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    1: IGN: xbirb
    2: Age: 14
    3: How Long have you played minecraft: With my own premium account (NOT THIS ONE) 7 years, with my older brothers account, 8-9 years
    4: Why do you want to join this realm: I would like to join a community of other people who like to play the game, also corona has me inside all week for a few
    5: What is your main goal whilst playing on this realm?: I would like to start a shop and sell cheap materials to other players
    6: hobbies/interests outside of minecraft/gaming: breathing, not dying (lmao dont have any interests outside of gaming lol)
    7: do you know/watch HermitCraft: YES, i watch Mumbo, Iskall, Grian, Flase, Impulse and Bdubs primarily.

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