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    posted a message on (Mod Request) Xbox 360 Minecraft Interface for Gamepad/Controller users on the PC
    You guys are missing the point, it is not about using the controller, it is about getting the interface in as well, to make a controller actually useable.
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    I've talked with shrogg, and decided that I will be hosting the server. Is there any way that I can get in contact with you so I can get the details of what you want on the server? I can add any sort of plugins/permissions that you like, but as of right now, I don't know what you would need for sure.

    I don't really get on here much, but here are multiple other things that I check on a regular basis

    youtube - TheJessassin
    reddit - Jessassin
    email - admin at jessassin.net
    skype - jessassin

    Other than that this sounds like an EXCELLENT idea, and I can't wait to see the completed project, as your original world of redstone helped me a lot when I originally started creating redstone devices
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    Jessassin's Minecraft Launcher

    I created a Minecraft launcher that allows you to use the steam overlay in Minecraft. I know some people are able to use the default launcher, and it works with steam. but a lot of people have issues with it.

    It also has a few other features:
    auto login - so you don't have to enter your username and password
    java memory settings - allocate more memory to Minecraft

    upcoming features:
    Allow true 64 bit operation.
    disable console window, remove annoying "credits" display upon close (configurable)
    change settings to be stored in a .txt instead of .cmd
    auto-create shortcuts (should have done this from the beginning, derp)
    (maybe) automatic updates
    (maybe) username/password encryption
    auto server connect
    multiple server shortcuts
    (maybe) custom resolution settings, and border-less operation

    Here are a few (outdated, but relevant) screenshots:

    Desktop Icon:

    Launcher Console:

    Loading Minecraft:


    Minecraft (steam shortcut)

    Minecraft (showing steam overlay option)

    Minecraft (using steam overlay)

    Console Credits:

    1.0.0 - Initial Release
    1.0.1 - fixed an issue that under certain circumstances, the installer would delete the entire appdata folder
    1.0.2 - added a load of "detection" features to the launcher. It will now look for java in specific locations, based on your operating system. I also added a couple of new diagnostic features, and changed the application to where you can read the source code if you wish. The main batch file is now just called by an EXE that allows the initialization of the steam interface.

    Known Issues:
    You cannot launch in 64 bit mode in some circumstances. I have a feeling it has something to do with the .exe compression I am using. The launcher will still work, but you cannot specify more than 1536 as your max memory. I am working on a fix for this.

    If you come across any issues, Please let me know.

    download: Link

    Please take note - You will need to MANUALLY add the desktop shortcut to your steam library, or it WILL NOT launch with the steam overlay!! (I am working on making this automatic)

    Here is the download for V. 2.0 beta: http://jessassin.net/Launcher/versions/2.0/Jessassins Minecraft Launcher v2.0.exe
    The new version has auto-update support, but currently does not have support for steam

    Let me know what you think :biggrin.gif:
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    posted a message on [REDSTONE]{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{} RFS Redstone SERVER {}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}
    I noticed you mentioned something abou how the rdf is hard to join, and you doubt the fact that the rdf is still publicly open. I can assure you that the rdf is still open to join, and as far as I know it's simple to join. All you really need to do is to go to the rdf forum site and submit an application. You will then be contacted by an admin and you become a member...
    Another thing is the rdf server is about to get a huge upgrade to a 16gb server with a quad core.

    Either way guess you have already decided that this is something that you are committed to, so I won't hold you from it. The one thing that I would suggest would be to remove some of the {} s from the title. I'm not sure the moderators would like that.
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    Quote from TheFlyGuy06

    here is my review of this: alright, i installed it and expected it to automatically create a steam menu shortcut, that didn't happen, but i could live with just manually adding it. i added it then launched and it loaded a .bat file with the launcher, i (personally) don't like that, i like things clean and simple. but, once again, live-able. then i just tried installing the original minecraft launcher and ran it and it loaded the shift+tab stuff. overall a great program if your OCD isn't as bad as mine (its terrible, i can barely walk out of my house and feel that it is somewhat safe).

    I am working on both getting it to automatically add a steam shortcut (kinda difficult from what I have been reading) and I am also probably going to remove the "console" screen and make there an option to enable it if you really want to use it.

    I really made this for myself more than anything, cause I couldn't stand not being able to use it with steam. I thought it would be a good idea for me to make a public release of it though, as it would give me a bit of incentive to improve my batch programming knowledge (it's quite basic at the moment)

    I appreciate your review though, it'll help me prioritize features in the new releases :smile.gif:
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    Quote from ProjectZirkel

    I seem to be having issues I run the app and it runs fine and opens up minecraft but there is no "shift+tab to begin" or anything its just like the normal minecraft and when I try to go into settings it opens and then just closes :(

    Add the desktop shortcut to steam with the "add non steam game" link in the bottom of your steam interface. I want to make it automatic in the future but for now you have to do it manually.
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    Quote from TheAttendee

    Thanks! Appreciate it!

    no problem :biggrin.gif:

    the new version is up. so far I have tested it on 64 bit Windows 7, and 32 bit windows XP.

    It also has better support for java 7 beta, if you're interested.

    On second thought, it wont matter if you install the new version. The EXE wrapper I am using is preventing it from launching in 64 bit mode. I am looking for a workaround for this...
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    Quote from TheAttendee

    I am. I was using the .bat method before without any problems.

    Could having both 64 bit and 32 bit java installed cause the issue? I have them both installed because I use java for more than just minecraft and 64 bit doesn't work with most browsers.

    it may be defaulting to the 32 bit version of java... in the next update I will specify the java path for 64 bit.
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    Quote from TheAttendee

    Works great except for one thing. Whenever I try to set my java heap size in the settings.cmd it doesn't seem to work with any values higher than 1536. When I try to set it to 2048 or higher it gives the cmd message that appears when you close the program normally.

    you have to have enough resources avaliable to be able to set it higher.

    I can set it all the way up to 8192

    also to go above a certain amount (I think 2048) you have to be using a 64 bit OS, as well as the 64 bit version of java.
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    Quote from Vinceguy1

    Aww i want this but download is temporarily removed :sad.gif:

    download link is back :smile.gif:
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