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    I completely agree with the PaulSoaresJR suggestion. The guy is probably the best family friendly youtube alive.
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    IGN: Jericho_Neric

    Real-Life Age: 18

    Do you have a Skype? If so, what is your Skype Name? (This is by no means required and holds no weight on your acceptance. We just use Skype a lot): I sent it around on the old server, so you should have it

    Have you read all of the rules, agree to abide by them, and by the decisions of our staff?: yes

    What is the definition of “Powergaming”?: I’m assuming this is not quoting you, but power gaming comes down to players A. creating a character who is so totally perfect that they can’t lose, and roleplaying in a way that reflects that. B. doing PvP in a manner as to abuse what you have instead of giving the other person fair chance as this is an RP. C. refusing to lose in any situation (without being a stubborn character that is still losing just not admitting it Icly) and acting as a god.

    What is the definition of “Metagaming”?: Meta is using outside content within the RP. This includes abusing OOC conversation, the arrows on maps, and abuse of in game mechanics like bugs. The abuse of game mechanics like the fact that you can still deal dmg to a person in full iron with just your fists. This section also includes greifing to travel (towers and tunnels to get into otherwise inaccessible areas.

    What is the definition of “Roleplay”?: well basically playing a role. In depth… well it’s the integration of many individual characters that all have different backgrounds, and how their stories intertwine. RP is really like a big book with many many authors. Every character supplies a new aspect, and is meant to add to the world.

    Who can use flymod, X-ray and other such clientsided mods?: no one. Quite frankly the only ones who would need it are admins but they’d have access to creative and what naught.

    When are you allowed to cause the death of another character?: with the consent of the character’s player.

    When are you allowed to speak out of character?: when you are not engaged in RP. It’s alright if you’re keeping out of RP, and simply say hi to everyone when you jump on or something.

    Have you read the primary server lore of our server and agree to roleplay in accordance with it?: yes same great ideas as the last server.

    Who is allowed to use magic?: those with permission, which is earned by presenting an “exceptional” app.

    Who are the Fallen?: a passive secluded race of simple superstitious people who live in a peaceful society among themselves.

    When and how did our current government come to be?: The Chancellory came into power after defeating the Lineyra monarchy, and its capitol withstood famines that destroyed many smaller cities.

    Who are the Order of Aradin?: a defense force that protects Chancellory specifically creatures from bloodstone island

    What are the Net and Essence? The net is a sort of magic field which restores living beings who fall from the isles, but does not restore belongings except when saved by Essence a sort of energy accumulated from doing certain tasks that is like an early form of mana.

    What previous roleplay experience have you had, if any?: Forum RP for 5 years, MC RP for 3, Admin on Dragonsreach RP server.

    If you have played on other RP servers, please say which and why you left: Lord of the craft would be the most relavent. I lost interest since it was too big and I only cared for two or three people, and the rest well I couldn’t care less.

    Character Information

    Name: Jercio Kain

    Age: 24

    Class: Ranger

    Citizen of the Chancellory or a member of the Medori?: I was told there were nomads too, but if those are no longer a choice Chancellory ((I’ll write the backstory as Chancellory, since the nomad form would simply be his family is part of the crew))

    Physical description: Most are quick to judge the young man. His thin body and his lanky height make him appear as a twig does in a wind storm. In truth his lean form is deceptively muscular, and he commands his movements with much dexterity. He’s adapted to a life unlike those of his ancestry. It has changed him in all ways.

    He does not keep a beard, and only has minimal stubble now and then. The scars on his hands and the wind scorn nature of his face show the ware and tare he’s endured. Traits of a man a decade his elder appear on Jercio’s face in the form of wrinkles at the edge of his amber eyes, upon his brow, and at the back of his jaw.

    He wears ragged clothes that carry as many scars as his skin. The tunic is a faded brown that has begun to turn gray. His pants are a pair of heavy cloth trousers. The most expensive possession he has is a baldrick that never is taken off his body. He stands proud and cares not what others think. You can see it in his eyes. Your opinion matters not, but it will be met with apathy before rage.

    ((Yes a lot of this is from my character on the last server, but I’ve refined his personality a bit, so I want to try him again.))

    Screen capture of your skin:

    Biography (Minimum 400 words. Cannot include loved ones being killed, kidnapped, tortured, or the like, unless you can do it in a non-cliche manner.):

    “We don’t live for life. We live for legacy.”

    Jercio wasn’t anything special. A cobbler’s son. What would be expected of him? It wasn’t expected that Jercio would vanish not too soon before his father intended to hand over the business to him. His parents had no idea where their son had gone. He slipped away and found himself a new career. An airship, The Krimson Bolt, set to explore the edges of old territory was in need of young men. Jercio was slightly young for the job being only eighteen, but was allowed when he offered to take lower pay.

    The airship set off on its journey. Jercio was kept to the lowest of jobs just scrubbing floors, dealing with trash, and whatever else was below the sailors. It didn’t stop Jercio though. As months went by he learned what it took to be a real member of the crew. Not just how to sail, but how to fight, and how to stand firm even on the roughest of skies. Half a year had past when they reached the old territories. These were cities taken by the famine. They were the edge of the nation’s reach at one point, and now people were curious if we could go farther.

    Before going farther into the sky the airship set down in one of the dead cities. The crew needed some time on ground, and scavenging might help to keep stocks high. Food was one thing not found of course, but remaining tools, weapons, and some valuables were found and taken aboard. Jercio found his first bow here. Only three of the crew members were trained in archery, so the weapon had been over looked by many. To Jercio it was a beautiful tool. One of the crew’s archers, a man named Tyler Marko, began to teach Jercio how to use the weapon. Tyler treated Jercio like a younger brother when he taught, and Jercio very much appreciated that when some of the crew still treated him like a child.

    When the airship resumed its journey into the unknown Jercio found it very difficult to practice archery aboard the ship. Learning with that weapon did give him the confidence to pick a sword though. Boxing and swordfights were two ways the rest of the crew kept busy. Jercio didn’t consider getting involved before since the sailors were completely out of his league. Once again Tyler found himself tutoring Jercio. The two would practice with some wooden swords down in the lower decks. Soon enough Jercio was keeping up with Tyler’s skill, and rivaling some of the even better fighters in the crew.

    As the months went by the ship did find more islands out past the known territory. None showed anything new, but a chuck of land was a chunk of land. Eventually if they were needed the Chancellory could use them. For now the airship began a course for home. A year and a half had passed when they arrived back. Much was still the same though. Jercio wasn’t one of those things. He had grown up more in that time than in the eighteen years prior. Jercio permanently joined the crew after invitation from the captain as per the request of Tyler.

    The Krimson Bolt went out again on a number of explorative journeys. Some purely for the crew. All the men aboard lived to sail. They’d set a course for wilderness and see what adventures might be had. It was glorious. Things never last though. The Krimson Bolt was an old ship, and was going to obsolete if “steam engines” took off. Soon no one needed a ship like that, and the crew was useless. The members dispersed trying to find new work. Jercio didn’t handle it well, but Tyler handled it worse. Tyler had put years and blood and sweat and tears into that ship. Now he felt like they had been taken from him. Tyler drank away anything he had left, and Jercio watched as his friend withered away. Now eternally in the back of his mind is that thought to let in to the madness, and give up.

    Today Jercio goes from ship to ship offering his skills as a sailor and ranger. He’s just trying to hold on, and no longer has a hand to reach out to.

    What is your character’s main goal? (Motivation): Jercio seeks others who can give understanding to the madness he knows, so that he may move on and salvage his legacy.

    Strengths (Both physical and personality): Jercio has become rather talented at his job as a sailor. He knows his stuff, and can adapt quickly to knew ships. When it comes to blades Jercio can do pretty well in one on one, but he needs space to maneuver since his skill comes from his speed. Jercio’s archery is quite the sight. Its both a hobby and part of his job, so Jercio spends a lot of time working on it. He’s even practiced with his bow in melee combat.

    Jercio is resourceful, and works with what he has. He also is very firm on his beliefs, and trusts his friends deeply. Between his whit an agility Jercio’s been able to handle much of what’s come his way.

    Weaknesses (Both physical and personality. Not knowing how to do something that is outside of your class is not a weakness. IE not knowing how to use bows and magic, if you are a swordsman.):

    Jercio can’t take too much of a beating. He’ll keep fighting through one, but simply because he’s stubborn not because he’s still in good condition. Jercio is also plagued by that nagging depression, and the thought of Tyler who is nothing but a shell today. Finally Jercio is plagued by a sleeping disorder that keeps him awake for hours and sometimes straight through the night which leaves him drained and tired the next day.

    Does your character have any connections to currently-existing characters or characters yet to be accepted? If so, which? (See “Character Linking Aid”. Please post a link to the topic.):

    In-Character-Responses (ICRs. For each scenario, write at least a paragraph describing entirely in-character how your character would respond to the situation.Your ICRs will be used to see how well you can RP. Please post them as if in IC chat. An example can be found after this form.)

    Walking down the streets of the Capitol, you encounter a pair of heavily armed and armoured men harassing a young girl.

    Jercio: *spots the men and sighs* “Oi! What the heck are you two doing?”

    Man 1: “None of you’re business runt” *the man glares at Jercio over his shoulder.*

    Jercio: “Why do I still get called runt thee days? I’m six two…” *Jercio stops for a moment to get back his train of thought.* “Its plenty of my business. You two do something stupid, and I’m the witness. Leaves me in a bad place.”

    Man 2: *grabs the girl by the arm and begins to drag her down an alley*

    Man 1: “Then you best leave now.” *grins evilly*

    Jercio: *sighs* “I hate having morals.” *draws his blade from its sheath on his belt.*

    Man 1: “Should have left.”

    Jercio: “Should have had a mint. You’re breathe is vile.”

    Man 1: *draws his sword, and makes a downward slash at Jercio.*

    Jercio: *leaps back dodging*

    Man 1: *makes two horizontal slashes*

    Jercio: *dodges backward, but trips over an uneven cobble in the road*

    Man 1: *prepares to plunge his blade into Jercio, but grumbles before fleeing when he spots guards nearby.*

    Jercio: *gets up, and dusts himself off.* “Should have left… and then sniped them.”

    A man approaches you with a proposition - Go to Bloodstone and retrieve something for him, and you will be well rewarded.

    Jercio: “Heh. I’ve been looking for a job for a while, but isn’t this a bit much?”

    Man: “Oh it’ll be plenty worth it.”

    Jercio: “I find that hard to believe.”

    Man: “Don’t you like risks and danger?”

    Jercio: “I miss the days when they were part of my daily life, but now… I’m not going out in a blaze of glory. I don’t need you’re money or the glory.”

    Man: “Fine. I’ll find another. Shame the cowards out number the heroes.”

    Jercio: “I’m neither of those. I’m just me.”

    You pass an old man lying on the side of the street, begging for food.

    Jercio: *sighs stopping for a moment.*

    Man: *looks up hopefully*

    Jercio: “If you’re expecting me to give you food you’ll be disappointed.”

    Man: *the man grumbles looking to other passersby*

    Jercio: “I’ll give you this though. At the docks a ship called the White Leo unloaded its cargo, and the sailors have all gone off to do as they will. There’s a big create of provisions that they broke the lid on, and is just sitting there.” *Jercio begins to walk again.*

    In a tavern, a slightly inebriated fellow insults your mother.

    Jercio: *still wondering why he even came to the bar in the tavern.* “The great mind of the drunk.”

    Fellow: *oblivious to sarcasm* “Why thank you.”

    Jercio: “ Will you just shut up?”

    Fellow: “I thought you… huh?”

    Jercio: *rubs his temple* “This is why I rarely drink.”

    Fellow: “I can tell you’d be more fun if you drank.”

    Jercio: *rolls his eyes and leaves knowing the fellow is just an idiot.*

    You take a liking to a beautiful necklace a passing woman wears.

    Jercio: *sighs and mumbles* “Such a shame some people waste money on things like that.”

    Woman: *hears some of what Jercio says, and looks back at him for a moment.*

    Jercio: “What?”

    Woman: “You said something. I know it.”

    Jercio: “I said ‘What’.”

    Woman: “That’s what I’m asking.”

    Jercio: “Yes. I said ‘What’.”

    Woman: *the woman throws her hands in the air, and walks off calling Jercio a rude obnoxious commoner.*

    Jercio: “Yep. Wasted.”

    Do you have any questions about the server or our lore?: not really.

    Other notes:
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    posted a message on Falconry: Tameable Birds and a use for Quivers!
    Normally I'd hate on something like this, but perigrin falcons are by far one of my favorite animals so I must love it. We at least need this in mo creatures.
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    posted a message on Subscription System (F2P singleplayer, P2P multiplayer)
    I'm sorry, but Notch has said before that he doesn't have a big issue with piracy of MC, and those pirates are stuck with ssp unless they go on pirated servers.

    This is a complete waste of MC's resources.
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    posted a message on Ender Map
    I definitely support as a fan of SSP. I never have cared for PvP servers or any of that sort of stuff. The multiplayer server's im on are RP and private mostly so this map would only help more.

    My only suggestion is make is use end stone. It is a rather powerful item that could be useful as an end game sort of thing.

    Then due to the limited amount of endstone it becomes much more worth while to have one. Though I would suggest the ability to reset the map and save a new area on it probably through a new ender eye being crafted with it.
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    posted a message on Stacking Weapons/Tools
    I could only ever see this if it was only for unused tools and in chests only. I get that it may be an issue for some people, but really why not just keep stacks of the material needed and then just make the tool if you're at your house. Heck you could even keep it in the crafting pattern to show its for that tool.
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    simple changes can have the biggest effect after all.
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    posted a message on ~ | THE LORD OF THE CRAFT | ~ - ENTER ATHERA - ~ Officially the #1 Minecraft Roleplay Server
    Out-Of-Character Information
    Please fill out the following questions as accurately as possible, and ensure the essential details are accurate.

    Minecraft Account Name: Jericho_Neric
    How old are you?: 17
    Time-Zone: EST

    Have you read, understood and agreed to the rules?: yes

    What previous experience have you had in role-playing?: About 2 and ½ years of MC RPing, 4 years of forum based RPing, and a year of DnD

    How did you hear about the “The Lord of the Craft“?: My normal RP server is in the middle of a remodel this one got mentioned by some other members there.

    Link any applications that you have previously made for the server: none.

    Have you posted this application on the Minecraft Forum? If not, then please do so (link above):

    Have you read the Elven lore, and shall you ensure you make use of it and follow it in your biography?: yes

    In your own words define the following terms. Do not take any definitions from elsewhere!:

    Role-playing: Rping is sort of a method of story telling. Multiple people get together and create a character to exist in a universe/world which is designed by a GM/DM (or some other sort of leader). In this world each character goes about their lives while interacting with the many other characters. Its sort of like a novel is being with a number of different authors who all write from the point of view of another character.

    Meta-gaming: This offense is when a person takes advantages of certain aspects of the way the RP is done through parts of it that are not RP‘d. These typically are: using Out Of Character (OOC) knowledge in character, taking advantage of glitches or loopholes in the game, abusing plugins, and griefing to gain access. To be more specific about using OOC knowledge it can be taken from OOC chat, dynmaps, personal knowledge you have but gained without being in character ((ex. A friend shows you the combination lock he built. You saw it OOC, and thusly can’t have your character know about that lock or its combination)).

    Power-emoting: is basically power-gaming or god-modding. Its very simple in that you have your character do certain actions which are extremely overpowered and excessive in almost every way. You basically make you’re character perfect and well god like. They might block every attack, always get headshots, or be able to summon demons who devour everyone and then give them a cookie. It ruins the point of Rping as it makes your character too strong and have no issues along with it being a pain for everyone else.

    In-Character Information:
    Complete the following biography on your character:

    Full Name: Jercio Chirr
    Current Age: 148
    Sub-race (if any): wood elf

    Past / History: Jercio like many elves these days was an only child. His parents Kane and Laera were common folk wood elves though a trickle of human blood was there on the mother‘s side. The community in which Jercio grew up had its fair share of half-breeds. It was a small out of the way village, so the mingling wasn’t too surprising. Jercio grew up alongside a number of half-blood children. Some were more human others more elvish and vice versa. Jercio was so barely affected by his blood that he was nearly considered a pure blood. That factor never divided him from the other young ones, but it did show as years went by. As an elf he lived much longer then the humans and out lived a few half elves. He learned it as part of his life that people die, but watching friends wither way at old age was not something he accepted quickly. Some of his dearest friends were humans. When they were old men he was still a boy, but he never let this get in his way. He was able to take in the same knowledge as his aging friends and would live his childhood among them.

    As the decades past Jercio watched new generations come. He never forgot his old friends and often would visit their children and grandchildren. It was in his blood to take care of his pack. His family was proud to be called Wolf, as was he. Jercio made it his duty to protect these people since he had been blessed with a long life.

    By about his eighties many of Jercio’s old friend’s family’s moved away. The small village had become crowded, and never seemed to expand. With no reason to stay in the village besides a simple job as a hunter, Jercio left his home and headed out into the wilds.

    Jercio was the still equivalent of a young human male when he left home, and in more than just physical maturity. He was brash, energetic, and searching for his place. He’d seen generations go by before him, and here he was a young elf with many centuries before him.

    In the wilds, hunting and Jercio’s many long years of learning how to co-exist with nature kept him alive. Jercio knew how to snipe almost any wild creature in a way to let it exit this state without pain. From there he’s use everything. If it was a chicken? He’d pluck the feathers for arrows, use the bones for tools and to calm the wolves down, the least edible parts like the feet and beak were good for trading to the occasional potion brewer he’d see in towns, of course he’d eat the meat, and the remaining food was to be bait.

    The wolves were one sort of creature who seemed to always follow him. Perhaps he seemed like prey, or they smelled the food he carried, but they never seemed aggressive. Jercio would spot them, and they’d dash off into the woods. Their chorus of howls would even lull Jercio to sleep at night on occasion. Perhaps it was his ancestors watching over him, perhaps it was just nature, or maybe nothing.

    So there Jercio was for nearly thirty years. He tried to comprehend the ways of nature. How so many glorious creations, the trees, the grass, the animals, and the life in all of them was so fragile. The questions consumed him for those years. He needed to know why his dear friends could not live long like him, and how the world was so easily destroyed. As a child he did not learn much of the origin. He knew that a god had created the world, and of the four brothers who were the ancestors of the races, but he did not know of the darkness that visited this world. That is until he came upon a small manor.

    The manor was owned by a human lord named Thomas Riecher. The man was somewhere in the middle of his lifespan, but in those short years had made quite the collection of old books and other artifacts. The man was a kind reasonable gentlemen who allowed Jercio to stay for a few nights at a low cost. Though most would see the fee a rude gesture Jercio saw it as the man simply being logical. While Jercio stayed there he spent many hours in the library reading through the ancient tomes. At one point the man asked Jercio for help decoded a few damaged sheets of paper with elvish writing on them, but Jercio was unable to assist since he knew only his last name in that tongue. The book which caught Jercio’s attention for the longest was one detailing the origin of the world. The tome itself was very old, and Thomas said it was a very early copy of Chronicles of the ancient history. It apparently was copied from the original text by an extremely talented scribe. The quality was not what made it fascinating to Jercio though. Learning of Iblees and how he had cursed the world like this not only infuriated Jercio but motivated him.

    When Jercio left Thomas’ manor he went deep into the forests. Deep into his homeland. Here Jercio reevaluated his life. That disgusting creature had changed the world created by the god and sculpted by the four races. He had altered nature and cursed the entirety of Aegis. Asulon was not free from that darkness either though. Iblees’ curses on the four races made anywhere they went doomed. So deep within the forest Jercio constructed a small shrine and prayed to the god.

    “I have not experienced the long lost past, and know not the future. I have lived but a short time in your eyes, and long in those whom have passed. I ask that my many years be blessed with the fortune to go forth and help protect the world you made. My ancestry helped to give names to your creations. One name was Chirr, Wolf. A mighty predator who’s strength comes from those it leads. Give me the zeal to draw strength from the world I wish to defend!”

    Jercio didn’t feel anything change, but he knew he had. From then on Jercio made it his duty to help protect the world. Not only in the way of respect like many elves, but also by striking down those who would endanger it. No one would be immune from judgment. Humans, Orcs, Dwarves, or even elves who put nature at risk would soon be at the mercy of the wolf.

    For the next few decades Jercio traveled the continent as a nomad always looking to keep nature in balance. He tried to strengthen his bond with nature always trying to tap into the magics used by druids, but never had any real success. He did defeat a number of foes through his journey. Selfish humans, greedy dwarves, violent orcs, and the odd twisted elf were slain by his bow. The task was never without pain though. Not only did Jercio suffer many wounds over the years, but the realization of the extent of his goal also hindered Jercio. He had wanted to do so much to help the world, but he knew he could never do enough.

    For now he has reduced his watch to the edges of Elven territory, but still acts with the same fervor. If the day ever comes where Iblees or any evil appears to destroy nature Jercio will stand ready to defend god’s creation to his very last breath.

    Ambitions for the Future: Jercio intends to carry on his watch over nature, but the gravity of the vocation has led him to consider trying to become a real druid. Along with that he has had the occasional thought of trying to find a family as a way to eventually carry on his ideals, but its ones of his lesser thoughts as he knows how rarely elven females bare children.

    Personality: Jercio is typically a rather nice guy, but that usually requires you getting to know him. At first glance he appears cocky and very pugnacious, but it really is just his dedication to his goals that make him willing to take on challenges way out of his league. If you get past that you may see him as a bit moody or at least his feelings change rather quickly. This seems to be something with Jercio where his attention span is extremely short, and he has nearly boundless energy. This does lead to him rambling about certain topics as well. If he enjoys the topic he’ll go on and on, but if he dislikes the topic he’ll try hard to change it or leave despite how rude it is.

    Deep down Jercio is a very dedicated elf. He’s willing to lay down his life for the world he believes in, and would do it for anyone he cares about. He has good morals even if he’s a bit chaotic about carrying them out, and really just wants to help the world.

    Skills: Jercio is a very talented bow-elf, and excels at killing animals due to his years of training. He is also a very good survivalist knowing how to live along with nature for a very long period of time. He has a rather mediocre knowledge of swordplay, despite it being an uncommon skill for elves Jercio did more or less learn how to wield and use a short sword. Jercio has always had an interesting connection with wolves even though he doesn’t know why. This connection also extends to most dogs. Typically these animals are very friendly to him, and occasionally obey his commands if they aren’t too extreme. Jercio also has many other skill like those of his race including great dexterity, a strong love of nature, and can traverse the forest canopy with ease (which he can carry over to help climb and traverse city roof tops).

    List: great archer
    survival skills
    minimal swords“elf”ship
    a friendly empathy with canines
    very dexterous
    bond with nature(I’m seeing this as a sort of knowledge of how the forest works and all that)
    a rather good parkour skill

    Appearance (this must include an in-game screenshot of your skin): Jercio stands about six foot two inches and due to his lean, but muscular build weighs only about one hundred and thirty pounds. The only thing the human blood in Jercio’s family ever did was give them lighter skin. Unlike a typical wood elf, Jercio’s skin is a rather light color somewhat like that of a slightly tanned human. He does have all the other traits of his kind though pointy ears which are somewhat hidden under his scraggy dyed brown hair. At one point it was green, but Jercio found the color distracting and rather annoying. For normal wood elves it was vaguely reminiscent of a tree, but for him it looked stupid. He does have a couple of metal beads in his hair which help keep it out of his face. Jercio has sharp features, and his brown eyes are always vigilant.

    For clothes Jercio wears a dark green tunic, gray trousers, and a jacket with hood, pair of boots, pair of gloves, and baldric made of leather. The baldric has the insignia for his family on it which is a mostly random design, that one of his ancestors thought looked nice.

    Any other details you wish to share about your character: At some point I would like to look into getting magic for Jercio so that he can become more of a druid.

    His bow (even if he doesn’t start with one) will be named “fea-okar“ or Soul Safeguarded as he uses to protect the spirit of nature.

    Jercio also has claustrophobia, and can’t stand to be in closed in spaces for too long. Along with that Jercio is slightly Agoraphobic and can’t be in crowded places for too long.


    Each question in this section must be answered with a minimum of one paragraph which must describe the event in full. Please be as descriptive as possible and do not break character or lore at any point.

    1. As you walk through the deep forests you hear the sound of whispering and snickering. Upon inspection you realize that a group of High Elves are mocking a small Wood Elf child. How do you react?

    Answer: As Jercio wanders along through the forest attentive as he always is when patrolling the sounds of voices easily grab his attention. He carefully tracks the snickering back to its source. Jercio approaches silently, and remains hidden in the brush when he draws near. He spots three High Elves still children per say, but older than the Wood Elf Jercio spots a moment later. He considers for a moment knowing he should get back to his patrol and that no matter how rude these High Elves are they haven’t upset the balance of nature. After two more vulgar insults are spat at the young elf Jercio decides he can’t let this go. He steps out of the bush, and walks to the three High Elves. They are still rather young, so despite their race typically being taller Jercio is in this case. He glares down at the trio before reprimanding them,

    “How pathetic! You three are disgraceful to your kind. You hold yourselves higher, but you only can do so but insulting a child. Do you want to be considered the highest? Then prove it by doing something we can look up to.”

    Jercio growls at the group who now seem terrified of the armed elf. They back off and shout that they’re sorry as they run away. Jercio returns to the Wood Elf child who was curled up on the ground as though he could physically block the insults. Jercio helps the child to his feet, and smiles at the boy.

    “Trust me nothing they say changes who you are. Next time they bother you try climbing up one of these trees. You‘ll be out of reach and you can probably get home through the branches. Though try and get some practice first.” Jercio tells the boy before heading back to his patrol route.

    2. Whilst wandering through the Elven forests you come across a frail old man with a walking stick. He collapses in front of you, falling to the ground with a sharp thud. Out of his pocket falls a small pouch of gold coins, which hits the ground and splits open spreading coins across the pathway. The man lies there, defenseless - what do you do?

    Answer: As Jercio comes across the man he first assumes some one has injured him. The suddenness of his fall put Jercio on edge. When he is sure there was no attacker Jercio kneels down and turns the man over onto his back before propping him up against a tree. The old man seems to still be alive as he still breathes. As the sunlight filters through the canopy and strikes the coins Jercio sees the glints of light out of the corner of his right eye. He turns to see about thirty gold pieces scattered about on the path. Jercio begins to gather them up, and is about to return them to the man’s purse, but sees the tare in it, and realizes they’d just fall back out. Jercio doesn’t have much need for the money as he’s quite used to supporting himself, and finds the obsession over currency rather pointless. What does bother him is that the old man doesn’t seem to be coming around anytime soon. Despite this set back Jercio spends the next half an hour sitting with the man until he comes to, and goes on his way.

    3. Whilst traversing the Elven Woodlands, you come across a small clearing in which a colored carriage sits. A trader stands outside of it and calls you over, telling you of his wares. He points out that his carriage sells just about everything, and that he's willing for you to haggle for a price. What does your character do? (Please include:- item, haggling for prices and the discussion involved).

    Answer: When Jercio comes upon the trader he remains out of sight of the man. He has been on patrol all day, and is still very cautious about strangers in the forest. The man has a carriage with him which is being used to display a multitude of objects. Jercio now realizes the man is a trader, and what he has for sale doesn’t seem to be anything that would cause an issue. Jercio approaches now, but has little intent of buying anything. Most things he needs are easily gained from nature. He also is a bit short on money since he doesn’t use it often. The only thing that truly catches Jercio’s eyes is a finely made quiver. The one of his back right now was warn out and wasn’t put together well in the first place. The trader has obviously been in business for a long time as he picks up on Jercio’s interest very quickly.

    “A fine pick. What’s a bow without arrows? And where would you keep them all?”

    “I never said I wanted it.” Jercio replies slightly annoyed that the trader is pursing the sale.

    “Yes of course, but you must admit it’s a rather nice piece of equipment. Its even well priced.” The trader continues.

    “Sure.” Jercio mutters sarcastically, “Its best you know I’m not the sort of elf who puts much value in materials things.”

    “Why would you? Material things wear out like the quiver on your back, but we still need them anyways.”

    “Don’t get ahead of yourself. Its best you don’t try to sell it to me if I don’t even have the coin. I do most of my trade in bartering.” Jercio explains knowing his quiver does need replacing.

    “I was thinking somewhere in the teens.” The trader starts out.

    “Then I’ll think the lowest of them.” Jercio replies knowing the comment to be slightly rude.

    “Oh that may be right on the edge. We may to do some higher thinking.” The trader responds not going to accept such treatment.

    “In that case I’ll only spend ten, and add some pelts to the tab. I’ve picked up some nice beaver furs.” Jercio says taking the mentioned furs from his bag.

    The pelts are in good condition as they were expertly removed from the animal’s body. The trader is very interested in them as beaver furs have become popular for making hats out of. He almost instantly accepts the deal, and they part ways with their profits. Jercio does chuckle to himself knowing that those hides were some of the easiest and smallest he procured.
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    posted a message on A couple slight dungeon tweaks.
    While playing on the Watershed server I decided for some reason or another to RP a professor of Endology and Archeology. I was lucky enough to discover a dungeon, and do some fun stuff with it, but it did make me realize that the dungeons all spawn the same. The only major differences are where they open up.

    My thought is that dungeons get a bit more love, and without overhauling them we fix up some things:

    1. chests. The contents are already nicely randomized, but I'd love to see the chests themselves be a bit different. Maybe hidden under gravel/dirt, double and/or single chests, maybe under the spawner. Change where they are so you cant always just dig around the edge.

    2. spawner. The typical dungeons are zombie, spider, and skeleton. I'd never suggest we get eggs or collectable spawners, but with the new custom ones I'd like to see these mobs spawning with a bit more randomness. we see a good bit from zombies, but its not very frequent and unless you farm these things they dont serve much purpose. if they make the spawners give us some really interesting mobs with higher drop rates it could be more useful for the one or two times you go there.

    3. random blocks. I;d like to see more than just cobble in dungeons. this may have been said before, but occasionall a stone brick design or something to break up the repeated and bad texture of the cobble.
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    posted a message on Making survival about surviving (Part one, mob AI's and related things)
    personally I don't think monsters are what define survival. yes they need to make improvements, but you're thread is mostly about making it harder, not fix the broken things/ half done things like fishing, mine carts(which they are), terrain spawn (no offense, but I hate when terrain spawns and ruins structures like villages or strongholds.)

    My suggestion is change the title. Its more about AI then about stopping new stuff to fix old stuff. (yes AI is "old stuff", but it isn't all the old stuff. more then AI is broken)

    now pertaining to the ideas themselves I find them rather bland. Nothing in them is making the game seem better, and changing the creeper does make it op. that charge time is the only way you can fight it. its survival because you can fight back.

    really I still think that instead of making mobs come to you make it so you go to the mobs. make travel much more important. Make me wanna get out of my manor (I built a manor, fenced off the land, and lit it up like christmas). I have no need to leave. By this point I'm just slowly farming cows and sugarcane to get books.

    The best example I can give you is potato's and carrots. yes simple, but ya know how to get them? kill zombies. personally I want to get those materials so I can have more variety in my food, and so i can make potions. (night vision is amazing).

    My other not so great one is netherwart. its only in nether forts, and you gotta travel to get them unless you are really lucky! We need some items top side that will make me travel far away (villages, strongholds, and witch huts having nothing specific to them that adds something special to the game. sure special bricks and trading, but nothing that helps me)

    EDIT: I"m gonna re-read this cause I know the feeling. I joined way back in the first beta, and there was this sort of terror in this game which made me so curious about the world. Now that magic is a bit lost since I know the game inside and out.

    EDIT 2 : ok really all I can add now is I don't want to sacrifice my house for my safety. the beauty of MC is being able to build how ever you want creative or survival. I want a wooden door cause it looks better with the house I spent three days building (that's IRL days [like I said manor]).

    Oh and since you mentioned keeping the old super easy mode intact (as I agree its easy, but I prefer easy while I'm just relaxing in MC. I don't tend to be really serious about it. I've gone hard more once or twice, but that was when I was going for a playthrough meant to be nomadic[which made travel important].) how about it be a difficulty between peaceful and easy. just do peace, easy, normal, moderate, hard.

    EDIT 3 : I could even use some suggestions as I've put together that big ol' manor and now I don't know what to do next. I do want a challenge, but honestly at times the most challenge I get is lag spikes or not noticing I'm not regenerating health.
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    posted a message on Man's best friend! (Skeleton's worst nightmare?)
    How about instead dogs are just really good at fighting skeletons or skeletons stop attacking AND run when a dog is around.
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    posted a message on New Blocks
    ugh will you people stop suggesting the slabs its been asked MANY MANY times before.

    the entire second part makes no sense what so ever, and should be a seperate topic or if you must post it in the small suggestions.
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    posted a message on Dripping Water Suggestion
    hmm realism but not the obnoxious sort. I gotta admit its handy though a bit manipultable as you can get the rain effect with just a bucket now. also means some adv maps may need a bit of re-work, but i love throwing them a curveball.

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    posted a message on Better Armor mechanics and more weapons + Shields
    been here seen that. no offense but this is hardly new. the biggest change you offer is shields counting as weight. for petes sake its like LoZ you wear the iron boots you are heavy you put them away you are light. if you are gonna make armor have weight then the entire inventory would otherwise you jsut put it on and take it off all the time.

    the balance is also thrown off as it just becomes a pain in survival mode where you wear armor for creepers and random skellies. You have to consider the entire mining and survival aspect of MC first. then bother with PvP as it is not the main focus. heck the main game is single player so how could it be, and on PvP servers you could make a plugin.

    To be honest you do need to see reason in the fact these are common suggestions. Go ahead take your spin on them, but don't say they are new just warning in advance. When it comes to sword and bow yes its basic but its all we really "NEED". Now I as an RPer would love more gear more ways to portray my character and be an individual, but I still follow SSP first. the sword still seems the most effective and a knife though reusable would only be good until the bow can be used as lets face it to be balanced needs to be short range and low dmg (Balkon did his well. just using mods to help support how they can be mde). The shield is still the only one I agree with as it should usher in two handed use. I just don't see the others as long term players. the spear would be like nerdboy's and would be great as a wooden weapon for keeping creepers away the first day, but by diamond level you get a sword and just wreck those monsters.

    I'll give you this you at least are bothering to tend to the idea. others just say " I WAns Moar STUFZX GiMEme WaeOns!". I think if minecraft had more reason to fight then it might be more worth while, but purely vanilla MC doesn't need them.

    so thats how I'll support. not the idea, but you get some reason for these in pure SSP then I'll see reason to back.
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    posted a message on Frost aspect and new ways of obtaining aspects.
    I'd like imbuing better then enchanting but I'd rather it be ith something more special. lava is rare but its still molten rock. runes or something of the sort may be better. as imbuing lava to a sword would just be making the sword really hot or melt until it cooled down.
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