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    Schrodinger's cat is a paradox because of the true indeterminancy of quantum mechanics, not simply having a dead and alive cat randomly when you observe it. Was a bit disappointed when I saw the design
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    Hm, a basic outline would be:
    1. Day/Night Street-lamp system
    2. Redstone doors EVERYWHERE!!!
    3. Subway system
    4. Elevators
    6. Light switches
    7. Bathrooms?
    8. Spleef Arena with working scoreboard
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    Jasper Ty




    Ranger(Uses double dagger and bows(low damage but incredibly fast(in running and attacking)))
    Necromancer(Raises the dead from corpses)
    Philosophy(learned it from the sages)

    Past life

    When he was born, he was raised like a little slave, he was beaten and slapped until he begs for mercy. He ran away from the house shortly. Then he made a living in contact with old sages in the forest. They took care of him. They noticed Jasper was incredibly into fighting, but he had a peaceful and fearless mind. It was until he was 12 he understood their teachings. "Knowledge is not evil, it is how it is used that determines it" - Unknown.
    They asked him to tell them what to teach him. "Necromancy" he replied. The old sages said "Ahh, raising the dead it is. It makes you feel powerful having 3 skeletons by your side doesn't it?". Jasper was scared at first of the thought, but then he realized. "Well if the skeletons I raise from the dead died from the evil, then I'm giving them another chance to save more people from it."
    He then left the masters dwelling and ventured far. He even became a master of Necromancy in his travel. He visited them again only to find them dead. Revenge did not flood his mind. Instead he tried something no other man has tried before, bind their soul and mind again to their dead bodies. Most Necromancy uses some tricks, but never manages to bring sentient thinking abilities and memories back to the reanimated body. That feat brought the sages back to life, but it drained so much of his energy that he cannot use Necromancy unless he really needs to. The sages then point him to a camp near the town of Rangers that can train him.
    He traveled there, then he finished the training after 3 years. That day the sages came and congratulated him. They gave Jasper a scroll, then shortly they truly died of old age. Inside the scroll was gibberish nobody in town could decipher. For 7 years he tried to decipher the contents, then he did, he never shared what it said to anybody. He burned the scroll.
    He now knows the source of the evil, how to stop it, and who he truly is. He was born from the blood of one of the demons after they ravaged the land, two people picked him up and raised him, and because they knew he was born from evil, they disciplined him by beating him. The sages saw the true form inside him, they knew that he is quite pure, unlike his parents. He has gained a special power, since he is born from demons, he has a telepathic connection to them. He also learned how to block enemies from trying to telepathically contact him. The scroll said he must meet a man born from a dragon if he is to save humanity. He then realized from common wisdom "The best place to hide something is in plain sight" that the elusive person who planned the entire assault to humanity is a shapeshifter. The demons leader is the leader of humanity! The last surviving human castle is Aspengarde, and it is ruled by a High King. There have been rumors the King has sent agents that nobody is aware of. This must be a specialist team that the King sends to ensure his very detailed plan works. The only way to save all of mankind, Jasper thought, was to start a rebellion against the High King. Everything now makes sense, he must meet up with Shy'Gul to fuel the rebellion! Thats the end of his past life.


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