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    add the lingering potions, new arrows and more into battle. The elytra should b added but it should be damaged.

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    List of minigames you will never see on console:

    1. Build Battle

    2. Factions

    3. UHC

    4. skywars

    5. CTF

    6. Kitpvp

    7. potpvp

    8. Any other pvp games.

    9. Murder Mystery

    10. Bedwars

    11. Prison

    12. Every other existing minigame

    UHC can easily be on console. its so simple. all u have to do is program it to have every one spawn in a different area and act man standing wins. Skywars can also happen. Its programmed the same way as battle but your above the void and your in islands. also u need to make snowballs hurt players witch 4j can definitely do. also CTF can happen 4j just needs to program two teams and make it so one team is in the other base the team gets a point. and you said that pvp games will not be on console. Battle is pvp based.

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    but skywars is the greatest and most popular mini game on minecraft.

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