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    posted a message on Mojang Logo - What is it?
    its a sewing machine..notch has said so on a post...thread ended.
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    posted a message on Java Virtual Machine
    hmm, the way your refering to minecraft as "the DOWNLOADED verson of minecraft" means you probaly play it in the web browser? if not, try taht, if that doesnt work then make sure you got Java, and make sure its updated. if that doesnt work...then i dunno.
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    posted a message on Seed Science: What makes a good map?
    Quote from trunksbomb »
    Quote from Moonster »
    Well, when you bring the human factor into the equation, "random" numbers become far less random. You've then got to take into account (in your example, but you can generalize): what she's thinking, which kid she favors currently, which kid has done something in the past to annoy her, her id, who she's looking at, what kind of mood she's in, etc. All of these factors would account for a different "seed." I guess if you really get technical, there are nearly infinite amount of "seeds" a person might have for making a random choice in their head, but the "seeds" used will usually cluster around the same group every time- ie, she'll pick Johnny first every time.

    This might not make any sence but that....well...that deserves an oscar or a grammy or a bafta or watever...i thank you good man...i thank you so much for opening my mind....even if that doesnt make sence.
    but back to the Seed stuff...
    i think honestly that somone (or a large amout of people) should try and document all the diffrent seeds, with basic descriptions, eg
    gargamel-(whatever the number is for it)-spawn in cave, interesting cave structure.
    404-404- normal map, large cave system with gravel entrace.
    going from whatever the lowest number allowed is to the highest, however, it might change, for example, if you did 404 before the halloween update there wouldnt be any pumpkins on the hill meaning it would cause the engine to run the map totaly diffrently, its hard to explain, basicly, the engine is thinking, hmmm pumpkins dont exist so lets put somthing else here, say...a moutain? yeh...that will do, and lets put a cave in it leading to the "404 cave", but wait, wont that mean its too big or somthing, hmm better move that lava there...ect.

    sorry if none of this makes sence, i have...diffrent ways of thinking and explaining.
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    posted a message on New tool item: Parachute!
    nice idea, but to clear things up, parachute were invented back in the medieval ages..kinda... in the 1500's leonardo da vinci invented a parachute prototype...but noone tested it cause you's need to jump off a building (everyone knows you just respawn :Sheep: ) so since no-one tested it, it was forgotten, untill about 2006 when an invter/archect remade the parachute using materials from that time, but found it wouldnt work, so he improved the design (also using materials and tools from that time) and tested it by jumping off a cliff in colorado, and he survived.

    sorry for the history lesson, i just cant give up a chance to prove im smarter then other people :biggrin.gif:
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    posted a message on Giant Default Skin(Coloured wool)(No longer taking requests)
    ooohh...do me, do me! i got some of the most complex clothes... :biggrin.gif:
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    posted a message on [1.3_01] Baby Ghasts V4 (Including Archer Ghasts!)(Images!)
    Quote from cooldudepoke »
    It adds three new mobs Baby Ghast, Creep Ghast, Puffy Ghast and Archer Ghast! [/code]

    um dude...thats FOUR new mobs...not three... but anyway, nice mod.
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    posted a message on Mine Craft Oblivion Texture Pack
    hey u shud make it so that portals look like oblivion portals and the armour shud be leather = leather (duh)
    iron = iron, gold = mages robe, diamond = daidric. and same with weapons except iron = steel and wood = iron or somthing and flint and steel should be a spell book...like ur firing a fireball and bow and arrow same...and zombie can be thief with skelliton being a daidric archer...spider can be...dunno, sheep is sheep pig is pig ect...netherrack..that black stuff from the oblivion world (on other side of portal) zombie pigman should be scamp or daidric warrior, ghast can be....dunno and soul sand can be that red fleshy stuff most of the ramps are made of... :biggrin.gif:
    just some ideas...you dont have to follow them. :iapprove:

    oh and you should make the daidric armour darker and with more of those awsome spikes coming out of the side and going up...like this: http://tiny.cc/g84sl
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    posted a message on Blue Grass WTF???
    * tsk tsk tsk* looks like your game as got taigaitus...in other words...well...you got a tiage biome...but since it went back when you reinstalled...well...that doesnt make sense...is it like that in all or worlds and is there snow in the world you showed in the pic...if so then ur in a taiga biome...its natural...i got too :biggrin.gif:
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    posted a message on Mods (Beta 1.1_02 compatible! TeleportSigns,LightstoneTorch)
    hey love the mods but i want to know how much light the lightstone torch makes and is the mod compatable with texture packs...cause i love my painterly and i love this mod.... :iapprove:
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    posted a message on What happens if you divide by zero on an MC cpu?
    Quote from mrbaggins »
    For the record, anyone saying "What happens when you divide by zero" is roughly saying "What happens if you divide by cheese?"

    pfft...it equals yogurt...duh....ill explain...first you carry the cheese over to the cow to get milk then you multiply by curd and get yogurt.3 recurring...but basically it equals yogurt... and i just noticed...THERES NO
    COW SMILEY :Notch:
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    posted a message on [V1.7.3] Throwing Spears Mod [V3]
    hey i got an idea...how about a barbed spear and when it hits a mod it does 3 dmg and when you right click the mod it does another 5 dmg...cause ur pulling it out of the mod and that hurts...

    it could be crafted like this...
    [] :Iron: []
    :Iron: [>>-i>] :Iron:
    [] :|: []
    where [>>-i>] = spear and :|: = stick
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    posted a message on Crying obsidian

    according to my pc clock and the wiki you posted 4 minitues in the future...FUUUUU
    but really...i think it does have something to do with the aether but also...since notch is soon gonna add weather and THUNDER...(thunder being electricity...electricy being sometimes blue....) anyone get it.... :l ......ok fine...ill say it
    Obsidian + thunder = crying obsidian= ZOMBIE PIGMAN SPAWNER! :Notch:
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    posted a message on [Mod request]upside down minecart track
    im afraid somone allready asked notch but basically he said that it wouldn't work for 2 reasons...the minecart wouldn't render proply and 2ndly when you got off you'd be either in the block above you....(below you i suppose...) or when you got out you wound be upsidedown...meaning you would kinda be walking around on your head with turning controls backwards...but well...notch said that you could make moving light sources but somone did that...
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    posted a message on Scale of 1-10, how good are you at drawing?
    if drawing with a sylus on DSi Flipnote Studios counts...then about a 7...otherwise just a 5.5
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    posted a message on Redstone Glitch in 1.4
    well my old 2 clock i made back in alpha is still working...so mabye its a mod or somthing thats causing it...i dunno..try google searching and stuff..
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