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    Quote from collguy555

    Most plugins work

    Key word MOST, as in allot but not all. This inspires about as much confidence as "probably" "maybe" and "might be".
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    Quote from collguy555

    MCbans is great! Why do you say not to go onto mcbans servers? Why not have a 0 rep if you act like that?

    We who dislike mcbans feel that most admins that use mcbans abuse the system far to much, and We thus feel the only way to avoid having negative rep from biased server admins banning for petty and unfounded reasons is to avoid mcbans servers whenever possible.

    To top it off We don't want to be held accountable by a reputation system thats moderated by people with worse REAL WORLD reps then 99% of the people listed on mcbans. I honestly trust the US government with my reputation more then mcbans.

    Us "acting" like that shows that we can spot a potentially ill managed server before we even login. A good skill to have considering how often servers are hacked these days because of irresponsible server admins leaving server security in the hands of dodgy plugins.
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    Quote from Elerz

    I tried your idea, jack324. I found that the faulty plugin is Multiverse. I've tried updating it, and didn't work. I NEED that plugin, so what can I do?

    You could try using the latest devbuild. Follow this link to multiverse-core's Jenkins dev site, and under "Last Successful Artifacts" find "Multiverse-Core-2.5.jar" and download it.:


    Before you use this devbuild version, be sure to remove the old version's multiverse-core folder, since the new one will need to creat its own.

    hope this helps!
    Quote from Skies16

    Try getting the Multiverse Dev Build Here: http://ci.onarandomb...ultiverse-Core/

    lol I didnt even see you posted that.
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    I find it interesting that people would place the security of their servers in the hands of complete strangers. I work in the security department for a major corporation and we would never just accept a security system based on description and promises from the developers.

    Security is the responsibility of the server owner and their staff, and to place the security of the server in the hands of outsiders just proves how irresponsible the owner/staff really are. I personally have avoided using mcbans on all the servers i have run in the past, since I immediately saw the potential for false accusations to be come rampant.

    Anyone that posts : "don't do anything wrong and you wont get banned." clearly does not see the inherent problems of using a system designed to make players behave when the very same system was designed and is moderated by people that have proven to be completely untrustworthy and prone to misbehaving themselves.

    I for one will not use mcbans. while I cant force anyone else, I would still urge other admins to abandon this broken and flawed system and to implement good security policies of their own.

    There is a reason why blacklists are illegal in any non private use. Its because they function only on the the unbiased good behavior of the people that regulate them, who are human, and thus are always biased in some way. History has proven time and time again that blacklists will ultimately always fail.
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    Quote from ItsVegar

    Your spec are mostly likely better than his.

    Well yes, but that wasn't the point. You said: "Your console is always going to lag on a home hosted server.", as though its a fact for all home hosted servers. And then to concede that my specs are probably better and thus don't lag, contradicts your own statement.

    Either way its not important, so long as Elerz's issue gets resolved.
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    Quote from ItsVegar

    Your console is always going to lag on a home hosted server.

    I beg to differ. I have run a number of servers from my home pc on many different hardware configurations and the only time I have experienced lag is when a single plugin (most often world edit) is trying to process a large task. I run a server for personal use on a daily basis and it never lags of its own accord. If your home based server is always lagging, then maybe you should look at the machine your running it on rather then assuming that every home based server lags. Bear in mind that most paid for servers run on slower hardware then most personal computers made in the last 3 years. One of the best companies around, DaddyCheese, only uses 2.4ghz xeons and they rarely have lag issues.

    Anything less then a dual core @ 2.0ghz with 2gb of ram isn't worth hosting a server on.

    Full disclosure: The current machine I use to run my personal server has 8 cores @ 4.0ghz with 32GB of ram. However I have run my server (with all the same settings/plugins) on a 1.8ghz dual core machine with only 2gb of ram and felt no appreciable lag.

    Quote from Elerz

    When I type a command into my Bukkit server console it takes awhile to actually DO anything. Also, people cannot connect to my server. WHAT IS WRONG AND HOW CAN I FIX IT?!?!?!

    Elerz, the best way to trouble shoot bad response time from the console is to disable all your plugins and turn them on one by one, starting with the most important and ending in the least important. as you turn each one back on, check and see if the lag has returned, and when it does you will know if it was the last plugin you turned on. once you find a troublesome plugin, dissable it and keep going, just in case you find another problem plugin.

    Once you have determined it was a specific plugin, see if there is an update available, or contact its developer to see if he/she has a solution.

    If The lag is present with all plugins disabled, then you should review your server settings file, and the amount of ram you allocated for the server to use. You may also want to check for an update for Craftbukkit.

    The Ram allocation can be edited like so:

    Open your startup *.bat file in notepad and find this line:

    java -Xmx####M -Xms####M -jar (crafbukkit.VER#).jar

    Change the value after both Xmx and Xms to a higher number. DO NOT EXCEED THE AMOUNT OF RAM THE MACHINE ACTUALLY HAS. For your machine I would not go over 4gb of ram, since Windows needs some ram and you will probably be using the same machine to play minecraft on your server.

    These two settings correspond to the max and min amount of ram that the server can use. setting the min to less then the max will allow the server to dynamically change the amount within the min and max range when needed. However, this can cause more lag on an already lagging system, due to the extra cpu cycles needed to change the setting in real time.

    If you are unsure how your machine will respond to the server constantly changing the allocated ram, set both numbers to the same value, and save the *.bat file. This way the server will never try to change the ram size, and wont have the potential to cause extra lag.

    Common values used:
    1GB: 1024
    1.5gb: 1536
    2Gb: 2048
    3gb: 3072
    4gb: 4096
    6gb: 6144
    8gb: 8192

    I hope this helps!
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    lol... this is definitely a strange one. And unique. the only think that i could think of is a damaged/incomplete texture pack.

    Either way, its pretty funny to look at.
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    Quote from HalfCastaRod

    Guys all my light sources have these black smudges after i force update my minecraft, please help

    I think I know what the problem is... and its probably not something you can fix by deleting jar files. In 1.5.1 they made some changes to the way the lighting engine works and whenever they make changes to the graphics code, they run the risk of creating incompatibility bugs.

    There are few solutions you might try.

    1: Update your java install, if you haven't already.

    2: If your running java 6, install java 7. You can check what version you have installed by following this link to the java websites version checker: http://www.java.com/...ad/testjava.jsp (Your browser may ask you for permission to run the java embedded on this page, and java itself probably will too. Go ahead and allow it to run since this is the actual java website and all it will do is tell you what version you are running and whether there is an update available.)

    3: If updating or installing java 7 fails to resolve the issue, see if your graphics card manufacturer has an update available for your chipset. these are the links to nvidia's driver page and amd's driver page:
    Nvidia: http://www.nvidia.co...aspx?lang=en-us
    AMD: http://support.amd.c...ages/index.aspx

    If you are unsure what AMD chipset you have, use there auto detect tool available here

    if you are unsure which nvidia chipset you have go to nvidia's auto detect page and allow the java on the page to run:

    Hope this helps and good luck!

    OH... and on the off chance your running on intel graphics, here is their driver update page as well:
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    My current rig:

    OS: Windows 7 x64 sp1
    CPU: AMD FX 8350 Vishera 8 core @ 4.0Ghz (4.2 turbo) am3+
    Cooling: Corsair H100 closed loop liquid cooling with high flow 120mm fans.
    M.Board: ASUS SABERTOOTH 990FX R2.0 AM3+
    GPU: 2x ASUS Radeon HD 6870 1gb gddr5
    Ram: G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series 32GB (4 x 8GB) DDR3 1866mhz
    HDD: WD 2tb for games and Windows, WD 500Gb for project storage.
    PSU: 750w generic psu.
    Case: MYOPENPC Transparent Acrylic Open Test Bench Case (for awesome air flow.)
    Monitor: 1: ASUS VG236 1920x1080 @120hz, 2: Planar PX2230MW (touchscreen) 1920x1080 @60hz

    Its overkill for gaming but I use it for video/photo editing and 3d modeling so the extra muscle/memory comes in handy. Runs skyrim at 120fps on ultra settings, so I have no reason to upgrade for a while.
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    Wow. This is what makes people want to visit these forums. Great job being welcoming and accepting of people.

    If you don't like the thread why did you even bother coming in here and posting at all. Why don't you just leave it be and go participate in a thread that you are interested in instead of bashing mine. What harm does it cause for somebody to have a separate thread because they feel that what their interested in is diferent then what everybody else has been talking about.

    Yes I am sure lots of gaming rigs have ended up on that thread. However I started this thread to talk about "custom gaming rigs", IE rigs built by hand specifically for gaming and not in a factory.

    But since you have filled most of the first page with negativity and intolerance, i'm sure nobody will want to post here any way. So you win, congratulations on ruining something that didn't cost or hurt anybody.

    Any admins/mods out there feel free to lock or delete this thread, since these fine people feel I don't have any reason or right to post my own thread.
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    Quote from pumpkin_pie13

    Having multiple threads of the same topic is redundant.

    That thread is about any pc, and myne is about a specific class of pc.

    And thus not redundant.
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    Quote from teckmaster


    you use that thread. there is also a thread just for pics. mod plz lock

    Well, that's a little rude.

    Forgive me if I saw that thread's title and assumed it was something else entirely. Automatically suggesting my thread be locked is also a bit excessive. I didn't know that there could only be ONE thread about peoples rigs.

    AND, that threads topic is not the same as mine. My thread is specifically about custom gaming rigs, not any pc like your suggested thread is looking for.

    Go troll else were.
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    I searched around for a bit, and didn't come across any threads devoted to showcasing custom gaming rigs, so i figured i would start one. I love seeing what other people have cobbled together, and hearing why they built it that way.

    Also... if you feel the need to "comment" on another persons rig, keep it positive and constructive.

    Naturally, I will go first:

    OS: Windows 7 x64 sp1
    CPU: AMD FX 8350 Vishera 8 core @ 4.0Ghz (4.2 turbo) am3+
    Cooling: Corsair H100 closed loop liquid cooling with high flow 120mm fans.
    M.Board: ASUS SABERTOOTH 990FX R2.0 AM3+
    GPU: 2x ASUS Radeon HD 6870 1gb gddr5
    Ram: G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series 32GB (4 x 8GB) DDR3 1866mhz
    HDD: WD 2tb for games and Windows, WD 500Gb for project storage.
    PSU: 750w generic psu.
    Case: MYOPENPC Transparent Acrylic Open Test Bench Case (for awesome air flow.)
    Monitor: 1: ASUS VG236 1920x1080 @120hz, 2: Planar PX2230MW (touchscreen) 1920x1080 @60

    This rig was designed to do more than just gaming, and as such has some specs that are a little overkill for gaming. I also went with the older Gpus because I already had one of these in an older setup and the 6870 was one of the best chips in the "6000" series. I couldn't see buying a single 7970 when I could double up on my current card and have better performance than a single 7970. In the future, once prices drop, I intend to crossfire something in the high end of the 7000 series. Performance wise I get a stable 120fps in Skyrim with the graphics set to ultra.

    I went with 32gb of ram because I run a number of memory heavy video/picture editing programs and when your working with 32bit tiff images at 10,000x10,000 or higher sizes, you really start filling up your ram. I also use the excess ram as a "ram disk" for mounting install directory's for games. With the rams 6+gb/s transfer speeds load times cease to exist.

    This one is from right after I built it. (The liquid cooling and half the ram hadn't been delivered yet.):

    This is how it is currently set up. Up on that shelf it looks unorganized but it is so much easier to access the ports. (Note that the water cooling is now installed above the psu):

    Cant wait to see what others have built!
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    Ok, I don't normally get involved in arguments but I feel that some "issues" need to be set straight.

    First off... the cost of the dev kit is set at $2595.78 (1,900 euro). This puts the dev kit within the reach of anyone from high school students to bill gates. source: http://www.develop-online.net/news/38459/PlayStation-Vita-dev-kit-priced. HOWEVER: sony later decided to make the SDK FREE to anyone that wanted to develop their own games, and would only need to pay a yearly $99 fee to publish the games on PSN. So, *assuming* the SDK has an emulator for testing new code (it would run like crap regardless of the computer, but would allow for testing for functionality and bugs), any person can develop for the vita without buying the dev kit equipment.

    Second, the technical specs are thus:
    • CPU: ARM Cortex-A9 MPCore with an adjustable clock, 800-2000Mhz based on CPU load and/or the developers choice to pick a set speed. **Rumor has it that sony has capped it at 1-1.2ghz, but has not disabled the ability of the cpu to be clocked to 2.0ghz in the future, and since sony has shown in the past a willingness to allow the max speed in gaming devices (psp: 266mhz -> 333mhz after update), there is no reason to rule out the max speed being allowed in future updates/future models.**
    • GPU: SGX543MP4+ (four cores) @400 MHz (the newest ipad uses the SGX554MP4 (four cores) @300 MHz. so thus is NOT equal in shear performance.)
    • RAM: 512MB DDR (two 256MB Samsung K4P2G324EC Mobile DDR chips built into the same die as the CPU)
    • VRAM: 128MB (Vram is just specialized DRAM with two sets of access pins, instead of one set, so that it can be used in video applications).
    All that took about 3 minutes in google to find. You guys really need to learn to qualify your arguments, a quick internet search and providing a link to the source is usually more then enough.

    Now with all that on the table... to the topic.

    I believe the odds of minecraft making its way to the vita to be quite small. The biggest factor is the vita sales. 2.2 million is not high at all. If we we're talking cars, then this would be a great number, but in the world of gaming its embarrassingly low. sony would have to ask mojang to do it, as there would be no valid reason for mojang to want it on their own.

    Another factor is the supposed contract with Microsoft. While I could not find any reliable source to verify the contents of this mystery document, I do believe, based on Microsoft's usual business practices, that there could be an exclusivity clause. Why mojang would agree to such a thing is beyond me, as it would be a very poor business move (same reason why mojang refused to migrate minecraft to steam for the pc version).

    Bottom line: sony would need to convince mojang that it would be profitable, and the contract with microsoft would have to end, or allow mojang to develop for other consoles anyway.

    And thats all I really have to say on the issue.
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    posted a message on Myth Islands Wants you! SURVIVAL, ECONOMY, AND NO B.S. RULES or ADMINS.

    Welcome to Myth Islands!
    Myth islands... an Island paradise Hand made for survival and exploration. Featuring realistic custom terrain that closely matches the way land forms in real life, providing awesome opportunities for super realistic building OR amazing fantasy structures. The map features all the biomes, from desert to taiga, and a few that don't exist normally (like snow capped mountains).

    The Owners NO B.S. Policy:
    This server has rules, but above all the rules is the owners NO B.S. policy. I, jack324, believe that users need to be given a good amount of freedom to build amazing things. My NO B.S. policy means that the rules will be simple and easy to understand while not being unreasonably restrictive. It also means I hold my admins to a much higher standard then most other servers might. They must follow more rules then the player does. But be warned, this policy also means that we wont put up with a certain amount of ignorance in general, or immaturity from our players. Play fair, don't ask obviously dumb questions (can i be op?), and be respectful of other players and the NO BS policy will help you out. Players that act like an idiot OR a **** will find that the no bs policy is specifically targeting them. More info in the rules spoiler.

    Key features:
    • Simple rules for easy game play.
    • Beautiful terrain.
    • Greif protection Via RedProtect
    • Block logging (up to seven days back) and the ability to reverse greifing.
    • A rank system that doesn't require donations.
    • Economy using iron, gold, diamond, and emeralds as currency
    • Basic item shops to prepare you for your explorations.
    • A quick travel system that admins expand as players form communities in the world.
    • A normal survival map for purists, or for mining out side the main map.
    • A jail.
    • A plot system for building directly at spawn.
    • The ability to protect your own plots/buildings (after you achieve a certain rank).
    • An automated test for getting building perms that requires no admin.
    • Realtime map that provides a wealth of information about the land and places of interest around you. (map changes as the players interact with the terrain)


    Player rules:
    1. No griefing. Griefing is an instant ban!
    2. Swearing is allowed at all times, unless it is directed at another player.
    3. Keep a good respectful distance when building near other players buildings, 2 blocks minimum!
    4. No racism, No sexism, No gay bashing! 4a: Have respect for others religions.
    5. Show respect for all server staff. They are the ones that help keep the server running and in good order.
    6. So long as an Admin is working within the scope of the player rules and the admin rules, ANYTHING THAT HE OR SHE SAYS IS TO BE CONSIDERED LAW. You may of course ask for a second opinion from another Admin or from jack324.
    7. Theft is the fault of the chest owner. I jack324, feel this falls under the NO BS policy. If we catch them in the act that's fine, but if you have no proof of theft (ie proof of who did it via screen shot) then your ­ out of luck. Its your job to protect your chests.
    8. Pixel art is NOT ALLOWED, Except when the art is part of a building and isn't composed of flashy colors that clash with the building. NO pixel art may be free floating. IF the pixel art is fully contained inside a building and cant be readily seen from outside (windows are fine, glass buildings are not in this case.) then you may construct the pixel art however you like.
    9. Redstone must be in a state of standby when not in use. Weather it is done via a switch or a pressure plate, it must not be doing things while somebody is not directly interacting with it. IE: no free running clocks or pulsars, free running NOT gates, minecart pulse generators.
    10. Instant ban for server advertising.
    3 Strikes to ban on the following rules: 2, 3, 4a, 5, 6, 8, and 9. Instant ban on rules: 1, 4, and 10.

    Admin/mod rules (I post them publicly so you can call them out under the NO BS policy):
    1. Must show respect for well behaved players. This includes when a player has a stupid user name, or has created a truly awful building.
    2. Must help out with fair requests for help, or if they cannot they must point you in the right direction / pass it on to somebody that can help you.
    3. May not ever give away free items without a good cause. Good causes: griefe repairs, loss from a flaw or bug in the server, an item lost that someone has donated for. Only jack324 may bend this rule when he sees fit.
    4. May not give or do things for a player that requires a rank they have yet to achieve.
    5. May not ban players for personal reasons, or for saying something that offends them, but does not other wise violate a rule.
    6. Admins and mods MUST ban any player violating rules 1 and 4 (4a gets three strikes.).
    7. Ban appeals are only handled by jack324.
    If an admin or a mod violates these rules you may report them directly to me, via email, at:
    [email protected]
    Reports of admin rule violation will remain between me and you, and if the report is valid, you will be rewarded with in game cash.

    Server info:

    Our website: www.mythisland.com
    whitelist: NO.

    jack324 (owner)
    Arkansasgamer (admin)

    We are looking for good server admins and mods!
    If you are interested contact me at:
    [email protected]

    To apply as admin provide the the following info:
    State that your applying for admin in the subject line:

    Your IGN.
    Provide relevant info as to your server admin skills.

    To apply for Mod, provide the following info:
    State that you are applying for mod in the subject line.

    Your IGN.
    Provide info regarding your experience as a mod.
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