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    1.Will you grief: Of course ... not
    2.What are you good at: Building, RPing
    3.Will you follow the rules: Of course
    4.Why should you be whitelisted: I want to play on your server.
    5.IGN: japeal
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    Vera was trotting along as planned, walking into a alley-way to further herself from home. Suddenly, as if a lightning bolt had hurled itself at Vera, all of her senses failed as a throbbing pain began to stab at her head. Vera stopped dead in her tracks, nothing in her experience knew what this could be, she searched for an answer as a voice began to speak to her. She collapsed onto the concrete, easily stifling the pain to clearly listen to the voice. Vera was silent when the voice left, her instinct to stay calm and breathe normally until she could wrap her head around the situation. A anonymous being just instructed her through telepathy to go to the docks learn how to save the world.

    Vera sighed, wiping the beads of sweat off of her head, she weighed her options. The essence of the voice was other-worldly, and it's calling had convinced her, but she wasn't just going to waltz right into it's grasp. She searched through her bag and found her guns along with all manner of items and knifes that she happened to carry around. Vera looked up, figuring she would have to walk a few more blocks to get to the docks. She hurried through the streets quickly, finding a lot next to the docks, where she waited to see if others would come before her, anticipating that she wasn't the only one that got called onto this mission of sorts.
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    [[ I updated my RP example & Bio. I'll continue from there ]]

    Vera walked out of the small alleyway, her clothes without the slightest stain to indicate the murder that had transpired. She had changed out of her black garments, and into a lighter, breezier dress accompanied with a brown bolero jacket. Her bloodstained clothes were hidden away in a shopping bag she carried, making her seem, for the most part, normal. She walked effortlessly down the road, people passing by her, completely un-aware of the capabilities Vera possessed to kill, yet no one would know, or if they did find out, they wouldn't be alive long enough to tell anyone. Vera continued to walk past the usual city-scape, cafes, restaurants, apartments, and the grey buildings that towered over the people that inhabited them. Vera again wondered what she was to do about dinner tonight, remembering her friends were all busy tonight, and she didn't have much to make dinner with. Vera was lost in thought as she walked calmly down the road, her free hand playing mindlessly with a bracelet she had bought a few days ago. She walked aimlessly, taking one de-tour after another, lengthening the time it would take her to get to her home. It was fine though, not like anyone would notice that she was doing this, no one in the city that would care what she does.
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    Name: Vera Gabriel

    Age: 36

    Powers: Mediumship. Vera can communicate with the deceased, specifically ghosts. This power only covers deceased humans, and she can't translate what the ghost is saying if they speak a language she doesn't know. (This OK OP?)

    Power negation. Vera can cancel out someone's powers if she chooses to. The effect is either slightly troublesome (slight pain when they use the power) or complete cancellation. Her power, while strong, only works if she is within a close distance of the person shes targeting, and it will only last a limited amount of time until the power starts to hurt her in the process. She can only cancel one ability at a time, too. (This OK too?;; )

    Skills: Vera is a skilled guerrilla solider/mercenary, the usual guns, explosives, and killing skills are all things she's done on a daily basis. She is also skilled as a spy and undercover agent, Her acting is (for the most part) flawless.

    Occupation: Undercover Agent (Ex Guerrilla Fighter/Mercenary)

    Description: Vera stands at 5'6'', always a little short for her peers. She is Hawaiian and American, but uses Hawaii to identify with. She has medium curly brown hair, with long bangs brushed back to the side of her face. Being through a multitude of combat situations have caused stress, making her look older than she appears. Her face is round, with high cheek-bones and a rounded chin. Her eyes are small, with brown/black irises. She has very dark tanned skin, with a multitude of scars from her combatant situations. Her hands are small but quick, naturally. She is fit, and while her body looks good for her age, the bags under her eyes will say other things.

    Vera dislikes wearing too much clothing, so she opts to wear very little, even in the wintertime. A tank-top and shorts are a staple of her wardrobe, and anything more is too hot. Her clothes change depending on her persona at the time, for when shes out and about she'll wear dresses with heels, at home alone, grey tank top and shorts. Her hair is always let down, she doesn't like having it up in a pony-tail, much less any 'up-do's. Vera wears make-up, but only for special occasions. Her scars stick out with what she wears, but she doesn't think to much about it.

    Inventory: Two Glocks (Model 26), Cellphone, Fake Wallet, and pens

    Personality: Vera is the type to easily underwhelm everyone she ever meets, because she acts that way. Concealing her identity in hazes of quiet, dull, and boring, she is able to slip in and out of towns, social circles, and lives as quickly as a gust of wind. This is thanks to her training as a undercover agent, a job that blends and distorts her true personality to a large extent. She will act shy, and rather quiet when she meets somebody. Vera will act nice or considerate, but she is always suspicious and doubtful of other people. She'll give minimal interaction with people once introductions are out of the way, making her seem like a half-interested ditz. Overall, meeting Vera isn't usually memorable, unless you happen to be a criminal whose been targeted by the FBI, then Vera is a completely different person.

    Vera's real personality is a rubble of emotional trauma. Ever since loosing her husband she's become distraught and disconnected, leaving her with a sense of helplessness. Her initial reaction to people is to reject them in every way possible, she usually shuts down when she has to have prolonged contact with people. It comes off as a asshole personality, however further inquiry of the downright hatred would trigger suspicion for something larger, and much more serious than a mean personality. Vera doesn't want to be mean, she just doesn't want to get hurt, again. While shes had all the military psychological and human behavior courses, she knows this way, while it makes her feel bad in the short run, isn't as painful as it is losing someone you care about. In theory, if she had someone she was close with, she would cling constantly, but be absolutely loyal, no questions asked. Vera usually escapes this reality by using her fake persona to pretend that shes alright. The chance that you'll find most of this out is close to zero though, Vera generally comes off as a mean-spirited individual whose in it for personal gain.

    Biography: Vera was born into a average household, and was for the most part, a 'normal' girl. Her interests were dolls, dresses, and princesses, all of which she meticulously collected and obsessed over, much like a young girl could. Her adolescence and teenage years were filled with cliques, boys, and the usual teenage dream that she chased after hopelessly. While a likable girl, her motives were for fame and appreciation, as she was constantly caught up in the game of cliques, to the point where it controlled her life. Her choice of a career was going into the fashion business, but that soon changed.

    While in vacation in a foreign country with her family, there was a sudden outbreak of revolution, and in the following days everyone in her family but her died. She was alone in a abandoned hotel in a burning capital city, completely petrified and helpless. The next night a group of guerrilla freedom fighters raided the hotel, on the assumption that a ranked politician was hiding out there. They found Vera, and promptly kidnapped her for a ransom, mistaking her for the politician's daughter. Vera was traumatized by the course of events, but held new-found, primeval will to live and continue on. After a few days in captivity she willingly joined the freedom fighters, seeing as one of her only hopes to survive. The training mortified her, and her entire previous existence was thrown out of the door, as the days of learning how to kill fellow human beings was absorbed as the only life she would know. Vera gave it her all, and became a respected member of the guerrilla fighters. It took three years for the revolution to end, as the freedom-fighters finally stormed the palace and took the lives of all of the royal family. Vera was a completely different person, knowing she had blood on her hands she vowed to never return to her previous life, telling herself she was too tainted to return to a civilized existence. Vera continued on, fighting revolutions and becoming a hired mercenary to support her lifestyle.

    Around the age of 28 she was injured in combat and found herself unable to fight for a great deal of months. By this time she was renowned as a fighter in the troubled countries, and was a bit of a folk hero. She happily took the attention, visiting town after town and helping their inhabitants. Even with her injury she still made trips to towns, traveling from hospital to hospital, helping all of those she could along the way. In one particular town, she was inquired by a journalist about her life, hearing about her from the villagers. Vera, hesitant to answer at first, had always had a longing to know what civilized life was like without her there. She agreed to tell him her story, and wound up marrying the journalist after realizing she couldn't keep up her current lifestyle of fighting and killing. Vera left the lands she had called home for the last 13 years, and moved back America, hoping to become re-accepted into society. It later turned out she suffered from PTSD, and couldn't cope with a normal lifestyle. Her life went spiraling out of control, that ended up in her crashing a car in a panicked frenzy. The crash killed her husband, and left her unscaved. You could imagine the amount of trauma caused by guilt, among other under-lying mental conditions.

    Vera ended up in a psychiatric hospital, but only stayed there for a couple months. The government picked her up for recruitment purposes, knowing her background and wanting to interest her a job working in intelligence. Vera accepted the offer, and underwent five years of military and espionage training. The end result was a trained assassin with a perfected fake persona, ready to infiltrate extremist groups and kill suspected criminals. She's been working the job for a little over a year now, keeping her sanity in check with the fake personas and medication.

    Education: High School, Some College (Biology), Military Training, Espionage Work Snake Charming Classes

    Strengths: As stated before, Vera is a skilled combatant, as it is her life's work. Her fitness compliments that, a long with a knack for strategy and tactical decisions

    Weaknesses: Vera is extremely emotionally unstable, and her lifestyle doesn't help with her depression either. Terrible people skills, can't get along with most people.

    Fun Facts: Vera is borderline psychotic. She also has a fondness of candies, and always carries them around with her.

    RP Example: The line of blood ran quickly down the walkway, eager to conform to gravity's whim, falling down into the sewer grates to disappear forever. The body was hunched over, listless as the life had been swiped from it, taken by a fellow human being. The stab wounds weren't noticeable, the only indication that there was injury was the obvious blood-flow that leaked out, signifying the murder of a man. Vera, watched quietly, un-fazed by her deed, and much more interested in what she was to cook for dinner tonight. Pasta, again? She rolled the body on to it's side, careful not to get blood on her black dress. Her thoughts were ignorant to the fact that she began to work away on covering up the crime. It was second nature to cover all the steps of making a death look like a suicide, they were well known to Vera, as she could recite them without thought.

    Her work was quick, as to be expected. To linger long around the corpse was always a bad idea, and Vera had other plans for the night. She disappeared from the scene as fast as she could, leaving the body to rot away in the concrete. Vera was not the kind of person to stay and ponder her work, and this would be simply another murder, in another city.

    One Liner: Vera, the psychotic mercenary

    Anything I should add? (What would make this RP better?): Maybe a bit more specific plot, the one you made is pretty vague. Other than that its great 8>
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    Quote from wraithtguardian

    Pics would attract more people

    Pictures of the Server?

    I'm afraid none exist.

    I'm not too great of a builder, and neither is my friend.

    We want to rely on the help of builders better than us, maybe learn a thing or two along the way.
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    OOC Info
    Minecraft Account Name: japeal
    Age: 16
    Why Are You Interested In Joining?: I'm interested in trying any sort of role-playing server, trying to find one that I'll like. Also, I love Fez.

    IC Info

    Age: 23
    Calista was born and raised in a upper-crust family, her father being a successful naval merchant who always seemed to be away to un-explored lands every other year or so. Her mother died giving birth, leaving Calista to be raised by her extended family, her aunt and uncle who lived in the capital city of a great nation. Receiving the best education money could buy, Calista grew up as a spoiled, yet sophisticated child. While it was a very comfortable life, Calista felt as if something was missing, something adventurous or fun was needed. After manipulating her father into letting her go on a trip with him to trade spices, she was instantly addicted to the lifestyle of sailing and being a merchant. Going by her father's tips, she herself began to rake in hefty amounts of gold and silver by traveling and trading. Eventually, when her father died, she didn't even bother going back to visit her aunt and uncle, traversing the world instead. However, she was caught in the middle when two nations began to war with one another, both of which she was considered loyal and both wanting her support in the form of gold and silver. Calista eventually went into hiding, hoping to ride out what would become an end war. Eventually she was caught and faced certain execution, a mysterious portal appeared in her cell, and being the adventurous person she was, leaped in without hesitation.
    Calista's main skills are her naval and trading ones. She is an expert with sea-travel, exploring, and dealing with pesky merchants. While she'd rather those skills overshadow her schooling, she is also a intelligent individual with niches of information that she'd rather only use in dire emergencies, as not to corrupt her image.
    Calista, while rather tall (5'11'') does not look like the menacing woman she was made out to be by her career. She is very fit, a bit chubby as well, with dark tanned skin. She would likely be compared with having a Hispanic ethnicity, but her accent could mostly be compared as European. Her hair is wavy, and medium length. She doesn't have any bangs, and her hair is usually pulled back most of the time. Her face is square, and her eyes are rather large. Calista can be found wearing light gear and armor, as well as wearing a headband.
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    Hello everyone ~

    The Order of Ivos (Ivoscraft for short) is a small role playing server that a friend and I intend to begin. It incorporates a lore based on a original fictitious universe created by the two of us, however we are more than willing to have members of the server expand and create lore of their own. We expect Ivoscraft to become a RP only server, with independent forum and chat support. However currently we are in need of builders who can help us create some of the towns needed to kick the server off. We are also looking for any potential members who are interested in joining Ivoscraft, and creating a universe to RP in.

    We currently do not have a solid plan of how characters/towns/factions will be organized, but we are considering having a generations and story sagas incorporated into the server.

    (Some) Lore

    The Divinities are the essence of all that was created, and all that will ever be. They were designed and conformed to become super-natural forces that drive their respective elements that they control to thrive and compete in the ever so chaotic world. They were created by Grima, The First Divinity, with his power over creation, he thought them all and made them exist. Filling the primeval void of nothing with this world we now know as Juvela, and where humankind inhabits the vast expanse of the never-ending lands, seas, and skies.

    Humans have always loved their divinities, worshiping them and creating rituals, holidays, and shrines to commemorate the beings that govern them. This symbiotic peace lasted for centuries, the humans living in hapless harmony, while The Divinities were content with the work they preform. It was simply, a perfect existence but, as expected, all good things must come to an end. Cilo, The Divinity of the Heavens and Night began to fall ill, and eventually felt her life drain away from her all together. She did not tell the other Divinities, but could feel within her soul something was wrong. Stars began to flicker out from the night sky, while the night itself began to become shorter and shorter at a alarming rate, causing much disturbance among the human's workflow. It came down to her very being falling out of the sky, and landing near a remote village. The humans were petrified by the horrific omen, but some sought to comfort and care for the dying divinity. Cilo, being the quiet, cold-hearted loner of the Divinities, was taken aback by the human's kindness, and felt in debt to the humans. With her dying breaths, she granted them amazing abilities, and immortal souls. They became half-divinities, and with Cilo's death, all of her previous powers flowed into them. Even though Cilo's half-divinities began to control the night and reverse the effects of Cilo's death, this was only the beginning of the end.

    Soon, divinity after divinity fell ill and began to wither away. Following the actions of Cilo, they decided to bless individuals and villages with their powers, hoping to ease the effects of a collapse. The plan worked great, and humans managed to keep balance of the lands even without the divinities. However, when Koeas, The Divinity of War and Honor fell, his powers twisted and corrupted the humans he gave it too, turning them into war hungry mongrels who scoured the land for the power of the other half-divinities, causing chaos and destruction everywhere they went. It only god worse when Nors, The Divinity of Chaos, passed on. His powers completely disfigured and tainted the humans he gave it too, turning them into everlasting monsters that creep within the night. The humans were completely overrun, and the two evils devoured kingdom after kingdom, leaving no one alive. Ivos, the divinity of Order, felt it his duty to right the situation before his passing, which was soon, since he was next on the list. He conjured all of his might, and by expending all of his energy on the land itself, he created The Order. A organization whose duty was to forever right the evils that plagued the lands, making sure that they protected as many humans as they could, upholding Ivos' Order.

    Soon after, Grima passed on, and there were no more divinities left in the realm. No higher order to defend the humans from themselves, or make sure that the humans are always comfortable. While The Order had a good start against the two evils, they began losing footing against them, finding that they were fighting a ever-growing number of beings whose goals in life were the destruction of others. Eventually, the lands were reduced to wastes, trees taking over lost land, buildings being destroyed, and sands recovering lost oasis. The humans are dwindling in numbers now, the loss of every divinity, while distant in past, is still a heartbreaking reality for the ones who remember. They adapted though, and while at best in small misfit groups, they still intend to survive and rebuild, no matter what the cost may be.

    Want to sign up?

    Builders, if you would kindly fill out this form:

    How mature would you say you are? Can we rely on you to get tasks done even without our supervision?: 
    Past works? (We prefer to see a lot):
    What made you interested in this project?:

    And people interested in joining the Server:

    How mature would you say you are?:
    Do you have any past RP experience?: 
    What ideas do you have for a character/town after reading some of the Lore?:
    Why do you want to join this server?:

    The server is a bukkit server and has no mods installed. We do expect to put on McMMO or a mod akin to that one in the near future.

    ALSO- We are not too desperate on mods, but are thinking of adding one or two more to staff the server.
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    I'd like to join this server with me and my friend

    I am Japeal, my friend is Aditya

    is this okay?
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    Hey forum

    Check out this video where I kill a dragon, slay ten water-demons, climb the highest mountain, and seduce a pig.

    I may also be a liar.

    But I just uploaded a Minecraft lets play

    I'm not lying
    I swear.

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    According to Erikson I'm a perfect human being.

    But if I could retain my memories then hell yes I would.

    I'd be six and be able to do Calculus and ****. I WOULD BE SO COOL.

    I would also be socially accepted for watching MLP.
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    School? Teenagers? lol.

    Kids aren't dumb, they're just taught not to use their intuition.
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    First attempt at an actual pony style. I usually do human fan-art, but decided to try something different. Done under 30 minutes I think- didn't keep track of the time. 8C
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    Minecraft Username:
    Why should we add you to the whitelist?:
    I'm a avid RP'er of four years and would like to experience a Minecraft RP. While I don't know if I'll stay with it or not, I would like to try it out for a couple of months.
    What is your idea of “roleplay?”:
    Role Playing playing a role of someone or something. It could be shallow and fun or serious and in depth. Its a form of creativeness that brings all sorts of art forms together to create a story.
    How can we contact you outside of the server?:
    UM. Add me on Steam @ Japealcanapalopis and skype later on u vu

    Character’s Name: Mair Greads
    Character’s Nickname: Mair
    Character’s Gender: Female
    Character’s Age: Twenty Four
    Character's Race: Human ( For now )
    Character’s Appearance:
    While Mair may say she is twenty four, you'd look at this 5'0'' girl, laugh, and ask if she was lying. She is not. Mair is extremely short for her age, and is extremely pissed about it. She has saturated red hair that comes over the right side of her face, and a circle tattoo on her right eye. She has a slender but strong build, along with quick, long hands. Mair usually wears warm clothes, even in the summer time, prone to wear dark browns, greens, and black.
    Character’s Personality:
    Angry easily describes Mair. Being treated like a kid your entire life isn't something that makes Mair happy, much less kind. When she is met with scrutiny of her height, she is accustomed to react with sarcasm and hatred. Mair will most oftenly be openingly mean, however if you offer a genuine friendship she will become a quiet, caring individual who is displaced by her height. Mair has a heightened sense of awareness and stealth, for she is often treading through monster infested caves and searching for precious minerals deep in the earth. Being an adventurer she is knowledgeable of the world and different customs of places.
    Character’s Back Story:
    Mair grew up a fairly normal and dull life. Born and raised on a farm, Mair was home schooled, and barely ever traveled into the town. She would spend her free time reading books, tending pigs, and sleeping. When she was seven-teen, she already was well aware that she would never look like an adult. She all of the sudden got the idea to up and leave, go explore places, try and find a different way to live. Mair left before her parents knew it, and has been on the road ever since. Traveling from place to place, offering up excavation services and heading mining parties. She hasn't visited her parents since she left, and probably never will.

    While on her travels, Mair came into possesssion of a strange house originally built by one of her distant relatives. He had previously died, and had sent a letter to Mair. Enclosed in the letter was his final Will, in which Mair would gain the distant beach-house and the surrounding area.
    Preferred Occupation:
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