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    posted a message on 1.7.10 whitelisted vanilla server looking for 18+ streamers to play with

    IGN: ImLitti

    Age: 22

    Specialization (building, redstone, etc): building, content.

    Discord: ImLitti#1001

    Stream link: https://www.twitch.tv/ImLitti

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    posted a message on 🐟FishCraft🐟 Vanilla SMP 18+ [Whitelist] 1.15.2

    1. Age[/b]: 22
    2. Minecraft Username[/b]: ImLitti

    3. Discord username[/b]: ImLitti

    4. Country/Timezone[/b]: USA, PST
    5. Why are you interested in joining this server?[/b]: I play shooters at a competitive level and I’m looking for somewhere to play casually ( a few hours every day), to hang out with good people and play stress free.

    6. What other games do you play? I just got back into MC 2 days ago, but Apex Legends mainly as I grind to be a top player. [/b]

    7. Screenshots of your builds (optional)[/b]: do not have any at the moment but I guarantee they call me ArchitectLitti

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