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    Mods I would like to see in minecraft:

    Nether Bee: orange and blue, live in blue mushroom forests in the Nether, and collect blue mushrooms to make nether honey, nether honey would act like spiderwebs but when you touch them you burst into flames. Nether King Bee: twice the size of nether bee, and will be covered in stingers with a crown on head. Spits nether honey at player that makes him feel threatened.

    Nether Spiders: would be red, live in red mushroom forests, mainly in trees. They only attack if you destroy their home. Half size of regular spider. Drops spider eggs. Has ability to swing from webs across the land. Sometimes carrying message from another kingdom.

    Nether Orcs: two kinds. One red and blue. Red live in red mushroom forest. Blue live in blue mushroom forest. They hate each other. To get passed them you can disguise your self as one of them. Red orcs work with Nether spider. Blue orcs work with blue nether bees.

    2 kinds of Gargoyles: fortress guardians and hog warriors. Fortress gaudians protect nether fortresses, acts like phantoms. Won't harm you unless you provoke them. Has lot of health. Warriors attack piglens. Then Hogg warriors protect the piglens. They look more pig like. They act like phantoms. Attack wither skeletons. Stand still unless provoked. Have lots of health.

    Nether horse skeletons: skeleton horses but black. Banshee: like vixes but screams stop you in your path for 6 seconds. Can phase through blocks. Only 2 attack damage per hit. When they come for you just ring a bell and they will leave you alone for 2 minutes. They drop ectoplasm and this can be made into phase potion that makes you phase though block. You can choose 2 or 4 of these things. I would really appreciate if someone would make these. Thanks.

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