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    posted a message on [1.5] [Vanilla] [5 slots open] The EnderChest Pure Vanilla [Whitelisted] [Small Community] [16+]
    Quote from Nidair

    The 3 of you have been denied access.

    I kind of live on the other side of the world so we probably will not even see each other. Will prod the yankees to notify them of your post :D

    Any kind of an idea if I'm rejected/accepted? I will understand if its a reject.
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    posted a message on [1.5] [Vanilla] [5 slots open] The EnderChest Pure Vanilla [Whitelisted] [Small Community] [16+]
    In Game Name (IGN): Bradfordjc
    Age: 23
    Skype: dont have one, sorry. Is it required?
    Tell us something interesting: An in real life diamond chestplate would cost around 7 million.
    Your favorite part of minecraft: Enchanting
    Location (at least your country): USA
    Timezone: (UTC-08:00) Pacific Time
    How often can you play: I can play 3-5 days a week, if more.
    Tell us about yourself (the more the better): My favorite color is red. :) Im mostly quiet, and I don't use profanity a lot, if at all. Sometimes I wonder about my country's view on the economy.
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    posted a message on [1.5.1] [24/7] [Bukkit] [Plugins] [Community] [Whitelist] ~Arcadian Alps~
    How old are you? 23
    IGN? Bradfordjc
    How long have you been playing Minecraft? 2 Years.
    Why would you like to join us? I would like to join this server because I'm into this new update, and I'm wanting to join a new server with a new taste.
    Have you ever been banned? yes.
    How many times have you been banned and why? (I have a way of checking so if you lie, you're done.) Twice, once for a crazy mod who banned all, and a second time when I was banned for missing a person punching an admin and shooting the admin.
    Do you promise to respect the rules and fellow players? I promise, I am not really a person to yell either :) .
    Tell me a bit about yourself: I'm quiet and I dont build large builds, only build essential buildings.
    How many servers would you say you have played on? I would have to have played on 30ish servers, having been a long-time player for about 6.
    How often do you play each week? I play from 3-5 days a week.
    Did you read the rules? Yes
    Edit:Oops. mustve deleted my Hello when pasting.
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    posted a message on 12
    IGN: bradfordjc
    Location: USA
    Age: 19
    List two rules: no pvp logging, no spamming.
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    posted a message on ✫Project Reality Reborn✫ [24/7] *WHITELISTED* ✔LandClaim✔Marriage✔Quests✔Shops✔Jobs✔McMMO✔Lottery✔CustomRanks✔Menus
    Age: 287

    Location: California, USA

    Do you have skype: no

    Whats your skype: [Empty]

    Do you have TeamSpeak3: Used to, broken now.

    Why should I Promote you to Member?: I would follow the rules, be nice, and help others.

    Extra Information or Comments: I hoard coal.
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    posted a message on (Xeno's) Reliquary v1.0.6d
    I just found out, the satchels are less reliable than the void tears because of how managing the designated item can be only sucked in if its already in the inventory. Over all, i dont really like them, personally, sorry! (the satchels anyways)
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    posted a message on (Xeno's) Reliquary v1.0.6d
    I like the satchels. I am already using BC to sort stuff, so i can put it into them!
    Edit: Oh my gosh, the animated eyes give me the chills. Nice!
    Edit 2: Do the teleports work inter-dimenstional?
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    posted a message on (Xeno's) Reliquary v1.0.6d
    Quote from x3n0ph0b3

    So a specific item just for upgrades? I know I have oodles of item ids to burn in a theoretical situation but I still feel like 3 empty tears are decent for upgrade purposes. Since a tear is, conceptually, capable of holding as much as 35 stacks of items (stupidly unlikely but still possible, 34 is more reasonable) placing the constraint that the item itself is worth "a stack" of something:

    One tear to one bag creates an item capable of holding only a single stack of "x". In other words, creating a "tier 1" bag is pointless. If not upgraded, there is literally no advantage to creating a bag in the first place. Is that OP?

    Well, you will either need to buff the bag or nerf the empty tears, or just change the recipe. Also, like i recently said, make bags expensive, so using empty tears will be useful.
    On a personal note, im lacking tin in IC2 a lot, is there any chance you could fix that :D ?

    TIL: You dont need a wrench to get a basic generator or a batbox back when you break it with a pick, and if you press Ctrl when deleting a word, it deletes the WHOLE word.
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    posted a message on (Xeno's) Reliquary v1.0.6d
    Quote from x3n0ph0b3

    Thanks FF, no, the current version is terribad. I'm still working on stuff. And whoever explained the concept on the void tears explained it right.

    Tears: inventory x has y quantity of item z

    Tear now holds y of item z and is SEALED. It cannot be added to.

    Satchels, created using a sealed tear (excess contents are spewed if you exceed the initial one stack limit) can only hold a single stack to start with, and are upgraded using further tears.

    The recipe for a tear is:
    ghast tear x 2 + eye of ender x 2.

    It takes 3 to upgrade a satchel/bag.
    So.. 6 ghast tears and 6 eyes of ender increases stack max by 3.

    Is it overkill? Maybe. Like I said, portable barrels. :P

    I'll implement it, toy around with it and see if it's broken. People might or might not like it. It's whatever. I'm not attaching my expectations on stuff I make. If people like it, or don't, that's fine. As long as I have fun making it, I can dig it. It's just icing when it turns out really well.

    Yes, but it's not in the current version and I suck at life. Sorry. D:

    #*$! adfly, I'm getting rid of it. I'm giving you guys direct links. Adfly is lame and there's no point in me using it. I'll change the links over on my next update, which I'm hoping will be soon.

    I explained what to do with them :D
    Also, one tear to one bag might be OP. What if it requires 2 chests, 1 tear, and 6 leather? Also, there should be another item in the Tear recipe. Maybe 1 spider eye in the middle? Just to add some more 'evilness'.
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    posted a message on (Xeno's) Reliquary v1.0.6d
    Quote from raa1337

    It can only hold an 'unlimited' number of stacks that you can hold, while the Satchel would be able to continually be upgraded to hold more then just (Inventory Space - 1(Space for Tear)). (Or, that's what I understood. Please correct me if I'm wrong on the design.)

    Would love the satchel/tears, for sure.

    On the gun... What about 'enchanting' a 'Clip' through some upgrade process, and it can give things like Looting 3, but only for those 8 shots?

    Thing is, after a bullet is shot, it's enchanted item form doesnt carry over into the projectile.
    Adfly is fixed!
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    posted a message on (Xeno's) Reliquary v1.0.6d
    Quote from x3n0ph0b3

    mkay, so here's my revamp of the design of the lidless eye.

    3 new items-
    Empty Void Tear - Stacks up to 64. Shapeless crafting: two eyes of ender and two ghast tears = 1 Void Tear
    Void Tear - Holds a single item type of an indefinite quantity. Doesn't stack.
    Void Satchel - Does more work.

    Empty Void Tear:
    Right click - Looks at the player's inventory and sucks up whatever item the player had the most of, becomes a "filled" void tear and no longer stacks.
    Right click inventory - does the same thing, but to a chest.

    Void Tear:
    Right Click - dumps its contents to your inventory, if you have space (stops when you run out). If you continue clicking when you're out of space, it will start dumping its contents onto the ground a stack at a time.
    Right Click the ground - dumps its contents onto the ground, a stack at a time.
    Right Click inventory - dumps its contents to that inventory, as much as it can.

    Void Satchel:
    Crafted using a void tear (not an empty one), this satchel is then permanently "keyed" to whatever that void tear was holding. At first, it can only hold a single stack of items (not so useful), but it can be upgraded using empty void tears (3 empty void tears increases the capacity by 3 stacks each time, there is no limit to upgrades). The Void Satchel will automatically suck up its key item type unless you tell it not to.

    Right click - tells it not to. (Toggles on/off)
    Right clicking the ground - tells it not to, explicitly, and spits out a single stack of whatever
    Right clicking an inventory - dumps as much as it can into that inventory.
    Shift right clicking an inventory - steals as much of its keyed item from that inventory as it can hold.

    I think increasing the crafting cost from a ghast tear to two + two eyes of ender is beneficial. I also think making it so that a void tear can only hold a single type of item should facilitate more creative balance.

    Also, the void satchel just sounds useful to me and begs me to create it. Thoughts?

    I like the idea of an upgraded gun... I wish I knew more about custom enchants. :o

    Well, with this, it would be like a dedicated double chest if enough void tears were used on a void satchel. This would make storage VERY easy. Just make some satchels, throw them into a double chest, and use it whenever you have some items. Pair this with a seperate chest mod, such as diamond chests, and you will only need about one chest for all of vanilla minecraft, besides other mods.
    Adfly isn't working.
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    posted a message on (Xeno's) Reliquary v1.0.6d
    X3n0, we need more uses for the gun :D . What if, a faster firing speed upgrade? Or an upgrade for efficiency of bullets, which gives a chance for a bullet to not be used? (5%)

    EDIT: adfly, get your stuff together.
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    posted a message on NoramalVille [No Griefing] [Big Map] [Vanilla Server]
    whats your extenstion number? (:25505, :25905, ect)or did you not port foward.
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