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    IGN: Ictuminum

    Age:Sixteen years old.

    What can you contribute to our community?:Since I started playing Minecraft, I had a preference to build any type of houses, I became very good at doing this type of constructions and I can move my work to another areas such as roads, paths, and those kinds of things required for a city, I am also good at making farms, but only a few.

    How long have you been playing MC?: I've been playing Minecraft since 2012, when my brother downloaded it for free and I started playing it a few times a week.

    How often do you think you'll be playing on the realm?: I probably must be an active member (I'm talking about joining the server daily and for some hours), usually I am thrilled about being part of something and i want to do as much as I can for making the realm better.

    I hope I can please you and be useful, guys!

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