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    Hello! I'm making a hunter x hunter mod for Minecraft 1.12.2, along with a few others, and we plan to fully flesh out the world of HxH in Minecraft to enhance basic survival as well as playing with your friends with Nen and unique skills. The mod is currently still in heavy development and we want to work on other aspects of the mod to make it a more enjoyable experience playing it and not simply be a Nen simulator. Please follow our progress, report bugs, and communicate what you want in the mod so we can do our best! Below are links to our curse where you can download our latest versions to test out as well as our discord to stay informed on all our updates and plans.




    We are also In need of textures/structures so if you're interested please contact me in the discord server.

    Most Recent Changelog


    Items and entities were untouched for the most part aside from some trivial bugfixes I can't remember.
    Nen is finally in this mod in a sort of alpha state, it's not really what you'd expect of nen, no there is no hatsu none of the "fun" stuff is really in but what is in is the 4 abilities. Ko,Ren,Ten,Zetsu.
    Ko: ko is just a passive ability that makes you punch harder
    Ren: a passive ability that shrowds you in aura and gives you armor and attack.
    Ten: a passive ability that shrowds you in aura and gives you armor.
    Zetsu: a passive ability that doesn't fulfill its purpose in the original show which is to hide presence
    but that wont really be useful until theres some sort of ability to sense presence, what it does do however is make your aura regen faster.

    Quests now have a new dialogue system so they no longer speak through vanilla chat system, the dialogue system happens on a gui so you can just outright leave the chat by pressing esc, or clicking on the screen to fastforward the current line.

    Commands: I made a generic /hntrx command that will be used for every command of this mod similar to /forge, currently the only command you can use is a debug command which is /hntrx ability give <user> <abilityname> which gives you the ability, you will be able to see the ability but anyone who isnt a nen user cant see it. and you wont be able to see others abilities.
    in order to become a nen user you must get all the abilities survival style, by becoming a hunter.

    the Hunter gui which is accessed by pressing R will open the character creator if its your initial press, pick your aura color and click create.
    after that you can access the hunter gui which has almost the same stuff except one new tab. the "abilities" tab where if you have any abilities
    you can equip them by simply pressing on it and picking a number from 1 to 8 to signify which keybind you want to attach it to. after that if you want
    to use the ability just have your hand on the activate button and press the number your ability is attached to.


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