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    posted a message on Really Strange World Gen [1.15.2]

    This comment was very insightful, thank you for the information. I've never seen this before so I was really confused.

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    posted a message on Really Strange World Gen [1.15.2]

    Some background:

    I was testing out a port I made of Resource Overhaul (my mod) to 1.15.2. Though it does technically effect World Generation, it only adds new ores in that respect and should not be what is causing the strange world generation pictured. To confirm this, I recreated several worlds, including the exact seed, with the mod and loaded many chunks without this happening.

    What happened:

    I loaded into a world and well... let the picture speak for itself.

    Again I am fairly certain it is not my mod causing this.

    I recreated the same seed (same location) and it looks like this:

    Has anyone else had this happen to them?

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    posted a message on Error with EventBus.register(EventBus.java:72)

    Fixed it, I'm an idiot. Needed to use an event parameter and not what I put in there.

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    posted a message on Error with EventBus.register(EventBus.java:72)

    Game Version: 1.9.4

    Whenever I try to launch my mod (In testing environment) with this event, the game crashes.

    @SubscribeEvent(priority = EventPriority.NORMAL, receiveCanceled = true)
    			public void onArmorTickUpdate(World world, EntityPlayer player, ItemStack stack)
    				ItemStack boots = player.inventory.armorInventory[0];
    				ItemStack pants = player.inventory.armorInventory[1];
    				ItemStack chest = player.inventory.armorInventory[2];
    				ItemStack head =  player.inventory.armorInventory[3];
    				int armorPeice=0;
    				if(player.getArmorInventoryList() != null)
    					if(boots==new ItemStack(ModItems.netherstar_boots))
    						if(pants== new ItemStack(ModItems.netherstar_leggings))
    							if(chest==new ItemStack(ModItems.netherstar_chestplate))
    								if(head==new ItemStack(ModItems.netherstar_helmet))
    									player.fallDistance = 0;

    I am attempting to make the game negate fall damage when wearing all of a certain set of armor.

    In Stacktrace it reports the start of the problem with

    at net.minecraftforge.fml.common.eventhandler.EventBus.register(EventBus.java:72)

    I am unsure what I did wrong and any help is much appreciated.

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    posted a message on Good websites to upload your Minecraft Mod?

    I already know about PlanetMinecraft, Curseforge, and here... is there any other site that'd be worth a look?

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    posted a message on Resource Overhaul Mod

    >Download: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/resource-overhaul/files

    MC version: 1.8

    Mod Version: BETA 0.3

    Resource Overhaul is a mod which adds new resources, ores, tools, weapons, and armor to the game of Minecraft.

    Currently Added to the game:

    ✔️Ruby Armor

    ✔️ Ruby Tools

    ✔️ Ruby Ore

    ✔️ Ruby

    ✔️ Ruby Block

    ✔️ Emerald Armor

    ✔️ Emerald Tools

    ✔️ Iron Pyrite "Fool's Gold" Armor

    ✔️ Iron Pyrite "Fool's Gold" Tools

    ✔️ Dirt Armor - extremely weak

    ✔️ Dirt Tools - extremely weak

    ✔️ Emerald Nugget

    ✔️ Ruby Nugget

    ✔️ Dirt Dust

    ✔️ Small Rock

    ✔️ Stone Armor - stronger than leather but weaker than iron

    ✔️ Chain Armor Crafting Recipes

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    posted a message on Will you save your son?

    sorry the commands were jacked up and it was too short but other than that it was ok

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