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    posted a message on Minecon Friday Morning Meet & Greet
    Quote from Viet1982

    Minecon will be held in the West building which is southwest of Convention Way and I - Drive.

    Thanks. Where did you find this info ? If it was in the email from the ticket vendor, then I will need to have my nephew (who bought the tickets) FWD the email to me... which would be a good idea regardless. :)
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    posted a message on Who's going to Minecon?
    I will be arriving Friday at about 4pm. Staying at Days Inn on Hawaiian Court (the one with the IHOP restaurant).

    It will be fun to meet everyone. To stay in touch, just google my username to find ways to contact me.

    edit. Also, it will be easy to meetup at the IHOP there, or else the McDonald's across the street... at the corner of Hawaiian Ct. and International Drive.

    I am 34 yrs old, but will be travelling with my young nephews ages 12 and 14.
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    posted a message on Minecon 2013 attendee discussion thread
    Quote from dustboy93

    I'm going. Had to go cheap on hotel. Staying at the Days Inn Orange County Convention Center, at least it is right next to an IHop! Also any after party's?

    I will also be at the Day's Inn and will be having breakfast at IHOP each day.. I imagine !! To stay in touch, google my username...

    I would like to meet lots of minecrafters/youtubers and maybe even livestream if possible.
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    posted a message on Minecon Youtubers
    I will be attending. I'm not famous... at least, not yet.

    I would like to livestream while I am there, but have not decided on a preferred method.
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    posted a message on Minecon Friday Morning Meet & Greet
    We will arrive with my two nephews at about 3:30 pm on Friday, so after we settle into the hotel, and get situated, we might be up for visiting with folks around 4pm.

    Since we will be at the Days Inn, it will be easy to meetup at the McDonald's across the street at the corner of Hawaiian Ct, and International Drive.

    9814 International Drive
    Orlando, FL 32819

    Also, where is the exact location of the event ?

    There are two large convention buildings... one southwest of Convention Way and International Drive, and another to the Northeast of this street intersection.

    Also we will probably be at IHOP restaurant at the Days Inn for breakfast each day, since it is so convenient.

    Hope to see everyone there !! And thousands of other minecrafters as well !!


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    posted a message on Nomadic Realms - SMP Let's Play with jasonrubik
    Greetings Minecrafters,

    Playing normal vanilla minecraft is great ! I love it ! But there was always a overwhelming tendency to just settle down and live/build in only one location. This can be rewarding, and has been for over 2 years... but I longed for something a little more adventurous... something more primitive.

    Perhaps, a multiplayer world where lots of travelling adventurers embark on great journeys of exploration.

    A world where it is encouraged to get out and stretch ones leg and go see the world on foot (or horse soon)

    So, therefore, without further delay, I present to you the following:


    Or else, simply goto my channel: http://www.youtube.com/jasonrubik

    Please subscribe if you enjoy this.

    Login to Nomadic Realms Server: nomadicrealms.net

    Visit our Subreddit: http://www.reddit.com/r/nomadicrealms

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    posted a message on 10 seconds of lag at player login, then it goes away.
    Also, this lag issue appears to be the case when a player TPs to another location (or in our case dies, and respawns in random location in world)

    If a player appears in a chunk that was not loaded then they get this particular lag.

    But, we did not have this problem 1 month ago. Please help us figure out what might have changed since then.

    And remember, this happens with Vanilla Minecraft (ie. NO Bukkit). And also with Bukkit, obviously...
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    posted a message on 10 seconds of lag at player login, then it goes away.
    So, even with Battlekits disabled and not running, and for that matter, all plugins disabled, you still had lag???

    Only by completely deleting battlekits and giving up on using it in your gameplay were you able to get rid of lag?
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    posted a message on 10 seconds of lag at player login, then it goes away.
    Quote from coolcody99

    List your plugins. My server had the same trouble and it was simply a issue being caused my a plugin. We disabled them all too, And the lag continued. We then deleted plugins 1 by 1 until the lag was gone.

    The plugins that we use are:
    Random Spawn

    But, it does not seem logical for the issue to exist with all of these OFF and disabled.
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    posted a message on 10 seconds of lag at player login, then it goes away.
    Quote from Rmarmorstein

    I don't really think there is much you can do about it, other than wait.. It seems like just one of those things that you will have to live with to me.

    This is a new issue that just started a few weeks ago. We have been with this company and in this datacenter for over 2 months.

    I find it strange that a brand new issue will like this is unknown to the community in general.

    I have a topic over at bukkit.org that is being worked on as well:
    http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/10-seconds-of-lag-at-player-login-then-it-goes-away.132793/Server shutdown and restart log with just bukkit installed and no plugins. seed has been masked

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    posted a message on 10 seconds of lag at player login, then it goes away.
    We are hosted in a Datacenter in Chicago. They do not experience the issue.

    I have players in California, Texas and Europe who all get 10 or 11 seconds of block and chat lag at login.

    After this goes away, there is no more lag for that player. No other players experience the lag that the newly logged in players get.

    This is happening for new players and existing players when they login or just after re-logging.

    To troubleshoot this, we did the following:

    0. Google, google, and more google.

    1. Update Bukkit and all plugins to latest versions.

    2. Disable all plugins

    3. Try other Bukkit builds such as Beta, Dev and RB 1.4.5 (which is old, of course)

    4. Rename world folder to world_backup. Restart server with fresh new world.

    5. Delete craftbukkit.jar and run ONLY minecraft_server.jar (latest version)

    6. Have Hosting company troubleshoot it.
    They logged in and did not see the lag. 2 employees logged in and did not have lag at login.

    7. Create video of this lag at login and post it to youtube and post about it on this forum

    Please help us determine what the overall root cause of this is, so that we may isolate it.

    The last straw will be to move to another datacenter node in New York, which may or may not even fix the issue.

    Video of Lag at Login:

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    posted a message on Nomadic Realms - Survival Server where you are always on the move... Nomad-Style!
    • Server Name: Nomadic Realms
    • Server Address/IP: nomadicrealms.net
    • Website: nomadicrealms.com
    • SubReddit: /r/nomadicrealms
    • Game Play Type/s: [SMP][PvP][Anarchy][Semi-Vanilla] {Whitelist}{Nomadic-Style}{Bukkit 1.4.7}{USA}
    • Description:
    With an emphasis on Adventure and Exploration, I have created a Minecraft server that is mostly vanilla (ie. minimal plugins) but with a few minor modifications.

    Wooden Chests are disabled and players will depend on their EnderChest to store all of their items. This will prevent players from hoarding stockpiles of materials which would otherwise tie them down to living in one location.

    Beds and sleeping in them is disabled to prevent spawn points from being saved. Beds create a form of Time Travel (skipping over the night to morning) and also Teleportation, both of which I do not prefer.

    Upon death, the player respawns in a random location somewhere in the world (somewhat like reincarnation, and less severe than perma-death) with a starter kit of basic tools. Starter Kits become more powerful as the player Ranks up.

    The result of these slight modifications might be lots of exploration and travelling, just like a nomad would do in real life.

    LWC is installed to lock each player's Ender Chests, keeping the contents safe. No other blocks can be locked with LWC.

    WorldBorder is set at 5000 x 5000 for now, but will expand to at least 12,000 x 12,000 over time.

    Also, there is some secret quests based on some lite roleplay.
    • Rules:
    No Cheating or hacked clients. No X-ray mods allowed. Keep profanity to a minimum.
    • How to Join:
    Server is Whitelisted for now, but will open to public in February 2013. Send me your IGN, and tell me why you think you will like this sort of gameplay that we have created. Edit. we are now OPEN !!
    • Server Hardware: 1 GB RAM - 20 slots - hosted by MPserv.net in Chicago, USA
    • Plugins: [BetterEnderChest] [Random Spawn] [BattleKits] [LWC] [WorldBorder] [WorldGuard] [NoCheatPlus]
    • Owner: jasonrubik
    • Admins: LimEBoy, Zaiux, hanueh (we've all been playing together since April 2011)
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    posted a message on Snapshot 12w22a Ready For Testing!
    I actually read all 15 pages of comments, so if I say something that has already been said, then I have failed...

    1. Trading will be awesome, but I am disappointed that it seems as though items are being "spawned" by the villagers for this purpose. Do they mine and farm for their offerings ? They should have to do that, otherwise the world is not a "closed-loop system". :(

    2. Enchanting will still not be easy with the leather (for books) requirements, and the upcoming nerf that jeb will undoubtedly implement.

    3. I can finally enchant more tools more often, and therefore get more work done more quickly... which I am very excited about since my to-do list is so massive.

    4. Lava buckets no longer "vanish" after a smelting job. That is more realistic !

    5. /gamemode 2 ("/gm 2") is a nice step in the right direction... ultimately culminating in many more modes such as: /gm 3 (God mode) /gm 4 (fly mode) /gm 5 (flying + god) /gm 6 (unlimited blocks ONLY) etc... etc...

    6. Pigmen will finally be able to visit me at my home !! I have become impatient waiting for a pig to get struck by lightning....

    7. Arrows can finally be used for target practice, and that makes me quite happy indeed !

    Diamonyia - Survival SMP Server - 99% Legit, Vanilla, plus Towny / economy !
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    posted a message on RapidMine - Move all blocks from a region into a chest.
    Any thoughts? I have not posted this on Bukkit forum yet, but I will soon.
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    posted a message on More Gamemodes please
    Has anyone heard about this being discussed elsewhere ?!

    I have searched, and would like this to become a reality, since it makes so much sense, and solves a real problem faced by server admins.

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