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    I love this mod, especially for its simplicity. Razmen, I can tell you've worked on this a lot. Switching the mod to another update can be frustrating; so please don't bother moving it to 1.13 unless other people say otherwise.

    I would like to point out a few things you can add or change to this mod.

    1. Whenever I break the wolfsbane plant, it makes the sound of stone breaking instead of a plant. Fixing this could possibly be rolled into your 1.0

    2. You can probably add an add health option to the wolf upgrades. The npc werewolves have 40 hp and require 2-3 hunters to take down. Player werewolves, on the other hand, at any level can be taken down by one hunter if taken by surprise and if they don't have the silver blood trait. This feature should probably be in a 2.0 version of this mod.

    3. This is the most demanding thing and is likely to be as hard as making the werewolf thing from scratch, so I won't be at all surprised if you don't do this. Players would probably really love it if you add a hunter option to the mod. Players love variety, that's why they install mods, and allowing them to become hunters would be a great idea.

    The npc hunters are special, for one thing, they can run really fast. This could be one of the things players could get, if they choose to be hunters instead of werewolves, among other things. They could drink a wolfbane potion to be immune to lycanthropy and become a hunter. They could level up by slaying werewolves and get abilities and increased traits such as speed (like the npc hunters), attack speed, and other things. Abilities could be like detecting werewolves without a moon pearl, additional crafting recipes (such as those wards from 1.8), possibly recruit other hunters, and other such things.

    This should definitely be in a 2.0 version. Thank you for your time.

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