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    I honestly dont know how to put this but if Knifes were added to the game their damage would be half of what a sword would do but can be used to skin rabbits and cows

    Instead of killing the animal you right click on the animal and it drops the leather it has

    it could also be used to make items like if you want to cut an apple or something in half you could.

    It could also be used on blocks

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    Dyed planks would be a great feature for the game it would match the stained glass and colored wool but really this would make a great addition but what the dyed planks would be like is if it had dark oak the colored dark oak planks would be the darkest and the birch colored planks would be the brightest planks but it hasnt ever been added just like the quiver and gears and the crying obsidian, but if we could get colored planks in it would be awesome because who knows what peoples houses would look like instead of just the bland regular birch,spruce,darkoak,oak and acacia wood Any support? or not? but heres what they were gonna look like if they were gonna be put into the game because of what dinnerbone had posted

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    posted a message on A new use for Prismarine: Guardian's Gaze. A new ranged weapon.
    this is a good idea but isnt this a little hightech for minecraft since theres really no technology except powered rails
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    Quote from Ouatcheur»

    1. Here is how you do ANY serious smelting project:

    - Build a 4 wide, 4 tall "wall of 16 furnaces".
    - Empty most of inventory
    - Grab 16 full stacks of whatever you wanna smelt, plus 2 stacks of coal.
    - Pre-split the stacks of coal into 8 stacks of 8 each for a total of 16 stacks of 8 coals. Click then click-Drag is so fast and easy.

    - Move move a little bit, right-click a furnace, shiftclick 1 stack to smelt, shift-click 1 stack of coal, hit escape.
    Lather, rinse, repeat. 16 times. That is VERY quick to do.

    If you wish, make a 2nd, 3rd ore even 4th workstation right next to the first one (or in the middle of the walls of a 8x8x5 high square room) Trust me, by the tme you fill the last furnace, you'll have all the smelted stuff for even a big castle. In less than a single minecraft day. Compared to mining the smeltables, this is nothing.

    And if you hate the micromanagement if going into each furnace, then go with the:

    (can be duplicated several times too)
    - 1 furnace, with hopper on top and on side. Single Chest above hopper on side with Coal. Double chest above hopper on top with smeltables. Hopper under furnace, with double chest on side for output. Small redstone signaling as needed.
    - Fill coal and smeltable chests, go eat breakfast or something, done, 1 double chest smelted.

    Since you sir seem to have patience issues, so I recommend either the 3rd of 4th options instead:

    - When you do a humongously huge project, do it in Creative mode. You don't seem to have enough patience to do otherwise !

    - Or limit yourself with projects in scale with your own capabilities. Ask yourself : "How big is my patience?" and then choose projects of the same size as your patience, or less, and no bigger than that.

    Personally, I think EVERYTHING in the game is way too fast. By several orders of magnitude. Smelting ? Could used being 1+ minutes per item instead pf 10 seconds. Growing trees ? Animals reaching adulthood ? Why not hours instead of only 30 minutes ? In short, allow me to harvest my entire farm and by the time I finish, I should not get a farm already ready to be harvested all over again right away. Same for smelting, it should not be "already over" by the time I merely finished loading up all my furnaces with stuff. A full stack ? It should be "Heh, I can go make another short trip to my mine". Heck, even bread should be baked, not "Pop I suddenly crafted an entire stack in a second !" Everything in the game seems designed for kids with short attention span deficit disorder or something like that lol. It's so bad, I can go from stark naked to full decked in enchanted diamond armor and tools in a single evening of play. It should instead spread over several game sessions, with some progress at each sitting, and reaching the top tier only after at least sveral sittings.

    Rename "Survival" mode "Playground" mode instead and make a new mode which would be the one called "Survival", but with a sower speed of getting stuff. In other words: that new Survival mode would be to current Survival mode, what current Survival mode is to Creative mode. Playground would be to trest thre game and for low-patience players or that don't have a lot of time to play. Survival would be for those wanting an extra challenge where better designs actually WILL make a difference. Btw don't mix this with Hardcode or difficulty level. I want many lives to try something having actually smoother progress and better required planning overall, not being limited to only 1 life at doing something just as easy to complete in a single sitting (or only a few, if I add the ender dragon, the wither, and making a beacon). I'd definitely play that. That would be a harsher mode for the builders, but would be much cooler for the Survival aspect. And in that mode, you're really value your stuff a lot more. Current Survival is way more sandboxy, than actually being about survival at all.

    its a freaking game it doesnt need logic
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    posted a message on Capes should be free
    I really think capes should be free i mean really what do the other people who are too poor to even get a flight to minecon i think they should add a button in the profile screen on the website and it should say add cape to player please make this happen
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    posted a message on Chocolate milk
    I think we should have chocolate milk drinking it will give you regeneration and fix any effects i think it may look like this to make in a crafting table using the chocolate buckets you have you could make a chocolate cake if you put it in a furnace it will become chocolate bars.
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    posted a message on Placing Ingots. [6+ Supporters]
    Full support
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