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    posted a message on HOW TO NOT SUCK AT LADDERS!
    My friend said he sucked at parkour mc ladders. this is a really cheap adv map that shows u basics of not sucking at ladders.

    Download Link:Download The Map!
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    posted a message on Looking for anyone
    Not sure what you mean by a multiplayer land, You mean like a server? I can't host, but I'd love to join you. Skype:uuuuuuuuh
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    posted a message on New Lets Play [YOUTUBE]
    In Game Name:iateagoomba
    Name(optional, you can tell me on Skype if you get in):Tell you if I get in.
    Age(preferably under 20(I'm 13)):14
    personality(will help me decide what part you should play)Funny, resourceful, friendly.
    Skype username (optional, you can pm me if you get in):Tell u if i get in.
    What you want to do(act, build, host, etc.):Act or Build.
    how often you can play(2-3 hrs a day would be best): On weekdays 2 hours or so, On weekends as much as you need me.
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    posted a message on Snow Golem Alarm System
    I think these are better used as house DEFENSE rather than just an alarm system.
    With enough of these things posted around your house, even using something as weak as a snowball, could pack a real punch and make it safe for you outside.
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    posted a message on LOTR Expansion pack/Mod
    Copyrights. Notch already is in some problems just for using the word "scrolls" in their new game.
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    posted a message on Mob Spawners!
    The idea is that there are types of spawners for every type of mob , so like slime spawners, creeper spawners, and so on. This was not meant to be a practical idea, A creeper spawn would just blow up the dungeon, but I think it'd be nice to have that to make mob grinders.
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    posted a message on [DEAD THREAD]
    In-Game Name:iateagoomba
    Clan (if applicable):The Elite of the Sky
    Are you capable of acting mature?:Yes
    Tell me about yourself:I love to play minecraft, especially PvP and Adventureing.
    Have you read through the rules on the first post?:Yes
    Give me a definition of griefing:Reckless destruction of other's property
    What is the punishment for griefing on this server?:Ban
    What is the punishment for stealing on this server?:Ban
    What is the punishment for hacking (flight/speed/xray/etc.) on this server?:Ban
    What should be the main focus here (3 things, check rules)?:Maturity, respect, and common sense.
    What's the password?:Mannequin
    Any questions you have:None.
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    posted a message on ㄅ The United Elites Corp ㄕ
    C1DS App:
    Ingame name:iateagoomba
    Current Server:I'm unsure of what this question is. Is it what server do I currently play on, or if I own a server?Or something tottaly different? If it's the first one then it's my friends private server. If it's the 2nd question I don't own a server. If neither, please specify.
    How did you find this:Browsing MC forums for a clan.
    Are you in another clan?:Not currently.
    First clan?:Yes
    Agree to wear a uniform?:Yes. Btw are slight uniform modifications allowed? When I've joined clans for other games, I usually like to put on a bit of my own touch on the uniforms. If not that's perfectly fine though.
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