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    Due to the lack of motivation and fans of this story, I have abandoned it. More information in the OP. Thanks for reading.
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    I have revived the story! Not much for now, but hopefully, you'll like it.
    Since the last post, I have completed Chapter 6, and I'm almost finished with Chapter 7, and I've also made a mild improvement to Chapter 1 (Giving my character a name, Ryan.)
    (What I've written so far is trash, I know. It's late at night and I haven't written stories for a little while.)
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    Cole, what are you trying to say?
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    Thanks Immortus :)

    Sorry for the delay in chapters everyone. I've just been a little busy now that school is back. I can get some more chapters out soon in the very near future :)
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    Thanks HMANCRAFTER :)

    Finished off most of Chapter 6.
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    Chapter 5 done. I'm gonna have a full page of just my replies eventually.
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    Chapter 4 finished. Also added a Chapter Progress section, so you can see how much of a certain chapter I've written. Is anyone gonna leave some replies? Y'know, give a little feedback? :P Thank you nonetheless.
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    This snapshot is very 1337 (C Wut I Did Der)
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    I just finished Chapter 2, Chapter 3, and I started Chapter 4. Enjoy!
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    NOTICE: This story is 99% made up by me! Don't take any of it as being "proof of Herobrine's existence" please! Thank you. Now, let's begin!

    CHAPTER PROGRESS:Green means finished. Orange means in progress, but can be read. Red means cannot be read yet.


    Chapter 1: Documentation 100%
    Chapter 2: Strange Occurrences 100%
    Chapter 3: Moving Out 100%
    Chapter 4: Not Just A Dream 100%
    Chapter 5: The Mine 100%
    Chapter 6: Permanent Relocation 100%
    Chapter 7: Mike and Jon 80%
    Chapter 8: Him 5%

    My name is Ryan, and I've recently been experiencing some strange occurrences in my singleplayer world. I've been seeing odd things, such as pyramids in the water and redstone torches throughout unexplored mines. At first, I took some of the things I've been seeing as just epic "creations" by the world generator. But after seeing the torches, I knew for a fact I was not alone here.I don't feel too safe in my world anymore, no matter where I am. I'm going to be documenting my experiences as I explore, mine, and just try to live life as a normal Minecrafter.

    It's been a few days since I wrote that last entry, and things seem to have just gotten worse ever since. I continue to wake up from my bed only to see holes littering my house. I don't know who, or what did it, but I can confirm it was definitely not a creeper or an enderman.I've began to see many more things that look unnatural, like trees with no leaves and perfect 2x2 holes throughout the mountains. This was definitely not the work of a normal mob. I've seen many more "redstone mines" and pyramids too. I'm not too sure if it was just my mind playing tricks on me, but during the day, I swear I saw another player.09/13/13I think I saw the player again. I tried to follow him as he walked over the hills, but he seemed to have vanished before I could reach him. I then went back home to craft some weapons and armor, because I just didn't feel safe here. However, when I reached my home, it was on fire. Luckily, there was barely any fire and I put it out with ease.I still don't understand how it caught fire, especially since I haven't even used my furnace yet. And I don't think furnaces can even set fire to houses. I have a feeling it could have been that player I saw. I don't trust this place anymore. I'm planning to move all my belongings to another home. I just want to see if it becomes any safer. I doubt it though.

    Today is the day I will be moving house. I've gathered all my belongings and I am currently trying to figure out where to move to. I saw some amazing mountains about 1000 blocks away, I might try to get over to there.
    I've successfully moved into my new home. It's actually quite nice here, very peaceful. I've noticed a decrease in the amount of mobs that would usually appear around my house.When I first arrived, I noticed a lack of odd structures, like pyramids and tunnels. Thank god. However, when I woke up the next morning, I saw the 2x2 holes through my house again, along with pyramids in the lake outside. Looks like I was followed. I didn't see that player throughout the day, but the night before, I had a dream about him. I was running through the forest, frightened. All the animals around me had blank eyes, and they would just stare at me as I ran past.The trees all around me had no leaves on them. I just kept on running forwards, away from the player following close behind me. I checked behind me to see if he was still hot on my heels, and then I got a good look at him. He had the default Steve skin, except he had soulless, blank eyes. I screamed, and then woke up in bed.The forest in my dream looked very similar to the one around my original house. I am definitely not going back there until all of this is sorted out.
    A lot of horrifying things happened today. My mind has just been blown. I went out to gather food, because my supply was starting to get low. I found a group of pigs, so I went over to them to get their pork, but then I noticed something terrifying.They had blank eyes. Just like from my dream. All the pigs, about 9 or so, just stared at me. Not moving, not making a sound. I was too frightened to hurt them, so I just ran over the hills. I really needed to find something that would allow me to kill it, and not stare at me with those horrifying eyes. I saw a cow in the distance, so I carefully approached it. It turned to me, and I noticed his eyes were completely normal.It didn't seem to be doing anything out of the ordinary. So I swung at it, and killed it. When it died, it emitted a loud scream that almost blew my ears out. Instead of disappearing, the cow's corpse just stayed there, laying down. I noticed it's eyes turned all white. It was covered in a large pool of blood, which I was not at all expecting. I don't understand why Jeb would add blood to Minecraft, especially since it's supposed to be for all audiences.The blood didn't look blocky and Minecraft-y. It looked real, so real that I almost threw up at the sight. I ran back to my house. Screw the food for now, I can survive with what I have at the moment.

    It's been 3 days, and I haven't left my house since that incident with the cow. I'm low on everything. Wood, food, minerals, you name it. I have to go out sometime today. Wish me luck.09/21/13I thought about whether or not I should write about what happened yesterday all night. I've decided I really should, so here goes.I was going out to get supplies, because as I said, I was low. Everything was going smoothly, until I approached a tree and began cutting it down. I broke down the first log, and on the other side of the tree stood what looked like Steve, except he had completely blank eyes. I recognized him from that messed up dream I had. I ran away as fast as I could, into a nearby forest. All the leaves on the trees were gone. The animals around me were looking at me with soulless blank eyes.The other player began taking chase. Then I realized something.
    This was exactly what happened in my dream. Except this time, I wasn't waking up. The player wouldn't stop chasing me through the shaved forest. I turned around, pulled out my sword and realized the only way I could get away from him was to kill him. As soon as I pointed my sword at him, he seemed to stop chasing me. He just stood there in front of me, staring at me with those glowing white eyes.Suddenly, I jumped at him, and stabbed him straight in the chest with the sword. He didn't seem to react at all. At that point, I just ran back home and hoped he wouldn't follow. Luckily, he didn't.I went to sleep and had another dream after I got home. Again, it was about the mysterious player. I was in my mine, gathering iron. I went deeper into the mine and found a huge pocket of diamonds and emeralds. At first sight, I thought I just hit the jackpot. I couldn't have been happier. However, when I got closer, I began to realize there's something wrong about this.
    Being a brave, risk taking Minecrafter, I decided to mine it all. After all, what's the worse that could happen? I was able to mine it all, without anything strange happening. I couldn't be happier. That was, until I returned to my home.It was on fire. There were fences scattered around in the house, with bloody, disfigured heads on the tops. The chests had organs and bloody bones in them, rather than the usual items one would have. Then, I opened the front door, and he was standing there. His clothes had little tears all on them, and they were soaked in blood. The world around me looked dark and hellish. Everything that was once living was now a pile of bloody meat. The strange player looked at me, and seemed to smile.I woke up at that point and ran straight to my journal to write this all down. This is just too much. I gotta take a break.

    I went into my mine today to gather iron. I was running really low, only had about 3 ingots. I also went because I was a little curious. What if that dream I had last night would come true, as the last one did? I don't exactly want to spend my whole life wondering about it. So, I went down into the depths of the dark cave. After not too long, I found a dungeon. What threw me off was it was a Creeper dungeon, which don't seem to appear in Minecraft without mods. I was slightly confused at the time, but decided to just go with it and conquer the dungeon. I did so successfully, and got some interesting things in the chest. Some horse armor, little things like buckets and food, and a strange record that I haven't seen in Minecraft before. It looked like 11, except even more broken. It was known as "hellothere."
    I don't have a jukebox just yet, so I can't play it. However, I will keep it locked safely in my chest and I'll play it whenever I can. Anyway, I ventured further down into the cave. I didn't find anything out of the ordinary, which actually scared me. The thought of just knowing something big is going to happen just frightens me. However, I quickly shook it off and continued.I constantly thought as if I was being watched, and at times, I swore I could see a pair of glowing eyes out the corner of the eye. When I would turn to see what it was, I would always find nothing but darkness. I'm not sure if it was just my mind playing tricks on me.After mining, killing off mobs, and jumping over lava pools, I eventually came to a dead end. For a moment, I was scared to look behind me and turn back, as I had a feeling the player would be there waiting for me.
    Fortunately, he wasn't. I began heading back to my house when I noticed a tunnel branching off from the main cave that I haven't explored. I began heading down it, and then found what I really did not want to find.A huge pocket of diamonds and emeralds. I had a big feeling that, if I mine it, all hell will break loose on the surface. I hesitated for a while. To mine or not to mine? To let all hell break loose or not to let all hell break loose?
    A voice in my head began shouting "Do it. Do it. Do it." I carefully walked forward. I kept my eyes on the pocket. I began quietly sobbing as I started mining it. I was taking it really slow. It felt like I was there for over an hour, just picking away at the gems. After I was done, I started on my way back. I walked past the numerous tunnels and the dungeon, and before long, I found my house. I closed my eyes, and cautiously walked up. I was prepared for what was coming. I stepped foot in my house.. but nothing happened. I opened my eyes. Everything looked normal, inside and outside. No fire, no blood, no white-eyed player.I looked down at my gems. No, I didn't hit the jackpot. I know these treasures will somehow make my life worse. I'd hate to see my favorite things go. But it has to be done. There's a small lava pool somewhere outside. So I went out, and prepared to throw this stuff in the lava. However, before I could, I heard a hiss. Thinking it was a creeper, I quickly pulled out my sword and turned around, only to see absolutely nothing. I didn't see a creeper anywhere. I looked down though, and noticed another record similar to the "hellothere" record. I picked it up and saw it was called "openyoureyes."I quickly ran inside and began crafting a jukebox. I really need to figure out what these records are trying to tell me. I put hellothere into the slot and I heard the following message. It sounds like a recording of two players having an argument and then encountering something that horrified them.
    "Hey Mike, were you the one who set fire to my house? No? Well someone goddamn did. I can tell you, it wasn't me. I'm pretty damn sure it is. We're the only ones that have access to this server. But- No, shut up. I know it was you. But it wasn't freaking me! Why the hell would I go and set fire to my friend's house for absolutely no reason? Because you're a freaking idiot, Mike. Okay, you know what? Screw you. I'm going to find another server. Good, I don't need you here anyway. Retard. What the hell did you- Shh! Listen.. can you hear that? What? That noise. Sounds like someone climbing up a ladder. Pfft. Probably a pigman or something. They always escape from that damn portal. I'm gonna go check it out. Go ahead. Meanwhile, I'm gonna go find a better server. HELP ME MIKE! HELP! No, I'm not helping you, you freak. Jesus, what's so bad about a pigman anyway? ...Jon? Hello? Can you answer me or have you gone deaf now? Wait, who the hell are y-"The tape ends there. It sounded like something set fire to Jon's house, and Jon went to tell Mike about it, who denied doing it. Jon then goes down a ladder and shouts for help, in which Mike doesn't seem to understand what happened, before the tape simply cuts out. I'm going to listen to openyoureyes later. I need a break.
    I looked in my chest and found a book. One of those ones that have been written by players. It was called "Get out of there." I decided to just read it and see what's going on. The message inside was as follows."I know who you are. I know the trouble you are in. Look, it's not safe there. You must get out, or he'll come for you. If you move out, I promise he won't find you, at least for a while. Come to us, we will help you. Bye for now."I don't know who sent this to me. The book doesn't say. My guess is it's a trap from the white-eyed player. I admit, I am afraid to stay here, but moving out is just too risky. That reminds me, I should probably listen to openyoureyes. I'll be right back.
    I've listened to it and I've analysed it. What I found was quite horrifying. It seems to be a recording of what was written in the book, with another strange message included, plus a small recording of what sounds like Mike and Jon again. The message was:
    "You cannot run. You cannot hide. I will find you. You will die. You all will die."I was being spoken in a low, highly distorted voice. It definitely didn't even sound human. The recording was:
    "Jon? What? Should I send that message? Yeah, we need him here as soon as possible. Alright. (Silence for about 30 seconds) Done. Alright, good, thank you. (The tape seems to cut here.) Hey Mike, look at this for a second. What is it? I found this little book, I think someone's written a threatening message to us. Was it that dude I sent the message to? Maybe. It keeps mentioning some guy or something named Herobrine, I don't know. Huh, strange."
    I think the guy who got the message was me. As for this Herobrine guy, I'm unsure about who he is. It could be the white-eyed player.
    I had to get out of there. I can't go back. Well, I might as well just say what happened here. Someone other than me has to know about this.While I was laying in bed, I kept thinking I was being watched. I kept seeing that white-eyed player out the corner of my eye, but whenever I would try to get a better look at him, he would just vanish into thin air. I think it may be just my mind playing tricks on me. I know I've said all that before, but still.. I've gotta remind you that it's still going on. I finally fell asleep after about an hour or two, and I woke up later to find a burned, stained piece of paper on my bed. The words "COME TO US" were scrawled all over the paper in messy writing, along with a drawing of the white-eyed player underneath the text. After I read it, I had another encounter with the white-eyed player. He was waiting behind me. Waiting for me to turn around. Of course, not knowing he was there, I turned around to go to my chest, but he stood there and stopped me. I just bolted out the door. Forget my stuff, I just have to leave.
    After another quick look behind me, I noticed my house was on fire and the player was standing on my porch, looking down at me. I just kept running. Now I'm here, hiding in a little hole I dug out. I'm not planning to stay here forever, but it's just temporary so I can at least have a chance at survival. I got in my bed and went to sleep again the next night. I woke up to the noise of whispering outside my temporary home. I didn't exactly hear what the whispers were saying, but I did hear "He's in there, should I get him?"
    I cautiously looked out the window, and saw two players having a quiet conversation. They definitely weren't zombies or any other mob I've seen before. I'm not sure if they're NPCs either. After a while, they left and I went back to sleep.This morning when I woke up, I noticed a note similar to the last one on my floor. It said "NORTH 1000. YOU'LL KNOW IT WHEN YOU SEE IT." The note, like last time, had another drawing of the white-eyed player. I'm not too sure what "North 1000" means. My guess is it means I have to travel north for 1000 blocks. I'm going to do just that, and I'll report back when I've reached whatever this note wants me to reach. It may be risky, but it's worth a shot.

    (Hello again, everyone! I'm back, making more chapters! Enjoy!)


    I've been travelling for quite a bit now. I've kept heading North. Along the way, I've been noticing a slow decrease in the amount of strange world generations, until eventually, the world looked completely normal. I'm sure I've gone across 1000 blocks by now, but whatever that note wanted me to see, I'm not seeing it.
    And then I hear a voice behind me.

    "Over here!" It called. I quickly turned around, and saw a player on top of the hill behind me. He quickly ran back, out of sight, and I followed.

    I went over the hill, and saw what looked like a stairway heading downwards into the ground. I'm positive this is the base of that player. I decided to slowly and carefully head down there, and I was greeted by two players. "Ryan! Finally, you made it! My name is Mike, and that's my friend Jon." "Hello.." I awkwardly replied back. He sat me down at a little fence-and-pressure plate table, and he and Jon began talking to me about the white-eyed player.

    "So, Ryan, we've been made aware of your little... problem, that you had over at your old house. Don't worry, it's safe over where we are. He can't really.. reach us here."
    I didn't exactly get what Mike was saying. What does he mean, "he can't reach us here"?
    "Now, Mike and I have been watching you for a little while now. Attempting to keep you safe."
    What Jon was saying didn't really mean much to me. I didn't exactly understand what he meant, either. I haven't really even noticed Mike or Jon really attempting to help me out with my troubles. I immediately questioned them.
    "By trying to keep me safe.. what do you mean?"
    "Well.. let's just say, if it weren't for us, your troubles could have been much worse."
    "Look, Ryan, just.. you're welcome to stay here for as long as you want."
    After saying that, Mike and Jon just got up and left the table. I didn't see where they went, and to be honest, I didn't exactly want to go looking. I didn't feel to comfortable in this house either; stuck here with two guys who, for all I know, could be setting up a trap for me. But they seemed nice enough, so I think I'll stick around here for the night and maybe head off tomorrow.

    Due to lack of motivation/fans of the story, I have decided to abandon this story. Don't expect any more chapters past this point. I may continue it some day, but I very highly doubt it. Thanks for reading.
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