About Me

Welcome to ⚔️ Alterria Quest! ⚔️

We are ready to take MMORPG in Minecraft to the next level!

We're looking for Builders, Quest Writers, Developers and Game Designers.

The team and I are currently in the early development stages of a brand new MMORPG for Minecraft. We aim to learn and improve on past MMORPGs, whilst bringing fresh new features to the game! Whilst we do currently have a talented team of game designers, developers and quest writers, we are still looking for new staff to take this server to new heights! (non-paid opportunity)

Quick run down on the project: My ambition for this project is to turn Minecraft into an MMORPG, but also not take away Minecraft aspects of the game, such as building and collecting resources. This mmoRPG will include a custom storyline, featuring an array of quests. You will be able to select a race, and then a class; where each class has its own unique skill tree and abilities. This all takes place in our own fantasy world! On top of that, we will be implementing our own unique guild system, where you can create or join a guild, and as part of a guild, you can raid dungeons together, participate in guild wars, sieges, defense, build guild halls, claim territories and more! We have many more planned features to come, but this is just a quick intro to it.

This is definitely an ambitious project, and it will take a lot of work from developing an immersive story experience, to creating the framework for the mechanics and systems, to building the entire world. So with that, I am looking to add to the current team. If you are interested in a project like this, comment down below or DM me your discord username, preferred role, applicable past experience and maybe a portfolio of your work if you have one. Looking forward to recruiting you!