.

    Hope that helps.

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