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    Reply to this thread with your IGN to earn your first rank of Member and gain access to /me, /fly, and the chance for rank ups!

    Majestic Creative is a plotworld server and our players have instant access to HUGE 400x400 plots to build freely and are fully protected! We have a vibrant community and active staff ready to help our players!

    When you join you instantly have creative mode and you can instantly obtain a 400x400 plot by using the command “/plot auto”.

    You can do many things with your plot such as adding trusted friends. There is a full list of commands listed in game with “/plot help.”

    You are able to add as many warps as you wish for your events and builds simply do this by standing at where you want your warp to be and use command “/setwarp yourwarpname” and tell players your warp and they’ll visit!

    You have full access to teleport request commands for easy transport across the server. To request a teleport to someone simply use command “/tpa playername”

    If you have impressive builds please post them here, please make sure to follow the post format here. Posting your builds gives you a chance to earn the rank of Builder. Builders have access to World Edit, you must be a Member to earn Builder.

    1. Do not grief.
    2. Do not hack, cheat, exploit, or use illegal clients.
    3. Do not cause lag.
    4. Do not spam or use caps.
    5. Do not advertise other servers.
    6. Do not disrespect other players or admins.
    7. Do not impersonate other players or staff in game OR in teamspeak OR on our website.
    8. Do not swear or use racial slurs.

    We always welcome new players and love to check out new builds! Test your skills on Majestic Creative! Our active staff and friendly playerbase will surely convince you that this will be the last creative server you will need.

    Thank you! If you have any questions or need help please let us know, we try our best to keep everyone happy and having fun!

    my ign is jayda1 and do u have a sever website
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