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Prologue – the jail of misfortune

My name is Serenda and I’m currently being taken to jail for I don’t know what originally I thought there was a criminal or an assassin following me around since the police were around me so much. That was until now when the police put me in their car and I tried to sleep since it calms me down. Although an older police officer with a serious expression slapped me in the face when I tried.

“We’ve got the girl. What now sir” another police officer asked into a walkie-talkie and I started getting worried who sir was maybe he was meaner then any of these guys. We seemed to be going to a jungle or something or at least we followed the sign and ended up in this town up ahead I saw a few other criminals. Although I didn’t actually do whatever crime I think I’d have to know what it is.

“Ah your finally here sssssssssssss…” the police officer hissed and I backed up my neck and put on a horrified expression which made him have a bigger grin. He was wearing a brown cloak covering most of his face but by what I could see he had scales on his face green scales. He had a belt with 2 katana tucked in his belt buckles and he took them out and pointed with them to the huge boat by the port why was I going on a boat unless I’m going on a jail transfer.

The police officer’s hand-cuffed me and put me on the ship at this moment I just wanted to sleep or wake up in the case that this is a nightmare. Although it wasn’t a nightmare but I did end up falling asleep while the green-scaled ‘sir’ made an announcement. In my dreams I was another alien race on this orange planet called Zjadhfj since I didn’t speak English I couldn’t quite translate it but it was like I was living a new life and I was actually enjoying it!

Then this man with a creepy grin who was a lot taller than me picked me up and I think he insulted me but I didn’t know it seemed like I was now very sad. That’s when I woke up on the boat the green-scaled man had took off his brown cloak and turned around. “Ah new elements good job were almost at the island we can stop Flameborg before he gather’s all of his race” he explained turning around and realizing none of us were part of whatever group he was looking for.

“No this is really bad No just No!” he started complaining and started trying to steer back when the sky started turning black like an endless void. He then started to go the way going I was very confused so I sat down next to another girl wearing a red t-shirt and black sweatpants. Just as I was about to talk to her about how weird what was going on was three dark shapes seemed to be coming from the sky we were all looking up and the green-scaled man jumped overboard.

“What is going on first jail now this it’s insane are any of us dreaming?” a drunk man murmured on the other side of the boat who was sleeping. It seemed like we had all went on a boat before since none of us were seasick. Then the green-scaled man came up from the water with his 2 katana in hand and he hit one of the incoming dark meteor type things and it let out a soft cry. The other two disappeared and the sky turned blue again the only difference seemed to be that his shadow was gone but seemed to be slowly growing back.

“I’m sorry for committing a crime I’m sorry for committing a crime,” the girl sitting next to me continuously repeated and I started crying too then the green-scaled man got a sorry and nervous expression. He was very nervous since he didn’t seem to know these people and sorry for a reason I didn’t quite know why. It made me think about where we were going to a place that none of us would know about but would it be a not a good thing or would it actually be slightly enjoyable because I couldn’t at the moment quite tell.

“What are your names no new elements no new elements” He muttered annoyed at us and whoever the ‘new elements’ are since it seemed like only he knew them. I had never seen a poster a billboard or even a Wikipedia page about the new elements so who were they or what were they? I looked out of the boat nearer the part where the green-scaled man was sitting and saw an island.

“My name is Graham bubwa bubwa nubba love yeah wait WHAT!” the drunk man reported in a drunk state he seemed just be starting to realize what was going on. The green-scaled man looked in his notebook and seemed to write down his name although it was a little hard to tell from his now horrified face. That is when I realized there were a couple workers on the island building a jail.

“My name is no jus NO what even is this! I don’t know but my name… My name is Seran,” she explained and we all started clapping because she had expressed her feelings even the green-scaled man seemed to love it. Then Vepor turned away of the island right in front of us and we started steering towards what was now the moon. It was midnight or at least we were guessing that since your not aloud to bring a watch or a phone on your trip to jail.

“My name is Serenda and I don’t know what is going on but you all don’t really seem like bad people so I’m ok,” I answered in reply to the what is your name question. They all tried to laugh until Graham yawned and then we all just laughed although the green-scaled man’s sounded really odd. We all began getting into sleeping bags that the green-scaled man had brought.

“And my name is Vepor I am part of an organization to stop Flameborg and William although I think they might have formed a team” the green-scaled man finished and we all yawned and went to sleep laughing. In my dream I was entering a cave where there were a bunch of bats that were whispering things that weren’t English. In the dream I felt like I wasn’t in control of my body almost as if I was being possessed in my mind there was one message that wasn’t mine…

“Wake up its time for training” Vepor shouted in a voice that sounded a fair bit inhuman and a fair bit raspy not the sound you would expect to be woken up with. Also what was training? He apparently has some kind of organization for stopping whoever Flameborg was unless that was a joke. Could it really have been a joke though his name is Vepor his body is covered in green scales that is not normal.

“Training I already know how I’ll get food and water at this new jail what more could I need” Seran replied yawning. We had slept next to each other in a part nearer to the bottom of the ship where it smelled either good or bad we really couldn’t tell it seemed as if it changed every few minutes. Graham had slept on the top of the ship but had stayed up for most of the knight trying to figure out what had happened but the creepiest thing was that Vepor didn’t sleep the entire night and answered all of Graham’s questions one by one.

“I thought I told you this isn’t a usual jail the workers probably died trying to build the jail on the island” Vepor replied with a serious expression he was at the top of the ship still steering it. Me and Seran got out of the weird room we were in and found Graham sitting watching Vepor and his backpack which we didn’t see yesterday since he didn’t turn around all that often.

We all started being lifted into the air by this metal plate we were going pretty high luckily enough it had walls but it was still very scary like an elevator without a top which had signs at the far end saying TRAINING ARENA. Vepor was shouting something we couldn’t hear he was nearer the signs and we had been pushed away from him with the metal plates.

“What is going on? Vepor you never said this would happen tomorrow!” Graham commented in a worried and afraid tone two chests came from either sides of us containing staffs and swords and shields and other things from medieval times. Just as I was grabbing a staff to try to balance myself what felt like kilometers above the ground giant robots started appearing from nowhere and an odd light was shining on Vepor like when a hero was wining in TV shows and such.

One of the giant robots shot a rocket at us and I put up my staff in defense the missile hurt but I didn’t die I only got some bad bruises and such. Was I all of a sudden invincible it seemed as possible as some of the other insane things that had happened today alone and we had only just awakened. Then the giant robot grew 2 more arms and shot both of them at Graham who got pushed back even with his shield and sword but Seran hadn’t gotten anything at all and the robot was focusing on her it’s eyes turned red.

Although then it’s eyes turned black it fell on the ground our weapons disappeared from our hands and the platform slowly started to lower and turn back into our ship which seemed to be auto-steering itself. Vepor had a happy playful grin and we were twitching with anger was what he did even legal well what did he care with his super high tech and green scales.

“Don’t worry those weapons were made of immortal ore” he commented and we all started running at him we were furious. Although he had a worried expression like we were about to kill him and his sword blocked all of our attacks luckily without hurting us and Vepor didn’t even move

Chapter 1 – Flaws of perfection

My name is Flameborg

“I have gathered you all here today…” I began in an excited voice this was the first meeting of how we would end the new elements. We used to be focused on defeating the elements till William killed them but dumbly forgot about the child. Yes the child who created hope that the humans might survive luckily I had finally found members to be equal to all of their strengths without the weaknesses.

“So that we may finally defeat the new elements although sadly this meeting we must also remove a member. That member is William since he let Obsidi the child of hope roam free the only punishment seeing their own parents die” I proceeded stepping up a staircase to my throne as I had newly become king of Redbound my home planet where I had enjoyed myself greatly. That was until we heard of the humans our only equal or so we thought until I met William up until this point he had told me all he knew about how we could eradicate his species.

“You wish to delete me from this group. I greatly disagree since I could easily beat all of you with my major strength” William pointed out wearing his Thunderclock X suit which may be powerful but we could easily take. That’s when Glitch went into his suit turned it off and shut off all of Williams cyborg implants too meaning he could only use half of his body for the next bit of time until this duel ended.

My cyborg attachments de-attached pretty easily and I grabbed my infinity blade William was using an immortal battleaxe and Glitch didn’t need a weapon. The other people here don’t want to get into the battle so I gave them a grin and told them to back off with my hand. I smacked William with the infinity blade the immortal ore broke and William had a horrified expression.

“Do you really think immortal ore was the most powerful ore on our planet? We just use it for fuel.” I explained grinning at William readying for another attack when William got surrounded in a force field of code. My infinity blade stabbed it and he ate a piece of code he was finally becoming a robot like he had always wanted why would he panic about living the dream.

“What are your commands Flameborg please help! Or Glitch 01924538785” William the robot asked. We now had our own robot the light mage cast a spell and William started gaining power finally we had a fare duel I re-attached my cyborg parts and shot him with my infinity ray and he caught the power in his hand but then disintegrate it. Then glitch infused it and I put it on ultimate mode and William the robot was destroyed. It was a good thing that wasn’t actually William I would never be able to live without him and I don’t mean survive I mean I just always want him to be with me because he is the only one who understands me.

“Alright everyone we need to attack this boat that is approaching the island or if you want we could wait until they get to the island,” I pointed out showing the group the supercomputer where it was showing a boat heading towards an island. In everybody’s mind they wanted to wait at the island so I showed a picture of the island. The island had a half-built jail and a cave where there were some dark mages and such the only problem was Vepor one of the new elements.

“Vepor will be a fair bit of a problem though I think we should eliminate the other’s first since then he’ll be alone” Semons pointed out drinking a glass of angel’s blood. She is the demon queen who is part of this group because sometimes Lyandra tries to save the new elements when they’re in big enough trouble and Lyandra is an angel. Incase you don’t know angels and demons never get along unless there is a problem so impossible to defeat that all other organizations died.

“We could defeat them all first although then if he survives he could use his katana to bring them back with Lyandra’s help” I replied happy I think we finally had a plan that might work. Although first before we could complete this task we needed to find the others the others who had the powers to combat this group one for each new element yes we shall finally win. Although Semons had a good point that if we hunt down Vepor first than that could give us an advantage.

“We should split into 2 groups Glitch and light mage you go deal with new members me and Semons will take care of Vepor” I insisted and my unnamed servant took my crown off and I took it into my secret cave. Semons followed me even though she was being fairly sneaky she wasn’t even near Laura’s level of snaking and I sensed her with my cyborg half. I entered a piston door and found my special crown holder and it started floating when the purple cage came over.

“Semons don’t worry were almost ready for Vepor” I insisted grinning with an evil grin so that she would go away but she put on a stone face and started following me. So I had to close my metal door behind me and enter William’s maze where I hid him so that even if Laura followed me she would get lost. Laura was the assassin who once almost killed William luckily his suit barely kept him alive if only I had told that immortal ore was meant for fuel earlier.

I teleported up to William’s special containment chamber which I might never need to release him although we did have a lot in common. For example we both could see why humans shouldn’t live it was very impressive since it was his own species oh the flaws there are some who are too commanding and some which are too quiet and some who wish to be heroes. Those ones I think are the biggest flaws at all since this world’s heroes are the ones who do smaller for little heroes like the ones who save someone from a car accident but heroes won’t save the world.

“Ah William I’m sorry I’m keeping you in there but if I release you I have a fear you may die or lose” I explained to William who was drifting in water crashing every once in a while against the glass. I knocked him out although I put some special rods on him so that he would stay alive and I have another button to get him back to reality although I would more enjoy doing it on my own. Since he is my best friend I guess you could call it although I am fairly old 2234 unless human’s age is different I would probably put it for human comprehension at 25.

“Oh William do you remember when we met I was destroying the world and you failed my attempts by supposedly soothing me you called it to your human allies. Although you lead me right to powerful humans superheroes their called even though they think humans deserve to be saved. Oh how wrong they are” I finished shaking my head with a happy expression staring at William in stasis. Although instead of walking through the maze back I purely teleported to Semons who was planning out a battle strategy in her head oh humans why do you keep your thoughts so open.

“I think we should leave now are you ready to teleport?” I asked Semons with an exuberant expression because we were finally going to beat the new elements. It wouldn’t be like last time though with William he couldn’t torture the mission in stasis and when I got back I would have new members. I just hope that the people that they bring back are people I can trust.

“I’m ready Flameborg” Semons replied in a hesitant voice and I teleported to the boat that they were on we were at the bottom of the deck. We didn’t want to brake the top at least until we get to the island since we’ll get squished or at least Semons would my armor from my cyborg parts and such is very protective. I heard the floor below Vepor telling a bunch of normal people not to punch him because of his sword and make me do a little giggle. I took a crowbar that was weirdly enough down there scanned the ship for a weak spot and then I saw it I shoved the crowbar through the wood and the boat started sinking.

I heard nothing Vepor had teleported right to the island although I had got him right in my trap in the middle of nowhere that someone would have to swim for exactly 2 years 4 months and 20 days. Semons and me were now floating above the ship her long dark red hair blowing from the wind and her lighter red eye was looking angrily at the empty ship. We were now flying towards the island since I felt like this would be more relaxing there was a nice not too hard wind.

“So were flying all the way to the island?” Semons asked looking around at the island at the wonderful and beautiful sites like the islands with Vepor teaching some other people spells and yes I had noticed. We started flying at top speed towards it as if we were teleporting although the island had a blue field around it almost like what the humans call force fields. Although Redboundians (my type of alien) call them a blukara but that doesn’t make much sense in English. Perhaps you should just forget some of what you have read here your human friends will never trust you again you will be paralyzed for life.

“We’ll we just made it” I pointed out looking at the Iron Gate in one place that the force field wasn’t covering so I shot it with a basic immortal blast and none was left of the iron wall. Vepor came up behind me and I turned around just in time dodging the blow so he pulled out the other katana and stabbed me with both in the same place. I shot a purple crystal blast and he still was coming towards me and blasted me back and I had to shake it off and begin rebuilding.

I shot a giant blast at Vepor coming up and flying again then Semons blasted me with fire although it didn’t do anything so she attacked Vepor with her fire blade and he started spurting something green. Then 9 other Vepor’s came around us and the actual Vepor was ok again he seemed to know his blades well. I shot a nearby cloud and immortal ore started falling on all of the Vepor’s so Semons went intangible so that it just went through her.

That’s when we all got teleported even the real Vepor although not his fake ones since teleportation couldn’t teleport illusions and Vepor was now surrounded by us and some weird pig-faced muscled creatures. The supposed queen was being carried by 2 other pig-faced creatures who’s muscles were as big as me or at least about I am pretty tall though so it was a little hard to tell. She jumped off her throne that was being carried and went to Semons and Semons then tried to posses her and she did although that’s also when I realized the pig-faced people were part robot yes she had an army or cyborgs that could detect us.

I shot a ray and started flying away with Semons body the pig-faced creatures cyborg parts were outdated and they didn’t have rocket boosters although my real question was who teleported us. Also Vepor seemed to have stayed with the muscled pigs and he was seeming to make a deal although we still had their queen although she must have strong demon resistance because Semons wasn’t able to talk in her body. Semons then took out her fire blade even though I thought that she had taken control of the queen’s body that I know realized that she wasn’t controlling. The queen was making a sound that my translators only found one translation and it was in another alien language telling me that she must be an alien too and she was also Redboundian. I had now met my love!

Chapter 2 – Dragon Mountain

My name is Obsidi and I am the son of Iceden and Laura who are part of an organization called the elements but Iceden sadly died. Although Fireden survived by joining the demon realm giving Semons a chance to join Flameborg’s group to defeat us that is a little odd especially since were called ‘the new elements’. I like to think that I am the leader of this group since I am related to the original elements but right now I needed to check how everyone else in the group is doing.

I took an obsidian blade and put on some obsidian armor when I heard a squeal coming from Fireden’s portal it sounded like his fire cat was screaming for help. So I entered that portal first and there was a full out war going on with a giant cloud of some black goop who seemed to be just watching or something and kind of looked like mirror master only made of black goop. That’s when I realized it was ying the spirit of evil escaped from the solar system transporter yet again although ying has no gender so we can call him/her either gender. I guess Ying must have somehow found the first of the seven elemental crystals.

“Do you really think I would accept you in for such easy a price there is a small toll for immortality” a familiar voice commented it was Semons the queen of demons and she was with an angel who wasn’t attacking her. The angel had wings and pitch black eyes like Monasha she had been consumed by Semons or at least her will and soul since the only other person who could do that was Monasha. The angel also had a crown signifying that it was the angel queen Lyandra who is one of the most powerful of all the angels she has an attack that almost defeated Iceden. Although back then Iceden was trying to make peace with the angels although he seemed like just a glob of ice since he was the first elemental.

“What is the toll great demon queen” Ying replied with what I was guessing was a grin but Ying never shows any emotion and is always stone-faced so I only guessed what emotions it was feeling. Then the portal closed just as one of the fire cats jumped out with a worried expression Fireden was missing and him and Laura were the only ones left of the new elements and Laura went missing a while ago when we were doing a quick scouting mission of mars.

“Flame go rack evil demon evil scorpion missing where?” asked the fire cat and I laughed since I had forgotten the weird ways that the fire cats speak I needed to turn on my fire cat translator although I could still understand it fairly well. Although if we were going to find Fireden we were going to need our entire team although Vepor was apparently back at an island where it said there were alien species and as a leader my loyalty was first questioned in a few months. This time it wasn’t by another member of the new elements this time it was from me and there was no right answer although I in the end chose to find Fireden since losing Fireden or Fireden dying could destroy the elemental balance once and for all even though it was already bad both earth and Redbound would be destroyed.

Our first most likely spot would be the darkness realm although the demons would try to kill him and Semons isn’t even there also he can’t stay there for more then 2 days or he will start becoming part-demon. The next most likely spot is the one I actually chose and that is in the elemental volcano only elementals can survive the volcano although it never erupts even though it’s older then the universe itself so if you really think about it I guess the volcano’s the first elemental. Although if I wanted a hope of surviving down there with all the elemental mixtures that only elementals eyes could only slightly handle I would need to have a partner and Monasha was probably busy saving Vepor so I would need Saloka and Russell.

I went down the spiral emerald staircase and faded the illusion of endlessness and found the door so that I could exit and visit Dragon Mountain then I could use the teleport crystal to get to Monasha’s old town and visit Russell. So I began walking through Vepor’s town to Dragon Mountain where I saw great destruction and something very odd going on they were attacking the angels, which not even the most evil of orc kings would do without reason. Unless the angels had tried to kill a dragon or a dragon born I wouldn’t understand why this war would even have a reason to happen or was it even a war?

Angels were carrying there blades and the dragon king was readying everyone Saloka was on his back and all the shardmind’s had evacuated it seemed. I started running up the mountain and climbing at certain parts with my sword used as a little help to get to Saloka. She was using her acid sword against who I guessed was the new angel queen and the blade sliced through her so a bunch of angels rushed to help heal her and bring her back to health. Saloka then jumped off seeing me climbing up and slid down the mountain with me hissing in my ear not actually saying anything in dragon just randomly hissing in pure anger.

I turned into my dragon form and flew down the mountain with her gently clenched in my teeth so that it wouldn’t hurt her as I had practiced in the training arena the day before. I heard angel cries and screams were the dragons winning or could they even win the angels can bring other angels back to life with a 24 hour ritual making this war impossible to win for the dragons unless the dragons killed Lyandra at which they would all lose that feature since Lyandra has never mated. Although I don’t quite know she was in love with someone at one point I think although that was in stasis as you see I know a lot about Lyandra.

“Is that a war what is going on? I don’t understand” I asked Saloka flying to Monasha’s old village and she started laughing even though I don’t believe I had told a joke I wonder what’s funny. Then when she saw my quizzical expression she laughed even more maybe she just finds me funny no matter what I say. The sky was beautiful the mountains seeming small from so high up our base in the distance and my old house when Iceden was still alive oh if only Lyandra could have revived him but I am afraid that she is now possessed she used to try her hardest to defeat Semons and what I saw in Fireden’s portal was just not that.

“This is a mere skirmish a war on Dragon Mountain would take many different Flameborg’s to stop for even a day. It is happening because of a rouge part of the dragon guard being jailed in the Brightness realm which must be done with more proof and that was not shown by the jailer Angelica.” She explained with a joy-filled expression although I could barely see her in my clenched teeth. Although in her voice I could hear joy so I knew what she was feeling and she knew what I was thinking because she is a Psion. Psion’s have the power to read minds and make people think different things although she can do it a lot better with non-elementals like William without Thunderclock making her a useful member. Russell was just ahead and he looked very worried what was happening now?

Chapter 3 – team forcing not building

“Are you ssssssss ure that we blank restarting should enter” Glitch hissed at me with weird blue goop that seemed similar to acid and destroyed the floor below me and I gave him a what was that sort of look. My name is Ying I am the spirit of evil I can fly curse people and generally be creepy and evil although what this group is great at is damage and defense although I am there sneaker and that actually could be a problem. We were staring at a giant castle with a high black roof that is surrounded by shadows with red eyes this was the guarded Sorrow realm portal. There are 4 portals of darkness shadow, secret, sorrow and the lost realm only the sorrow and shadow one has ever been entered by any humans.

“Yes we should we must steal Shadowseed to combat Dralor” Flameborg grinned touching the doorway with his orange hand and made it open with some weird blue scan. Semons looked behind her and made sure that nobody besides the light mage was back there although she was the one I had trouble with the light mage she is an angel who has been apparently controlled by Semons and can’t choose for her own although she can combat Monasha with light magic. A black crown with purple amethysts instead of a white crown with yellow crystals was on Lyandra’s head and Flameborg had another crown that would take a day to explain.

“This seems like a shadow-blessed place” the light mage replied with a stone faced expression that made her seem like she had no emotion and Semons joined Flameborg and I started flying above them both entering the black castle. The walls inside were red and covered in shadow graffiti which only shadow blessed or cursed people can even see and I obviously can see it since I am the spirit of pure evil. That’s when a weird spirit came through the wall that must have been near Flameborg since he destroyed it before I could actually get a good look at it although I couldn’t tell what expression it had it looked like it was gliding sideways.

“This staircase has been bound by shadows we must use our teleport crystals Glitch” Flameborg pointed out staring at the stairs with a detailed robot eye again using some blue scanner to check. They both took out their crystals and teleported up the staircase while me and the rest flew up or at least tried since Lyandra (or the light mage’s) wings didn’t work since she became shadow-bound or cursed. Then from the walls 2 translucent demons walked through and tried to take any of our souls although since we had all lost them in one way in another we just walked past them and giggled although Lyandra didn’t understand it seemed. Lyandra equipped her sword and attacked the demons with all her strength her wings started working and she followed them out of the wall making Semons slap her head and I did too although my hand went through since I have no mass. Then Lyandra came back and her wings turned black she had now in to this job I guess since she now got to kill a demon maybe she feels this isn’t that bad even though she’s possessed.

“Light mage so are you enjoying your job now?” Semons asked her looking at her nails with an unpleased face even though her nails were fairly long she wants to grow them and them cut them and add them to weapons. Lyandra turned around and shook her head in a yes and started running up the tower so we both flew faster so that we could see each other and finally I saw a giant wooden door. I shot a soul at the door and it creaked since the door hadn’t been used in a while or at least that’s what I heard from the stories I heard about Shadowseed the warrior who defeated his father when he was a baby.

“Welcome to the room of sorrow guys” Glitch welcomed us in a scratchy voice we realized that they were waiting on 2 couches and behind them was a giant black portal to the sorrow realm and we all started walking in. I sensed great evil in the portal and I knew that I was in for some fun when I got in maybe Shadowseed would be my equal that would be nice maybe I will be considered cool I don’t know what will happen inside all I know right now is that I am still in the room questioning the decision to make. A few of us have already entered the portal but I then started thinking of the possibilities although I think that now I can go into the portal and not doubt myself this should hopefully be ok. As I entered the portal I felt a hand on my back when I realized it wasn’t a portal at all it was jell-o leading to an invisible cave where the real portal was and I guess that was my evil sensing it was trickery both ways actually although I sensed actually alive evil through the next one.

“The sorrow realm welcomes all to Shadowseed’s presence” Shadowseed pronounced he was talking to Flameborg and I flied up to the ceiling and listened down below so that Shadowseed would think he was the only one in our group so far. An eyeball was next to me that was upside-down also on the ceiling and was having of robot legs although seemed to be a robot and not alive. There was a library different portals to go around the shadow realm and more things that seemed fairly normal for a darkness realm although there was no water and most shadows need a type of liquid along with a minimal of 64 souls to live. I personally don’t need anything to live my favorite food though is souls since they taste so sweet and tangy almost like frozen lemon or cherries but more lemons.

“Why do you wish to say that I may visit Shadowseed and yet you won’t let me continue?” Flameborg replied and I realized the big shadow with evil booming out of him was not Shadowseed so I had to search for Shadowseed lowering my body from the ceiling. There was a shadow with a red sword and an red helmet although his power level wasn’t high enough then there was an shadow that was very small and was wearing a crown although his power level was off the charts that was Shadowseed yes the very small warrior. He was being protected by a bunch of other shadows and a few demons this was going to be a problem Lyandra was coming in to attack the demons so me and Semons both went in to stop her and we both bumped into each other and then Lyandra came at them and killed them an alarm started going and I fell through the floor. I was now in a cave our cover was blown and we barely even started with a plan also the cave smelled of rotten fish that just had a bath in potato chips although I don’t know when I ever smelled that before.

I started coming up from the cave through the ceiling and there was a full out war or maybe skirmish and in the middle Flameborg was battling Shadowseed and I now realized Semons Glitch and the others watching. Shadowseed shot a giant shadow blast then Flameborg made a white hole and then destroyed shooting purple crystal rays at Shadowseed and blew most of the sorrow realm to bits. Shadowseed followed Flameborg out the sorrow realm was being destroyed and the only way out was the portal but first in front of them there was the guard who wasn’t letting Flameborg get through. Then a piece of the ceiling fell on him and we all jumped through the portal trying to avoid the falling ceiling that fell on the guard.

Shadowseed was very tiny he was only about half a ruler tall although he was turning red and was wearing a golden crown with jewels and that means that we just escorted a king from their own kingdom. Shadowseed was the king of the shadow realm and Flameborg was more powerful than him although Flameborg was actually the new king of Redbound even though were currently on earth. Although the king I really question is who’s the king of the darkness realm right now since Semons is their queen and devil lord was killed by Iceden once Lyandra convinced him. Although Semons became the new main ruler of the Darkness realm since devil lord died so why would she be in this group there is only 1 other person who could actually lead although I don’t think he ever could he probably died. Although Flameborg had never mentioned him in the battle of Obsidi’s survival so could it be possible?

“Who’s currently ruling the Darkness realm Semons?” I asked flying down the stairs Flameborg and Glitch were now not affected by the curses since there with the Sorrow king or maybe queen I don’t know Shadowseed’s gender. Semons then floated down the stairs as fast as she could and I teleported to her she was making a portal to the Darkness realm. And she pushed me somehow I guess she can go to anti-matter mode as well since she is the queen of demons. On the throne surrounded by demons that was surrounded by fire and two other thrones there was a man that I recognized as Fireden!

Chapter 4 – at the end of sanity

Serenda here again in a jail cell where there is something weird forming through the walls that’s black and trying to destroy the world. Although I am not exactly sure if their trying to destroy the world they are generally really creepy though and don’t speak any English which I already tried although they seem to speak the weird language Vepor speaks. When I tried asking it something that I heard Vepor muttering once on the boat it calmed down and I think it now likes me although it’s still a little scary seeing it’s black teeth. Now your probably wondering what happened in-between last time I wrote and now so let’s start from there.

“Please I would recommend that you stop attacking me,” Vepor hissed with a worried voice and his sword was deflecting everything why was he so worried isn’t this his training although he wasn’t even concentrating on his sword just us and keeping his balance it seemed. That’s when his sword hit Graham and he started bleeding he was dying so Vepor put his sword on the now lying down Graham with open terrified eyes stating that the sword had killed him. Then Vepor muttered something almost like a song that can’t be explained with English and Vepor started coming back up and now Vepor was mad.

“I warned you my sword is too powerful stop hitting me with it I wish not to harm you” Vepor explained and started crying although his tears were purple and looked almost like musical notes. That was the first time I felt compassion for him or whatever gender he really was since it wasn’t normal for a person of a gender or even a robot to have green-scales or something of the sort. Rose was angry yet terrified yet sad and seemed to have an inner conflict which I usually can’t realize with people although her face was telling a big story and probably so was mine. We aren’t who Vepor originally envisioned for this trip he envisioned other people like him and we were already half way to the island how was it going to be?

We all then went back to our beds thinking about what had just happened usually Vepor prepared the first meal (breakfast) to us after we had gotten an extra bit of sleep and we all needed it so that we could have a break from this insanity. Although I was still worried that my dreams would be like my previous one where I lived on the odd planet with this other species that I know was. Thinking about all of this it felt as if my head was about to explode and Graham’s head almost did when Vepor’s blade hit him and I’m 20 why now and not when I was a kid I would have enjoyed this so much more maybe I would have called him a superhero. Although now I have lead myself to believe that superheroes don’t actually exist and now I am being showed how they are in the year 2024.

I fell on my bed that was made from leather and felt very weird and I couldn’t sleep and I don’t think Rose could either and Graham had gone to the edge of the boat and sat there chatting with Vepor. They were talking about the island and apparently we actually were going to be going to jail and that would be awfully weird after this adventure leading to jail even though I hadn’t committed a crime. I never realized ever since things started going all weird I never thought of how weird normal would start feeling no more insane training just in a grey metal room with a bed for the rest of my life and how would it stank. As I was thinking about this I started to fall asleep and a grin formed across my face as I put down my blindfold and started feeling my body drift into a land of sleep.

I started returning to my previous dream where I was the different race although weirdly enough I was in this metal room with a bunch of humans and weirdly enough I felt angry about yet them and yet they weren’t familiar. I started floating across the room towards the humans, it was actually a family consisting of a dad a mom and a little boy and that’s when I saw another of my new race coming down with an evil grin and a shiny crown that I recognized as immortal ore. Although my human part of my mind still was confused why I knew what it was and my vision went black in my dream and I was waking up from my nap. Graham now looked perfectly fine as if Vepor’s sword had never hurt him in the first place and he also was smiling at me over my bed almost like he had been waiting for me to wake up. He held my hand and started walking down into the bottom of the ship with me even though my clothes were pretty dirty I had been wearing them for about 4 days now so it would be easily expected. Downstairs there was the biggest of buffets and Vepor looked very proud of himself and it seemed like Rose had helped too.

“Welcome to break…” Vepor began when the ship turned and we started to sink luckily we were all fairly good swimmers and were all swimming towards Vepor it happened so quickly we barely had time to think. Some weird green glowing fish passed and Vepor turned them red he was not having any breathing differences he seemed to be enjoying it until he remembered that normal people don’t breath underwater too. He put his hands out for us and we all grabbed them smiling all except Graham who was panicking wall around until we all teleported. I felt like we were everywhere yet nowhere it divided my point of view to everywhere I felt my vision keep changing and not even my closed eyes changed anything it felt as if I was being poured on by neon lights and I heard weird remixed laughing.

Then we were on the island, which seemed to have a big blue force field and the jail was inside with some jail guards although it seemed like everyone was looking at us like we were insane. That’s when Flameborg arrived and shot at us and we had to quickly move into the jail and we ran through the small door and threw up a bunch of water then started trying to empty our ears we were all feeling a little dizzy from the water and the teleportation. We watched through the Force field at Flameborg and Vepor who were battling fiercely when a man who was very tall took us into the jail and we all waved goodbye.

We were now all in our jail cells bored forever nothing to do forever stuck and I hadn’t even had breakfast what did they serve in jail I bet it’s not as good as Vepor’s meals and so I started crying on the bed. Why had I even been arrested in the first place and who had been that man I pondered this on my bed but my mind was too full to think and that’s when I spotted the small black worm. It was actually big for a worm and its teeth were cutting through the metal wall and I was entranced. Maybe it could be my friend and that when the door out was finished and I was confused exactly what I should do should I escape or stay is either right?

When I looked out the door I saw Graham and Rose what were those creatures and why were they trying to help us and we started talking to our creatures although it didn’t quite work until I tried muttering what Vepor had said and it worked. The creature looked at me and the others seemed to do it too to Graham and Rose and the black worm like creatures began to grow maybe the weirdness had only began. I then saw something strange out of the force field 2 people with white wings and black eyes that when I stared at I felt myself slowly fall in to an endless void even though I wasn’t moving. I stared at Rose and Graham who now looked all weird and they seemed to be looking at me strangely too maybe when we looked at the weird angels eyes we started feeling like we were all looking at people who looked like weird swerved things. I saw the weirdest thing though of even the part of this adventure even including Vepor and the weird boat ride it was a man wearing all black and carrying a black staff with a purple crystal.

“What is even going on right now?” Graham asked staring at the black man who weirdly enough didn’t look all weird and swerved like how we now look to each other but not to ourselves. He was expressionless and I noticed that in the other plan he was taking out a purple glowing blade and I noticed behind him 2 women who seemed to be about my age. One of them had black eyes like the angels but she seemed like she was rushing and was although she was flying with the other 2 straight in to the force field which now seemed to be almost normal since now my mind was so used to this weirdness although I think Rose and Graham were too. All I needed was to sleep and to not be then put in to another reality where I am another race and people are trying to kill me why can’t I just even stay in jail for a little to calm myself down. Although then I realized it was like a TV show were the viewers and this show must be animated but alas everything that I touched was real as I had ever touched. Either someone will eventually come and save me or I’ll wake up hopefully maybe Vepor wasn’t a dream but the ship completely turning was.

“Calm down calm down” the girl with pitch black eyes suggested with a gentle soothing voice and my mind started going blank with nothing hey how do I write again you may ask well I’ve now recovered. These weird pictures and memories that I knew were not actually mine started floating in to my mind and I started thinking about this organization called the new elements and Vepor was part of the organization. The girl thought that I would know where Vepor is but he seemed to disappear when we got on the island then I heard it the black worm was speaking in Vepor’s weird language and the girl was understanding it. She nodded her head and her and the 2 others flew off what a weird dream I must be having and my mind went back to thinking and now I had even more questions.

Chapter 5 – Fireden and the pigs

“Good job Fireden everything seems to be in tact at least and you didn’t ruin our demon ways” I congratulated Fireden hey my name is Semons queen of the demons and I made a deal that if Fireden took care of my realm while I was away I wouldn’t tell William where he was but he never mentioned Flameborg. Personally though I don’t believe that Flameborg’s plan will work since if we are going to somehow defeat the new elements we should probably at least set up a base like in some abandoned castle of some sort and not wonder around searching for people. I thought this as I looked around my realm seeing everything in order all besides angel torture and that only happened if the angels were having a war with another race but more likely Fireden just didn’t want to torture the queens of blessings but maybe if he saw what they have done to us he would have done his part and fixed up any mistake that he saw that he did since when I left my realm it was in perfect order. Although I didn’t wish to create a rouse for the demons of this great land they do not wish to know what mayoral matters we currently have and we put that to an actual majority vote not by another way which involves first wining a war.

“Semons oh queen of demons there is a message from dragon mountain” my second in command told me and I floated over to my super computer to see the message it was from the dragon king himself obviously this must be important matters so I pushed my second in command into the lava pit. Although for demons water is like lava and lava is like water and that actually made him have some fun and I smiled now paying attention to the message that was just starting.

“Hello Semons queen of demons I am sorry to announce that the angels had a little skirmish with us and we did not see their leader please message if she is dead if you didn’t kill her we are sorry for your loss” the dragon king hissed on the recorded message. It was partially enraging since the angel queen Lyandra was now evil although I forgot that even if the angel is still alive the other angels still have their powers although killing Lyandra could kill of all the angels good thing the dragon king doesn’t know that. I saw out of the corner of my eye Lyandra was going insane and I turned around realizing Lyandra holding there fire swords and Lyandra was also trying to kill them all so I froze them with a spare freeze gun that I keep beside my bed for the misbehaving demons in this realm. Lyandra then broke the Ice with her sword but I luckily pushed her away so that she didn’t try to kill any more and I slapped Lyandra in the face with a fire punch and she started crying tears of obsidian maybe she would become a new type of demon.

Flameborg and Glitch as well as Shadowseed followed us too to the elevator and the door opened then shooting lasers at us and Ying then came into the elevator and We all jumped on the elevator too but the elevator broke and we crashed on the ground well all except Ying who went through part of the floor. When we landed I swear that I saw out of the corner of my eye an obsidian dragon and I started following them and found a portal then realizing the rest weren’t following me but I thought maybe I could still beat Obsidi once and for all so I entered the portal. Inside the portal I realized that he had went in to the ice realm and I found Iceden’s dad Obsidi and Saloka all holding a special sword and I pulled out my fire sword fire vs. ice this should be easy and I swiped at Obsidi who was now in human form.

Iceden’s dad has a long blue beard who can change size right now he was like a giant and he had a special thick glowing ice sword similar to Saloka’s acid blade that she was holding good thing Vepor isn’t here or my sword would have been a waste. I shot a fireball at Iceden’s dad and he fell over with a giant hole in his chest and he made some sounds an elemental had died and I pulled out both of my fire swords and Obsidi blocked me trying to attack Saloka and he got knocked back and they both started running and I went back through the portal and found Lyandra waiting outside for me and I slapped my head as she guided me to where the rest of the group was we seemed to be in a very busy city. Although I could find many remains of Flameborg’s destruction and I saw some hacked technology probably by Glitch or maybe by Lyandra or Shadowseed but I am not 100% sure if Shadowseed can hack technology as well as Glitch and such although maybe he can he’s currently a little bit of a mystery. While I was thinking this while Lyandra seemed to be going over an ocean at least it was a good sign that she could fly. It seemed of my recent observations of Lyandra that she had to have been recently in combat to fly so I wasn’t quite sure why she was flying now but I carried her just in case she lost her flying ability at one point although I now had kind of lost track so Lyandra pointed where to go. Although what I found super nice and not at all annoying and confusing is when she pointed at the ocean hopefully Flameborg wasn’t looking for Atlantis since it already got found in the angel realm and let me tell you fish people still need water.

I started diving down and she flew up I guess she meant to fly above the ocean not actually go inside which was actually quite reassuring although it was also a little confusing why she was still flying now. It almost seemed obvious and yet impossible although I do love mysteries and that seemed to be where Lyandra/the light mage was going and hopefully we would find our way back since the closest I can do to teleporting is make a portal to my own realm and Monasha can do both so I personally would like to get to squish her face in when we next get a chance. There was someone on the island who was waving and the light mage waved back when I squinted my eyes I realized it was an angel what had Lyandra done and what was going on it’s not like you can just replace a mind-controlled angel and the angel didn’t even have black eyes she wasn’t the type of angel that had been mind-controlled this could be a faint problem although if it was an enemy as I would assume…

Flameborg hit the angel with a blue 50ft. sword and the angel was swung back and drowned or at least I thought then it came back out and I understand why Lyandra had been able to fly the entire ocean had been turned into holy water. Holy water heals angels and can even revive them it is very powerful and very rare only 3 outputs have been found in earth although I never took to account Redbound also instead of holy water demons heal from fire. Although demons cannot be completely revived which keeps the balance between them since demons are more generally powerful but the angel regeneration ceremonies are still very powerful. It is a major problem if even a drop of holy water is in the ocean except for Lyandra who could probably convince the angel…

“Lyandra convince your fellow angel which side is true” I commanded and she went up to the angel who had short hair and started becoming calm that at least there was a fellow angel and then Lyandra stabbed her with a black sword and her eyes turned into an endless void she was also now possessed. Glitch, Flameborg, Shadowseed and Ying were all now on the island and as I came with the 2 angels I realized why they had all stopped there were 2 giant pig like creatures staring at Flameborg they were 20ft. tall by my quick measurements now this could be some valuable members. Or at least that’s what I thought was the new member we were adding no It was a woman who looked almost half-pig and she smiled at the sight of Flameborg like he had done a favor and I realized a body on the ground that appeared to by slowly regenerating. At once I realized who’s body it was it was Vepor’s one of the most powerful of the new elements the one with 2 katana that were equals to immortal ore and how he could talk to the blades in a special unique language that I know some of but I’m a little rusty as the humans call it. Anyways the pig woman was gesturing to it and Flameborg began taking it to the ocean and Vepor began to sink…

Chapter 6 – only 1 way through the day

My name is Russell and I am the brother of Monasha the shadow queen also I’m a talented cyborg who is part of the new elements. I should probably start from the beginning of why me and my sister were ever picked to join this group although it was probably a little bit of chance too since maybe the first house they found was ours and I am sadly not talking about Obsidi and/or any other new elements. I wish that was how it happened oh how I do but sadly sometimes your past isn’t as good as the future although the future isn’t looking the best either.

It was a fairly normal day in me and my sister’s town when it all started although now a days it would be a very odd day with all the normal that was that day or at least I thought. It was in the middle of the day but our parents didn’t have enough money to buy a digital clock and for some reason our teacher forgot to teach us how to read regular clocks annoyingly enough so maybe it wasn’t the beginning of the day maybe it was the morning or afternoon. Me and Monasha were going to our rooms to read the stories that we had recently purchased from the local merchant when we heard a bunch of gasps and screams so we both looked out the window (or at least I’m guessing she looked out the window of her room) to see a black sky. Now the sky wasn’t completely black there were some grey parts and some dark red parts but defenitly things not supposed to happen with the sky or at least not on a normal day even some of our wizards couldn’t dispel whatever madness we were now trapped inside and we both opened our doors and ran in to the hallway.

“Did you see outside the sky turning black with dark red and grey!” me and my little sister Monasha both exclaimed to each other although we weren’t at the greatest timing so it sounded a little odd and we both started giggling and then trying to stay serious at the situation. Our parents were already outside I guessed since our door was open and outside was a man with a black crown who was surrounded by these odd red shapes that were protecting him from all the townsfolk’s attacks only the wizards were even making a dent and his protective barrier was braking. It began shattering and he began rising and then a bunch of black objects broke out of him with red eyes and giant mouths they looked as if they were going to eat the entire town and then have the entire underground for dessert. They tore threw our house and our parents grabbed their swords but they dodged all attacks when our parents tried so I started running away from the town our house everything towards a new life where I could keep the though of my parents being alive.

As I left I thought about my sister how would her life become it would be much harder for her without me as her brother she would never have someone to talk to when our parents have arguments she would be alone. Then I bumped into something that at first made my mind think I was going inside a slime or a molasses field but then I realized the texture was different on my feet it was flesh I was entering someone’s stomach so I tried to squish out of the belly button since it was an odd creature that was said to be extinct which I probably would have paid more attention too if a group of wisps didn’t notice me and start circling me and I heard the distant screams of my sister she was alive but she thought I wasn’t.

“Monasha I’m alive I’m just leaving sis ill be back soon” I called over the angry roars I needed to escape this place even if it had been my town ever since I was born and when I think about it my mom lived here before then too where would I end up would I reach the end of the world like the games I had heard of in distant towns. Apparently in distant towns they have computers where people of any age can play on them with different keys on the keyboard that is the most confusing riddle the head Wiseman had ever told me or Monasha and I have heard some odd ones. I was falling though when I looked below falling into some kind of endless void I believed although my brain started to comprehend that I was falling into water although it was a lot of water surrounding it now I was a good swimmer but whatever this was I could not swim and get to the other side I would have to use more than strength to find a way of surviving. Then I remembered a story my dad once told about a man who made a thing called a boat that floated on water and supported people although also in that story they found a land with fish who could walk around so maybe the boat thing was fake or maybe they both were real maybe below this water was the land they called Atlantis although how could I dream of getting so far underwater and it was even really dark out it was turning night and I didn’t have a sword that I could protect myself with or even a magic message orb that I could communicate with but now I was falling what felt like endlessly and just when I looked up I saw water I was drowning now so I immediately went to back crawl and my eyes hurt and my body was extremely cold it would take a hot day to make me feel warm again.

Up ahead I saw land although it wasn’t like the town me and Monasha had always lived in it was yellow with blander looking houses but the people looked different too if they were people maybe they were magical protection illusions since they were half grey although not completely even. As I began getting closer to land I realized I should probably go to front crawl as not to hurt my neck trying to look at the new town if it was a town. It hurt a little on my chin feeling how cold the water was even though the air started getting hotter and it felt relaxing I was beginning to feel calmer and nicer it was hotter than even usual summer days in our town. Someone with a straw hat who was half grey was waiting for me he was standing up and both his eyes were looking at me and he seemed a little upset about how I was swimming but not extremely mad and I bumped in to the island and began drowning and had to swim back quickly and he was laughing maybe he would be a nice friend at least he had a sense of humor. As he picked me up I started feeling the heat and I realized how soaked my clothes were and I’m guessing that they were probably going to take a day on the clothing rack at least or a very good drying spell if there is such a thing.

“Hello my name is Grandor the second in command of the town’s mayor” he welcomed me shaking on the hot land I think I was letting of steam but mainly I was tired it was almost midnight or at least it seemed maybe it wasn’t my mind was fairly confused although it could just be a time spell since sometimes I get tired from generally sleeping too long which may sound very odd even though it happens a lot it still seems a little weird for me as well and I was seeing weird black wisps coming from a giant floating island which I recognized as my home they were coming for this town now whatever they were. A bunch of other people who were half grey shot a weird purple ray out of their hands but the wisps were dodging and it looked awesome until the wisps started going in their stomach and their eyes turned black so the second in command of whoever the mayor is (or whatever) started shooting a giant orange ray and defeated 3 of the black wisps whatever he was doing it seemed very cool. Then a figure with black eyes that it felt like you could get lost in almost as if there was an endless void inside that you could never escape and it seemed like the towns people who had got the black eyes were now obeying him as he told them to destroy us with a hand language that I had learned from my mom when we were doing a meditation session because she thought that the meditation teacher would see it’s spiritualness but sadly he didn’t and we had to leave. Everyone around was scared oh why did I ever think here was safer until I saw a man who was also half-grey shooting a red beam at the man with void eyes and they other void eyed townsfolk were ok again and weren’t under his control sadly then he targeted me just a boy with no weapon no special ray and I wasn’t even half-grey maybe if I survive this I could ask to become one and maybe I should also return to my town since at least now I think it’s probably safer and I think I was starting to get a headache this town was worse.

“Everyone protect the mayor” shouted the man who shot the red ray and lots more people came out of their houses with these weird yellow tubes which were shooting giant red lasers and the 2nd in command was helping too the void eyed man was dying or at least it seemed that way. All of a sudden a black wall formed that whenever someone shot a part off of a new black wisp would come and replace it making it almost unstoppable and then I saw that is when I saw a giant man made of stone who had a giant glowing red sword and a bunch of people were shooting red bows at the barrier and it was starting to brake this town must have a good wizard to be able to accomplish this. Usually when people do an enlargement spell they grow to about a maximum of 12 ft. but whoever this was must be at least 20 ft. and his toenails could be felt by sitting on his feet since that was what I was doing in this crazy music with some type of very advanced magic that made me a slight bit quizzical about returning to my town but I should if I want to see Monasha more in my life than just the first nine years yes I’m only nine if you were wondering my age.

“You will die shadow prince,” shouted the giant stone man in a deep shaky voice that hurt my eardrums and caused a landslide in a nearby village or at least it sounded that way. The stone man tried to attack the barrier and finish if off when a black blade came out and he fell over crushing a few houses and amazing me how powerful that person must be and the barrier broke. The person had spiky black hair and a giant black glowing blade obviously not as big as the stone man’s sword but like a 2 ft. long and was glowing immensely almost hurting at least my eyes and probably many other people’s this could be the end of my life…

Chapter 7 – Graham’s plight

Hello my name’s Graham and I have been sent to this island of weirdness because I was drinking and driving and then got caught although personally I think that I am probably the only one who even deserves going here. Also I didn’t bring enough alcohol for the trip since the police didn’t even hesitate and right now I think I might die from being strangled but that may take a while to explain.

“Let’s go back inside the jail” I suggested standing up and dusting off my clothes Rose and Serenda were also now standing looking at me with curious faces and shrugged the ground was fairly hot although there were some trees maybe if we didn’t get enough food from whoever serves it well drink a coconut. We all went back in our cells when I heard a beeping noise telling everyone to get in their cell and such but it actually reminded me most of an evacuate bell we once heard at school (by we I mean my class) anyways when we evacuated we realized that it was actually time to go home they just pressed the wrong bell. I saw threw the bars a man wearing a police uniform going by although one cell he wasn’t coming out of it appeared and then I heard battle going on and the police man toppling out angrily and now whatever was in that cell was calmer that’s when I realized he’d see the hole. I kept trying to think of what repair would be in Vepor’s weird language since we tamed it with a word from Vepor’s language so I just whispered what Vepor did to heal me again and he started repairing the hole I was so much calmer but would it be in time I was next and there was still some of the hole so I hid the worm quickly under my bed and then he came. The police man came and looked at me lying in my bed smiling I never knew I would get my second pet in jail but don’t even get me started about my first pet.

“Everything seems ok here although I’ll fix the hole soon” the man explained and left and I felt relaxed not relaxed enough to sleep in my bed but still relaxed enough to cuddle the black worm thing that deserved a name. Sadly though I didn’t have collar so I would purely have to remember it’s name which I doubt I did for my first pet since it lost it’s collar so quickly it was like it wanted to kill the collar maybe that was supposed to be a sign that weird things would happen in the future if so I was warned about this. Even though this jail has bad security is very weird and the things going past it make me so curious I can barely take it since I doubt that the world will ever figure out what half those things are but maybe this isn’t real and I was just overly drunk but usually I don’t see things that cool or hear such accurate voices unless the boat ride was a dream too which I very much doubt it was.

“Vepor doing good?” the black worm squeaked from under my bed the black worm was not the side of a regular worm it was about 15cm tall and 30cm wide although it’s not like I had a ruler with me
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