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    1.9.4 version will come when the mod either hits 2 Mil or the 29th June ;)

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    Hey guys... long time, no see.

    Incase you didn't know, I am the maintainer of Modtweaker.

    Soo I kinda let this thread go...

    If you have any questions, feedback, remarks or death-threats, you can find me on #jaredlll08 on irc.esper.net

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    Have you ever wanted to grow ores but not be called a "cheater" because the process is too OP?
    Well this is the mod for you!
    Fluxed-Crystals adds Ore Crystals, once fully grown they drop shards, when you combine the shards in a Crafting table you get ingots!

    Now you may asking, is it balanced? and my response is, The mod is as balanced as YOU want it to be! All Crystals are added via JSON and are fully customizable, if you find that Crystals grow too fast, then all you need to do is change it in the Crystals JSON file! nearly all aspects of the Crystals are customizable and it is easy to add more!

    To get started with the mod, you need to make a Farm Manager, there are many Farm Managers in the mod, the difference between them is their power source. I have added different Farm Managers for different power sources such as,

    The Farm Manager - default Manager, runs off of RF.
    The Blood Manager - Blood Magic Manager, runs off of LP.
    The Mana Manager- Botania Manager, runs off of Mana.
    The Thaumic Manager - Thaumcraft Manager, runs off of Messis Essentia
    The Industrial Manager - IndustrialCraft 2 Manager, runs off of IC2 EU.

    Once you have chosen the Manager of your choice, you now need to make Powered Soil, the amount of Powered Soil you will need depends on how big you want your farm, there are 4 presets, 3x3, 5x5, 7x7 and 9x9. Simply put the power blocks in the bottom left slots in the Manager of your choice and click the size that you want and it will place the Powered Soil. Now all you need is seeds! to get seeds you will first need to make an Universal Seed, once you have a few Universal Seeds you can then make other types of seeds! by putting a Universal Seed in the Seed Infuser with some materials you can make seeds for materials! once you have the seeds that you want, you can start farming, by placing a seed onto Powered Soil it will begin to grow, seeds take a while to grow, so be patient!

    I do suggest you use the Not-Enough-Items mod to see my recipes.

    You will need a mod that adds power generation for the Farms to use.
    You will need ttcore to use this mod, it can be found here: http://ci.tterrag.com/job/ttCore/

    You are free to use this mod in your modpack, HOWEVER, you must give credit to me and the co-creator, "DarkByte" and send me a message saying that you are using my mod in your modpack.

    I do have the right to revoke permission.

    Screen Shots



    Optimized the mod.




    !!!DON'T FORGET TO REMOVE THE CURRENT .JSON FILES IN config.fluxedCrystals!!!

    By placing dirt next to a Manager or Powered Soil it will turn into Powered Soil. (Only next to not on top or under).
    All Managers have now been combined into a single Manager.
    Botania mana is now inputed via a Mana Spreader.
    Gem Cutter, used to cut Rough Shards into Smooth Shards.
    Gem Refiner, used to refine Smooth Shards into their ingot form.
    MineTweaker3 Support, callers are, "mods.fluxedcrystals.cutter" and "mods.fluxedcrystals.refiner", valid methods for both are as follows:
    mods.fluxedcrystals.cutter.addRecipe(ItemStack leftInput, ItemStack rightOutput, int leftInputAmount, int rightOutputAmount)
    mods.fluxedcrystals.refiner.addRecipe(ItemStack leftInput, ItemStack rightOutput, int leftInputAmount, int rightOutputAmount)

    Fixed Waila showing the wrong information.
    Fixed major server crash.

    Added new JSON options:

    lore : Lets you add information to the item, supports "\n" to make a new line.
    sharp (default: true) : If a crystal is sharp it will damage players when they stand on the crystal.
    dimensionWhitelist : Only lets crystals grow in that dimension.
    refinerAmount : Specifies how many shards are needed in the refiner.

    New crafting method:
    When you harvest a Crystal you get a Rough Chunk, by placing down a Rough Chunk and breaking it with a Crystal Hammer will give you some Rough Shards, by putting Rough Shards into a Gem Cutter you will get Smooth Shards, by putting Smooth Shards in a Gem Refiner you will get the ingot form of the Smooth Shard.

    There is a config option to NOT use the system I just mentioned and to use the old system.


    If you would like to give something back, I have a patreon, http://www.patreon.com/jaredlll08

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    I have changed the json item format, it is now "<modid>:"<unlocalized name> <meta> *<stacksize>" for instance

    "minecraft:dirt 1 *5" will be, dirt, with a metadata value of 1 and a stacksize of 5

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    posted a message on JsonAbles! Time to Tinker!

    Take a look at the template.json, your json file needs to have all of those "tags"("materials","fluids" etc)

    Also, where are you putting your json?

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    posted a message on JsonAbles! Time to Tinker!

    What error are you getting?

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    posted a message on JsonAbles! Time to Tinker!

    This mod has branched off from only TiC, it can do any TiC weapons, it can also do custom ore berries, custom Botania Brews, custom Thau,craft aspects, TiC smeltery Fuels and custom Fluids and it should work find with TiCDefence

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    With this mod, you can add custom Tinker's Construct tool parts via JSON, it is very easy, here is an example:

    "name":"First Test",



    "name" = The name of the tool, for example: "name":"Ryal" would produce, Ryal Pickaxe, and Ryal Hammer.

    "key" = The unlocalized name of this material.

    "style" = The color of the tooltip, it supports most names, "red", "blue", "strikethough", etc.

    "resource" = The resource that this material will be made out of.

    "materialID" = The ID of the tool material.

    "durability" = The durability of the tool.

    "miningSpeed" = The speed of the tool. ( This will be divided by 10 )

    "attack" = The damage that this tool deals. ( This will be divided by 10 )

    "reinforced" = An Integer value that dictates how reinforced the tool is.

    "primaryColor" = The color of the tool. (In Integer format)

    "value" = How much is a single {resource} worth in a part builder.

    "handleModifier" = A double value dictating the handle modifier.

    "stonebound" = A double value dictating the stonebounde modifier.

    "buildParts" = Can you craft the tool parts in a part builder?

    "castingFluid" = Fluid used for making these parts in a smeltery.

    "harvestLevel" = Sets the harvest level for the tool.

    To use this mod, you need TTcore, you can get it here: http://ci.tterrag.com/job/ttCore/ and Tinker's Construct.

    If you would like to show your support, I have a Patreon.

    And that is basically it!

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    ModTweaker2 is an addon for MineTweaker 3. Minetweaker lets you adjust recipes, remove them entirely, or add new recipes. While it has decent mod support, there are many mods that use custom crafting handlers that are not supported natively. ModTweaker2 plans to provide additional support for as many of these mods over time as possible.

    Quote from StanH

    MineTweaker now has its own forum at minetweaker3.powerofbytes.com/forum. It is the most practical way to discuss MineTweaker issues and features. This forum may also be used to get help for ModTweaker.

    To see a list of mods currently supported, those planned, those that won't be added etc. As well as information on how to use the recipes see the ModTweaker2 Wiki.

    ModTweaker2 Wiki



    ModTweaker2 is licensed under MIT, use it for whatever you please!
    Please credit Jared, joshie AND SpitefulFox whenever you are crediting authors. Thanks.
    Source | Bug Reports | Twitter
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    posted a message on [0.54] Fluxed Trinkets - RF Powered Baubles!
    update Fluxed trinkets
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