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    Age: 16

    Time Zone: US Eastern

    Skype: doctor.octavius

    Reason for Joining: Seems pretty neat. I was recommended by a friend and I think it would be pretty cool.

    Examples of your work: I've made many battle arenas ranging from LOTR to cities. I am also Legolas with a bow :D.

    How often does the server restart?: Every eight hours.

    About you: Just your average cynical wisecrackin' asshole who's an expert at Minecraft, a Pokémon master, and one who knows his way around the internets.

    Favorite Block: Birch wood. Sexiest block, obviously.
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    This mod i just got adds tons of epic godzilla giant monsters, its pretty cool. Heres a showcase and theres a download link in the description of this showcase if you wanna get it yourself

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