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    I finished the 5x5 hole:

    I stopped it at y=6 (I think it's 6, one layer above the top layer of bedrock.

    Also, found some redstone and finally made a compass, so I'm going to look for my spawn point.

    That's all for now.

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    Not delete my world.

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    Sadly, my computer crashed, and because of my save got corrupted. I tried fixing it, but I didn't find any solution.

    So now I am making back-ups every time I save.

    I quickly started a new world and got to the same situation as above.

    I explored some caves and now I have a full iron armor. It was dangerous, and a reminder of how harder the game was:

    Anyways, found a nice place, made hidey-hole #2 and improved it a bit to be more of a house:

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    I have moved away from the first hidey-hole into another location with terrain that I liked.

    I've started making a 5x5 hole going down where the crystal tower will be in the future (I need resources so I want this place to be my mine),

    and I've simply put a simple cobble wall around it and a door, and a cross sky-light:

    Here is the area around me:

    On the left I was making a tower that would server as sort of a beacon, but ran out of blocks, so I'll build it later. to the right of it there's cool terrain I liked and will build stuff on the future.

    I also started placing torches at 5 block intervals so I can keep mining and building at night.

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    Quote from Scout1800»

    This seems really cool! I think Im gonna do it with you! I think I will do a youtube series on it also!


    I found some iron and coal in nearby caves, and made a little hidey hole:

    I'm gonna camp the night time since I want to be mining somewhere else (The tower I talked in my main post will also be going down to a mining area
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    So, after never really having 1 main world, I decided to come up with this idea.

    I'd play the game as if it's 2011, starting from the first version I think I played, till the current update.

    I have made a schedule corresponding real update times according to the version history, and I'll play them in those dates:

    Versions timeline:

    • Alpha 1.1.2_01 (for 1 month): March 1st – April 1st
    • Alpha 1.2.6 (for 1 month): April 1st – May 1st
    • Beta 1.1_02 (for 2 weeks): May 1st – June 15th
    • Beta 1.2_02 (for 1 month): June 15th – July 15th
    • Beta 1.3_01 (for 1 month): July 15th – August 15th
    • Beta 1.4_01 (for 2 weeks): August 15th – October 1st
    • Beta 1.5_01 (for 1 month): October 1st – November 1st
    • Beta 1.6.6 (for 1 month): November 1st – December 1st
    • Beta 1.7.3 (for 2.5 months): December 1st – February 15th

    I've skipped right into the latest bug-fixes update for each version, to have less bugs, but I still counted the entire timeline of updates.

    Changes in chunk types (alpha save format -> mcregion -> anvil) will be ok since I’m not skipping versions.

    Noise map (that cause chunk borders) changes:

    Noise map 1: Infdev – Alpha 1.1

    Noise map 2: Alpha 1.2 – Beta 1.7

    Noise map 3: Beta 1.8 – Release 1.6

    I think of keeping chunk borders (just updating normally like I’d have a world from alpha) and terraforming/building walls there, as it will symbolize where versions changed.

    I think that after beta 1.7.3 I’ll jump right into the current version. According to what I’ve read if I travel to new chunks I should get everything new in the game (strongholds, ocean monuments, etc).

    I have some projects in my head I always wanted to build, I'll ask you for suggestions. The first thing I want to build is a crystal tower similar to a place in the game Rayman 3 from the level Land Of The Livid Dead:

    However, I don't think it would be fully possible before stained glass or the bigger sky limit, so I'll start with a mine going down.

    Something inspired by Sckchui's tower:


    The point is to NOT delete this world.

    I spawned infront of an ocean which is what I wanted (had to manually screenshot this :( )

    The timeline I create technically starts in a week, but I'll start now. Hopefully I don't delete this world.

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    posted a message on Updates of a [9 year old] Survival World
    Quote from leangreen76»

    For the enderdragon (Strongholds) and ocean monuments I'd have to travel quite far to new chunks, starting from my home z co-ordinate 528 - I've already travelled to 10 000+ in most directions, 20 000 in oe other direction, it's not impossible but it would be a challenge.

    For the different versions, I'm very carefull with the back-ups I keep, however I still get some very funky chunk borders. I used to have one across the ocean from the back of the lighthouse, when there used to be a netherrack bridge going across there. I had to terraform it to make it look like the normal slope of land from the edge of an ocean. I can't do this all the time however. In more recent times, I now have one that's in a north-west direction from the lighthouse, then straight west forming a chunk alcove - which isn't very nice. Although it has a small flower forest on one part and is a lot nearer source for granite, andesite and diorite!

    At the moment I am slightly worried about this next update given the ocean biomes being introduce. I don't think I'll have kelp or sea grass in the immmediate are, but I did see some cod in packs in the latest snapshot I'm playing with (Using a copy of the world). I'm hoping the new ocean biomes will intergrate or it'll be left blank & dull as oceans currently are, and not mess it up too much or I'll have to stay in 1.12..

    Hmm, I see, thanks.
    I thought there were still only 3 strongholds in a world, but it was changed at 1.9 to 128 per world.
    I'm thinking of making a world in alpha, and updating versions in a timeline similar to the real one.
    I don't care for traveling a lot, if all of the things can actually generate.
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    posted a message on Updates of a [9 year old] Survival World

    How did you manage to update versions without ruining the world?

    Also, what did you do about updates, i.e. the ender dragon, water temples, etc

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    posted a message on ★ ★ ★ [Whitelist]CosmoCraft Vanila★ ★ ★ - No-PvP,No-Grief vanilla survival server.Accepting applications and staff applications.
    Hey, I would like to join your server, I've tried going multiplayer with my irl friends but it just fails because they are not active.

    I would like to play in server with active people etc. I'm 17 and I've played minecraft since alpha (with breaks).

    Is the server running on the snapshots?

    edit: my ign is MaestroAssassin
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    posted a message on How to create a perfect sphere?
    So I just made the circle -

    It's the 31 circle in this picture

    How should I make it so the sphere look good? Also I want the ceiling to be somewhat high, EPIC and grand.
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    posted a message on OptiFine HD (FPS Boost, Dynamic Lights, Shaders and much more)
    search dxdiag in the search bar, and click on it.
    then press yes.
    then click on the display bar.
    then you will see your Graphics card name.
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    posted a message on Johnny's Survival Journal
    This is sort of a "LP in pictures"I will post entries on this 'journal' occasionally.

    List of my projects/ideas for the world:
    - a modern house, which interior resembles Dexter Morgan's apartment from the show.
    - *maybe (super huge project)* the Masyaf castle from Assassin's Creed and real life.
    - a crystal tower made of stained glass, will be serve as a view point and the entrance to the mine.
    - an underground "starter" base having automatic farms of everything.
    - Franklin house from GTA V.
    - Tony Stark Ironman's house.
    This is for now, I will update it with more ideas and such.

    Entry #0
    Some planning on Creative, this would be the entrance to the underground starter base (basically a base with a lot of automatic farms.
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    posted a message on I'm a Terrible Builder
    watch videos, Bdubs building school is very good.
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    posted a message on Too many caves! Game is too easy
    The more Caves Is more fun,
    but don't make all of the cave connect to one big ass cave, I want to sometime actually finish a cave...
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