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    Planar Shift || Adult Owners || Discord || PVE || Skyblock || Official ArtMap

    ★ Hardmode ★ PVE ★ Skyblock ★ Vote Rewards ★
    ArtMap★ Decorative Heads ★ Furniture ★ Economy ★

    IP: PlanarShiftMC.com:25575

    Rules and Wiki: https://gitlab.com/BlockStack/planarshift/-/wikis/Home

    ------> Click here for Images <-------

    • Small, long-term, community
    • 16+ Recommended
    • All languages welcome!
    • Discord-linked
    • Magic! (telepads, teleport crystals, custom armour & more)
    • Building-focused (decorative heads, furniture, painting)
    • Community Events/Contests
    • Economy (QuickShop, Simple player stores)
    • AFK-Fishing allowed, Redstone allowed (within reason!)
    • Vanilla-ish Survival (telepads, tpa/sethome available)
    • Creative Plot world (Test your machines, or just have fun building!)
    • Tutorial world (Take a look at machines, greenhouses, and other useful stuff)
    • Diverse; open to friendly chats about current events, hobbies, memes, interests, and cultures.

    About PS: Skyblock ->

    Planar Shift is looking for people who want to focus on building, playing skyblock, and painting!

    We hope to develop a community of builders, painters, and creators, who also enjoy aspects of survival, skyworlds, and skyblock.

    This server is run by the developers of ArtMap.

    This is a dedicated server with a small community, of mature players.
    Streamers, with 18+ settings on their stream, are also welcome.

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