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    posted a message on Antichamber Mod - Epic Non-Euclidean Adventure
    Quote from jkush321

    I'm trying to make it so that people can create their own maps, customization is what is slowing me down lol.

    Perhaps you could create linking blocks: blocks that would be placed wherever you wanted a "portal" (for lack of a better term) and you would right click on one face of a block, then on the face you want it to match up to on the other block, then they would disappear and link together. It would require a lot of travelling back and forth for long-distance portals, since you wouldn't really be able to select a group of faces very easily, but it's the best idea I can think of...

    EDIT: Or maybe, you could just have it be an item you right-click with. You would right click the interior face then match it up with another one. For an illustration,

    Face 1-->|

    |<--Face 2


    Face 1-->|<--Face 2 (there's no wall, it just directly links up, even if there are bocks behind it)
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    Quote from Magix

    Well actually you can get rid of that bottom repeater and just put the torch on the side

    However, upon doing that, it can no longer toggle, unless you don't intend to draw any outputs from the redstone on the side. It's still fine if you're only drawing from the torch though (or if you want it's "off-state" to be 1)
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    posted a message on Micky's SortaCompact Double Piston Extender/Retractor
    Quote from Micky2506

    Will this one successfully retract the blocks though?

    Yeah, it will. It's a brilliant design too. I never could've thought of it myself, honestly,
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    posted a message on Grappling Hook In Vanilla Minecraft
    So blocking a beacon gives you jump boost for 5 seconds? That's pretty cool actually.

    How does it work in multiplayer? Does everyone get the boost? The nearest player? No one?
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    posted a message on 1.3 Pre-Release is Ready Now!
    Quote from Crazyboy335

    I think Creative's inventory should be normal, just with a search bar at the top.

    As an avid user of redstone, I completely disagree. The categories make it much easier, and you have a search bar as well.
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    posted a message on Redstone in Real Life?
    Quote from FurryAffins

    programming an OS is extremely difficult you have to program a kernel ,and the OS its self multi-trillion lines of code

    90% of the time when someone's talking about programming an OS, they're going to base it off the linux kernel.
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    posted a message on what do you make for your first night house
    A nice little house with logs on the edges, no windows, a wooden or cobble step roof, and about 5x6x3 inside room. I put a crafting bench and a double chest or two in it, then mine down and most of my furnaces end up being underground when I needed to smelt some iron (I will typically have on in my house too though).
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    posted a message on Why don't portal blocks cause a block update? -OR- How do I detect a portal opening with redstone?
    It's because, if they did trigger block updates, they would dissapear. Remember when you were new to the game, and tried to spawn portal blocks and put them together and they'd just dissapear? That's because placing them does cause an update, and if the portal "placed them" like most other blocks are done, they would all dissapear and there would be no portal to go through.
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    posted a message on Discussion: What New Switches Would Improve Redstone?

    Can anyone with programming knowledge answer whether the lever minecart is technically practical? Aside from the basic issue of an entity giving off a redstone signal, there are issues such as what happens when the cart is moving or falls on more than one square.

    If direct redstone power between a minecart and normal circuitry isn't possible, maybe as an easier to code alternative there could be a new kind of detector rail than only responds to lever carts that are turned on. It's not quite as ideal in some ways, but it could achieve a lot of the same stuff. And in other ways it's more ideal, since you could run lever carts through normal rail lines without worrying about them interfering with stuff you don't want the cart to control.

    I believe it would be possible by rounding the location of the minecart to find the exact block it's in, then powering any adjacent redstone. Haven't coded in a while though, so not sure how efficient that would be :P
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    posted a message on I love how easy it is now!
    Most, if not all mods that don't use a windows-only installer work on Mac. I know because I used to use a mac for playing minecraft and I used a TON of mods, and even made one or two...
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    posted a message on How to make a very simple and compact machine gun
    If you were wondering, the reason this works is because on every block update, the dispenser 'realizes' it's powered again. And every time the repeater changes, it's a block update.
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    posted a message on Ear Force DPX21 - Will the surround sound work on PC?
    Recently, I've been looking at getting a good pair of headphones to use for my laptop (Which is my primary gaming computer, unfortunately), and I noticed the DPX21. Since it was designed for PS3, will the surround sound still work on PC without a 5.1 or 7.1 sound card?
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    posted a message on The Nostromo cannon Series, [Evolved]
    Quote from Scotlock

    Video is now up! -Scotlock

    Just out of curiousity, how old are you? Because your voice indicates you're pretty young, but you have a grasp on logic that most of that age don't.
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    posted a message on [GAME] Plants vs. Zombies ~ DELUXE
    Awesome! Definitely downloading. One thing I think would be good however is a payment system in minecarts, and a minecart counter, instead of being payed iron and making it into minecarts, with one minecart per plant.
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