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    You can Use Fraps (Not Sure if it's for mac). It's a nice recording system for recording Games.:smile.gif: Either that or try Camstudio. Look up on Youtube on how to make the settings better. Hope This Helps. :wink.gif: :Notch:
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    I'm looking for a 24/7 server that needs an admin. I want to help servers as much as I can. I've been op on about 3 servers. :smile.gif: I am good at building certain things, I'm friendly, and I can help with testing plugins. So post your 24/7 survival server and I can be one of your admins. I promise I can help alot! :smile.gif:
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    Experience with vanilla servers:I have Created a Vanilla Server, and have been op on 2 bukkit servers. :smile.gif:
    Why do you want to be a admin?:I want to help the server as much as I can. I can build lots of good buildings, I am a friendly person, and can help with server problems anytime. :smile.gif:
    Are you mature?:Yes, sometimes play around
    Will you contribute to the server?: Yes, as much as I can. :smile.gif:
    Photos of you creation if you can:Sorry, I had a world with many buildings such as stores, but it got randomly deleted. :sad.gif: But I can still build. :smile.gif:
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    Here go to this link - http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/735544-shop-custom-map-directory-a-listing-of-the-greatest-custom-maps/page__hl__custom map directory

    It's a link to the best custom maps of all.
    Hope this Helps! :smile.gif:
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    1.What rank are you applying for - Admin, or Moderator

    2.Why do you want to help? - I want to help make the server's community better, also I'm great at building and I help alot of people on other servers such as Welcome them and give them a tour. :smile.gif:

    3. Have you ever been banned? If so why? - I was banned mistakenly.

    4.How old are you and how often could you be on? - 15, If member, 4-5 hours, but if I get promoted, Then I'll try as long as I can be on, for about the whole afternoon, and the night.)

    5.Any server experience? (like being apart of staff or running a server(Must be portforwarded)I have been Admin on 2 servers and I have created a public server before.

    6.Could you donate?(do not have to) - If I had my own paypal, then Yes. :smile.gif:

    7. Do you have a Skype (optional) - Nope, Sorry.

    Take your time,
    Quigon96 :SSSS:
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    Moderator Application
    Experience:3 years
    How many servers have you been Mod/OP on?:one
    Have you ever been banned?:nope. :smile.gif:
    Do you have any references:Mikeyzz
    What can you bring to our server?:Many New Buildings, Kindness, Banners, Help to Other Members.
    Tell us about yourself:I'm Very Experienced In Multiplayer Servers. I enjoy minecraft alot. I can Code and Make Pixel art in single player. :smile.gif: Hope I get to be a Moderator!
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    In Game Name:Quigon96

    How long have you been on the server (I can check):Been On This Server for A while.

    Why should you be a (Fill in Rank or Job or Class):OP because I Make Good Decisions and I'm very experienced
    with Multiplayer Servers. I really want to help the Server as much as i can. This is a very awesome server and I'll try my best.

    What Time Zone are you in?:Eastern Standard Time

    How old are you?:16

    How often are you on?(I can Check):4-5 hours
    But If I'm Admin, I'll Try to stay on as long as I can and do my best to make this server the best server in minecraft.

    Anything Else?:Take your time. I want to make sure it's good with you. :smile.gif:
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    posted a message on Mik3yzz's New Fresh Survival Server! 24/7 Dedicated Server -> T3 Line Come Join the FUN!
    Hey Mikeyz!
    I just joined your Server!
    Minecraft User - Quigon96
    Nice Server!!!
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