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    You are in the Java Edition section, you play Bedrock edition.

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    So resources online are outdated by several years or non existent.

    But I downloaded a view texture packs and noticed not all of them had a 3d feel with SEUS shaders, so I started browsing the folders and thought the overall process of making textures and normal maps and such isn't hard, ive been a hobby graphic designer since 2006...
    But one thing I need help with is naming structure.
    The mods I looked at were disorganized, like example would be Dirt_Block_Snow.png and the I assume associated file name with the normal map was Dirt_Block_Snowed_n.png. Is this distinction a big deal?

    also saw things like Stained_Glass_Blue.png with the supposed associated file being named Stained_Glass_Blue_n.png or something of the sort...
    This led to a lot of confusion, both in what textures I should try to normal map, and again, what is the naming convention for SEUS or other shaders to recognize?
    I would assume it would be easier to just have the texture_blah_blop.png followed by texture_blah_blop_n.png

    Also, I am less familiar with Specular maps, and need more information on them.

    Thanks guys.

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