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    I have tried to contact the original creators of Flows HD x3 now with no response so....

    Here is a WIP of Flows HD 1.16, its x128 size and is hopefully following on with their look and feel.

    Its incomplete at the present - Still working on some of the blocks, but wanted to put something out there to see if Flows HD fans feel that i am going in the correct direction with this.


    Please feed back

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    Hay People,

    So i have messaged the Flow's HD guy's and had no response from them at all, so here goes....

    I have updated the Flows HD 1.14 pack, merged it with the 1.15 addon and fixed the problems with the banners and the chests making a 1.15 (and 1.16) compatible resource pack.

    It contains the updated textures for 1.15 but nothing for 1.16...yet, if there is no blowback from my releasing this update and the Flow's HD guy's dont have me taken out back and shot, I may look at continuing this great resource pack.

    Flow's HD guy's feel free to message me if you want me to take it down or are happy for me to continue the pack.

    The link for the pack (128 only currently):


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