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    Minecraft Username: Jackiemoose[/b]
    Discord Username & #: 𝕵aɔk̷̔̚#2887[/b]
    What you like to do in Minecraft: PvP & Resource gathering[/b]
    What days you will play: Pretty much every day (Corona D:)[/b]

    Your plans on the realm (project wise): Get a simple iron farm & villager breeder up the first few days get a beacon & mine a lot (Then make a shop like Xisuma's stone shop)[/b]

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    Ign : jackiemoose
    Age : 13 (Ik im young but i "can" be mature
    How long have i been playing minecraft : For about 7 years now
    Why do i wanna join? : Looking for a good community based Realm
    What is my main goal : Work w/ other people and build farms i haven't built before (Also i wanna no life for like 30hrs and make a giant farm)
    Hobbies : I like hiking & exploring
    Do you know/watch hermitcraft : Yeah! i watch MumboJumbo Iskall & Xisuma

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