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    Minecraft Username: iSmileForYou
    Gender (Male/Female):Male
    Country of Residence:California

    Your Character's Background (Roleplaying)(5 Sent. Min.): an exiled soldier from buckingham , when i became exiled i lost my way and started robbing innocent citizens :Skeleton:
    An Image of your Character (as you imagine them): im a bandit wearing a silver handkerchief!

    Why do you want to join OUR server? (2 Sent. Min.): i would love to join your server, saw youtube videos :]
    What can you bring to the community? (2 Sent. Min.): fun and shelter!

    Do you have a microphone (Yes/No):yes
    Will you be active on our Ventrillo (Yes/No): yes

    Have you read all the rules? Lieing will result in perm. denied. (Yes/No):Yes
    Have you read and understood the lore? Lieing will result in perm. denied. (Yes/No):No
    Do you understand the Game Mechanics / Currency system? (Yes/No): Yes

    Have you downloaded and installed our custom texturepack? (Yes/No): Yes
    Have you registered on our Official Forums? (Yes/No (If yes, what's your name on the forums?)):no

    Any other information you would like us to know about you: im a college student looking for some relaxation / fun for when im at home taking a break from work / homework :]

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    rawrawrwarawrwar me require builder
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    posted a message on Dreamcraft.org! [12GB][99.9% Uptime][50+][NOLAG][Huge map]
    id like to become a member to play on your awesome server :]

    IGN: iSmileForYou
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