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    posted a message on 1.7 What to expect?
    Remember how jeb said that he wanted to add more dragons to minecraft? well i think that this might be the "red dragon" update. i love the idea of a tamable dragon friend

    i hope t his is the dragon update :3
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    posted a message on My awesome mod idea!
    Hello! I was watching my favorite anime when I had the best minecraft mod idea! It's Ranma 1/2 in minecraft! The problem is, I don't know how to make a mod OR install them :( I was wondering if someone could help me. PM me your skype name and we can talk about the making of the mod OR tell me how to install mods, I would appreciate it :)

    also post "taco" if you like Ranma 1/2 :3

    The mod would add:
    - pandas, ducks and other humans
    - 2 new swords (boken and shini)
    - Cursed springs biome
    - mob transformation when in contact with waters
    - Kettles for hot water
    - towns also spawn randomly
    - new martial arts abilities

    The mod would also be really fun for anime geeks like myself. It also adds other humans to interact with when your world feels a bit lonely :steve_tearful:
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    posted a message on Brand new server, looking for staff!
    IGN: in game name? jayjay9000
    Age: 12
    Position: admin or builder
    Why you should be picked?: because i am very helpful and responsible. plus i'm very likeable and good at advetising (i'll get ur server out there). also i'm great at building
    Have you ever been banned on a server? Why?: yes and because they thought i had x-ray (i didn't)
    Are you staff on any other server? If so, what as?: nope
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