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    Royal Asylum

    IP: royalasylum.mcraft.pro

    The time has come to flee your war torn country and begin your new life as a prisoner of war at the Royal Asylum in the Lost Kingdom! Start as a peasant and mine,chop, and fight for your life to rankup and achieve Noble status through the kingdom. This is a prison experience like no other. We've taken the classic prison formula and refreshed it with aspects of a RPG server. Climb through the ranks (Peasant, Farmer, Craftsmen, Vassal, and Noble) by completing quests around the different prison blocks and mining, chopping, and fishing like done on classic prisons.

    After you rankup out of the prison, as opposed to the typical survival world as done with other prisons, you are thrown into a Faction world where you are tasked with building your OWN kingdom and tearing down other people's to become #1. You will also be able to complete Royal Quests to climb the ranks even furthur in the future.








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