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    posted a message on [Updated 1.2.5] Edencraft ✦Survival & Creative Server ▬ Friendly ▬ Greylist ▬ 24/7✦

    IGN (In Game Name): Robscottish
    Why do you want to become a Member on Edencraft?: I have been searching for this kind of server for a long time.
    Real Age:14
    Do you Enjoy this server?: I cannot get out of spawn, but i will enjoy pure minecraft.
    Whats your favorite block in Minecraft?: Diamond block. It is useful for the builder and survivor.
    Tell us something about yourself: Im a mature 14 year old that doesnt like most minecraft pvp servers. (80% of all servers on minecraft forums.)
    Where did you hear about the server?: Minecraft forums.

    Accepted! Welcome to Edencraft!
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