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    posted a message on Survival Island (with one tree) Seed

    Try this seed exactly as typed, its got lots of mushroom biomes though but you spawn on a grassland island with the only tree: The Gods Must Be Crazy

    I'll have to try it. I wonder who found it? A fan of old movies? :)

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    posted a message on Looking for serious minecrafters for my survival clan called the Survivors[hard survival][will be on youtube]
    GT: inkjetlabel

    BTW, what the heck is an "obsidian killer?" :blink:
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    posted a message on Best Minecraft Xbox 360 TU22 Seed with Coordinates and Pictures
    Thank you so much for this seed! I found 8 diamonds at:

    X: 157
    Y: 10
    Z: 191

    Not that far from spawn. I'm pretty sure this one has not been posted yet, apologies if it has.

    Just started playing this one today, and was doing a little branch mining before setting up a farm, etc. Stumbled across this on my way down to bedrock.
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    How do you "beat Minecraft itself?" :unsure:
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    posted a message on Peaceful Mobs in Small Corrals Despawning?
    Not sure what I'm doing wrong here, but over the last two days I've noticed my pigs, sheep and cows are all slowly despawning. (Haven't noticed a problem with chickens, at least not yet.)

    I'm trying to separately keep six or seven of each animal type in three small paddocks. The pigs and cows are each in a corral with a walkable area of 7 blocks x 11 blocks, the sheep in a 7 block by 9 block one. The sheep one is smaller, since I've put up double fencing to prevent wolves from getting at them.

    Last night I noticed I was down to four pigs, when I could have sworn I had at least six. Bred up two more, went on my way. Checked in after doing some mining this AM and noticed I was down to five pigs. Similar situation with the sheep and cows.

    Can confirm there were no creeper explosions, also that I wasn't some place wolves might spawn inside a corral, since I've made my base in a swamp biome. Can't confirm w/100% accuracy that no wolves somehow got at the sheep, but I'm pretty sure none did. I've yet to see any wolves anywhere near my base.

    Not the end of the world, but I'm curious if I've somehow misunderstood the 20 block to despawn rule as it relates to peaceful mobs.

    FWIW, I'm playing in Survival, on Hard mode.

    Thanks in advance for any advice.
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    posted a message on RARE DROPS FOR XBOX360
    Quote from BloodyPhoenix

    • Iron Ingot
    • Iron Sword (can be enchanted)
    • Iron Shovel
    • Iron Helmet
    • Bow (can be enchanted)
    Zombie Pigman:
    • Gold Ingot
    • Golden Sword (can be enchanted)
    • Golden Helmet

    Interesting! And thanks.

    I've yet to see an enchanted iron sword dropped by a Zombie. Will have to keep my eye out for that one. Can personally confirm the rest. (Regular Iron Sword, Iron Helmet, Iron Ingot, and Iron Shovel.)

    And while I've seen bows from skeletons, the only enchanted ones I've come across have all been Power I. Anything better? Won't hold my breath for a Punch II/Power IV/Infinity bow, but one can hope. :P (If that combination is even possible?)

    And I'm too much of a wimp to mess w/Zombie Pigmen...at least until I work through trying to kill the Enderdragon on Hard Mode w/out dying. Or more likely fail at it. Whichever comes first.
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    posted a message on CreeperOnTheLOOSE's Survival islands
    Have you taken a peek at TU11 seed zzz before? (Three letter "z"'s all lower case, no spaces.) There are seven or eight very small islands, but I think all but three are actually mushroom biomes, and at least one is a plains biome, or at any rate is all grass with no trees.

    From what I saw, there's no cactus, no birch trees. three spruce and four or five oak trees. Plus a small stand of sugar cane. Curiously, I also saw no mobs of any kind, either peaceful or hostile. I guess this has something to do with most of the available surface being in Mushroom biomes, or maybe I just didn't see them? Not sure.

    Being just about a complete n00b, I actually randomly typed this into the world generator to use as a Survival world. I spent about fifteen to twenty minutes bobbing aimlessly around in water until I either drowned or starved to death, I forget which. Welcome to Minecraft, I guess. :steve_eyeroll:

    Never found trees until I went back in on Creative, sorry I don't know how to do spoiler tags, but if this is one someone wants to try, here's the coordinates to look at, or ignore....


    All the oak trees are down by X: 390, Y 64, Z: 387, and the three spruce were at X: 393 Y: 64, Z: -52, also at the edge of the map.

    Didn't record the spawn in points, but I think on both Creative and Survival you entered the world close to the middle, either in or in the water near a mushroom biome in the middle of the map.
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    posted a message on Beds & Mob Spawning?
    I started a new Survival world a day or two ago, and was able to craft a bed during the first day.

    Went to sleep I guess as soon as you could, woke up and kept on doing the usual first few days stuff.

    Lather, rinse, repeat...and nine or ten MCPE days into this world I've yet to see a single spider. Or creeper on the surface, though I did manage to spawn hostile mobs by intentionally creating a dark tunnel (skeletons, zombies and creepers all showed up inside it.)

    My question: Could I keep doing this forever, assuming I remember to sleep before full dark? (Or whenever it is that hostile mobs will spawn on the surface.)

    tia, IJL


    Note: I *know* I'm not playing on peaceful, since I can get hostile mobs underground, and my health doesn't regenerate when I fall, but I'm also running around the whole seed without seeing a single hostile on the surface. (And, yeah, I also checked the settings. :P )

    Note: I did look at the Wiki but I didn't see anything that specifically addressed this issue inside MCPE. Not sure if it matters, but I'm using the Android version of Alpha 0.7.1 on a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1" tablet. Device is NOT rooted and I believe it is running some version of ICS.

    Note: I checked and this bed/sleep/preventing surface mob spawning business doesn't seem to apply to XBox. Not sure if that's b/c there's caverns and spawners, or if the two versions are inherently different that way. I don't play on the PC.
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