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    posted a message on The C-Booster: instant max momentum, teleporter, force field
    I've got trouble setting up a booster in any case, it always boosts but in the opposite direction :tongue.gif:

    Also it'd be really cool to see a vid of one with a giant force feild.
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    posted a message on [Software] zMod v0.9.1 - By Zaneris [1.6.6]
    Hey I played around with this mod a little bit on an older version and it worked quite nicely.(0.1.7) Anyways I recently updated the server and the mod and since have been having trouble running a server and connecting.

    It would start up, and say its ready. I would try to join and it would say "logging in" for a couple minutes before the server would say "saving chunks" and when I closed the bat window, minecraft would get an error of "Java.net.Socket.Exception: connection reset"

    Just wondering if anyone else ran into this mysterious error.

    Edit: Just realized that making several thousand (not sure exactly how much) tnt can actually break the map. After making a new one it was fixed!

    Only beef with this now is that it changes the order of typing the give command.
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