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    Welcome to The Aery!

    - We're a brand new semi-vanilla server focused around **progression, community and longevity.

    Progression: Recipes involving Netherite have been altered to reflect other tiers of armor / tools. These changes combined with additional ways of obtaining netherite scrap makes for an interesting progression. It also allows us to have an economy based on scrap. In Camp Haven (Spawn) you'll find several NPCs willing to buy and sell resources, services and gear for netherite scraps.

    Community: We hope that by providing frequent events, both in-game and out-of-game, and a welcoming discord / server, we can foster the growth of a wonderful community. All are welcome!

    Longevity: A personal problem for me when playing on servers in the past was not knowing how long it would stay alive. I dreaded waking up one day and having all my hard work disappear because of something out of my control. I aim to put this problem to rest for me and anyone else with similar concerns. The server will not be shut down unless our host physically burns to the ground. In addition to the server remaining alive no matter how many active members it may have, we also will provide WorldEdit schematics of any large builds players make, so they can truly ensure that their work is safe. Finally our discord contains an ever-updating roadmap of what we plan to add / change in the coming months!

    Now to server details:

    - To be whitelisted please join our Discord and post your IGN in the #Whitelist-Applications channel!
    Unembedded Discord Link: https://discord.gg/NDkuQnFBbp

    Server hosted in France

    Specs: Intel i7-4790k - 32GB DDR3 1600MHz - 2x 800GB SSD SATA Soft RAID

    Play how you want!

    We have tried to ensure that no matter what you enjoy doing, you can still progress towards better gear and more scrap. Rare seeds from farming, glistening apples from trees, geodes from mining. There are many new ways to earn resources and progress towards the best gear in the game!
    Everything here, as well as a Getting Started "guide" (Just a few lines) can be found in the #server-info channel on discord!

    Important Plugins:

    - GriefPrevention
    - AureliumSkills (/skills , /stats)
    - CoreProtect
    - Citizens (NPC traders)
    - Quests
    - Essentials
    - CustomTime (2x longer day, 4x faster night)
    - AlchemicalArrows (Unique arrows)
    - DeadSouls (Dying stores your items in a soul, which can only be collected by you for a period of time. /souls)
    - NoBedExplosions
    - EnchantmentsPlus (Formerly Zenchantments, Custom enchantments)
    - Dynmap

    Other Important Features:

    - Many normal commands are disabled in favor or more vanilla-friendly alternatives. Example: /spawn will not work, however a **Warp Scroll (Spawn)** can be purchased at Camp Haven. We hope this encourages more exploration and player interaction!
    - Many bugs / glitches / exploits fixed!
    - Improved vanilla world generation and nether generation (Nether now goes to Y-256!)
    - Extended Render Distance: Currently set to 16 chunks
    - Custom Items (Example: Golden Seed, rare drop from breaking crops with a hoe, can be sold for Scrap)
    - NPC Shops
    - A balanced (Hopefully) economy focused around Netherite Scraps
    - Changed Recipes for Netherite (/recipes)
    - Can no longer cycle through villager trades infinitely until you get the trade you want. Villagers also have a chance on zombification to turn into a normal zombie. So be careful trying to get those cheaper trades :D
    - Alternate methods of obtaining Scrap, from farming, mining, quests, trading, events and many more!
    - Pregenerated 10k x 10k world, with expansion possible in the future!

    And finally some images of the spawn, world generation, custom items and just one of the shops at Camp Haven!


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    posted a message on [OLD THREAD] The Sanctuary SMP

    IGN: iFalcon

    Age: 21

    Country: Norway

    What is your favourite thing to do in Minecraft?: I've always liked making large builds and terraforming landscapes, but I also enjoy exploring quite a bit.

    How would you see yourself contributing to our community?: I enjoy building above most else in Minecraft, and would be happy to assist others in any projects they may have. I also love participating in and coordinating server-wide events; Everything from build competitions to scavenger hunts are always fun! It may not be much in the way of contributing, but I do enjoy talking to people through Discord and in-game.

    What makes a good Minecraft community to you?: A good community consists of welcoming players and excellent staff who work together to keep the community a fun place to be a member of by ensuring rules are enforced and keeping it as non-toxic as possible. Active players and staff are a good sign of a good community.

    Are you familiar with Discord? Are you comfortable using a microphone in a chatroom?: I've used Discord for quite a while and am looking forward to talking to others!

    Tell us a little about yourself, an example would be other games you like to play or how you chose your IGN: For the most part, my hobbies consist of biking, watching videos on YouTube and playing Minecraft. I have also spent a bit of time playing Terraria, PUBG and CS:GO over the years, along with many other games. Recently I've been playing various modpacks and it's been a blast, but I've always preferred vanilla with plugins over modded. Aside from English I also understand Norwegian and, to an extent, Danish.

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    MC Name: iFalcon

    Age: 20

    Location or Timezone?: Norway

    Do you meet the Requirements? / Do you agree to the Rules?: Yes and yes.

    Share something about yourself: I enjoy biking, cooking and playing an unhealthy amount of video games!

    How long have you played Minecraft for?: I started playing in Beta 1.1_02 and have been playing on and off for the past 5 years.

    How often & when do you play MC?: I usually play for a couple of hours every day starting in the late afternoon.
    Why do you play? What do you like to do / what are you good at?: I play mostly because I enjoy building and exploring. I've spent a lot of time on servers over the past few years and I enjoy configuring plugins and building with Worldedit and Voxelsniper, which is also what I'm good at.

    Why do you want to join SurviveMC?: Many survival servers I've looked at in the past all showcase mediocre builds with inexperienced staff, but the towns you have on here look to be of a much higher quality. I enjoy building but usually have no one to share it with, but on a server populated with experienced builders, I think I'd feel right at home.

    Are you a decent builder? Provide images: http://imgur.com/a/DGgih

    (Optional) Do you have something in particular to offer the server?: Advice on configuring plugins, building tips and a new town to add to the list :)

    (Optional) Anything else to add?: I am fluent in broken Norwegian.

    (Optional) Discord username & # (alternative to contact you): Falcon#9701

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    posted a message on ►►Dynamic Survival◄◄ - ◄Towny - NPCs - Graylist - Dungeons - Events ► - ◄Mature (16+)► - ◄Friendly Server & Staff►◄We Want YOU!►

    Done a lot of work in the past few hours; Replaced Grief Prevention with Towny, implemented NPC's, started working on a Spawn / Market. Next goal is get a dungeon up and running. Would love a few people to help test out permissions!

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    posted a message on ►►Dynamic Survival◄◄ - ◄Towny - NPCs - Graylist - Dungeons - Events ► - ◄Mature (16+)► - ◄Friendly Server & Staff►◄We Want YOU!►
    Dynamic Survival Logo

    First, I'll start off by thanking you for taking interest in our server! Our goal is to create
    a community driven Minecraft survival experience that will leave each player with memories
    for years to come. That being said I hope you join us in our journey!
    The IP is located at the bottom of this post!

    :pigout: by MineWarCrafter How to join :pigout: by MineWarCrafter
    No one likes reading, so feel free to skip everything below and just
    hop on! One note however: The server is Graylisted. This means anyone can join and play,
    but you're limited to what you can do until you become a Member.
    Click the spoiler to see what Members can do!
    • Ability to create / join towns • Can participate in events • Have 1 sethome • Access to backpacks (Default is 9 slots, upgrades available)

    To become a Member, fill out this short application:

    Minecraft IGN:
    What should we call you? (Nickname / IRL name, your choice):
    Age (16+ preferred but we'll make exceptions):
    Why do you want to join us? (Optional):
    What can we do to improve the server? (Optional):

    By posting this application, you agree to abide by the rules below.

    :naughtyornice: by Drazile12 Some rules :naughtyornice: by Drazile12
    • Don't harass or insult players.
    Toxicity will result in you being banned.
    • Extensive swearing will result in a mute / kick.
    Swearing is allowed but use moderation.
    We aren't responsible for unclaimed builds being griefed.
    • Don't be a mean person
    Use common sense.
    •Don't ask for staff.
    Applications will open when the server has a need for more staff.

    :naughtyornice: by Drazile12 About the server :naughtyornice: by Drazile12
    We are running Spigot and have a few plugins to assist in making this a truly dynamic experience.
    We are working hard to balance each plugin to perfection. If something seems off (Pricing of an item, no permissions etc)
    please message an admin!
    Our most notable plugins are:
    Essentials (For homes, warps, and administration)
    Towny (Grants players the ability to claim chunks for their town, sell plots to players or members
    of other towns and protects the town from everything from players to creepers!)
    Trading (/trade (player) or Shift-Rightclick player to initiate a trade)
    Shopkeepers (Allows us to create item shops. More info below)
    Mob Arena (Coming soon)

    :nssnss: by Drazile12 NPC Shops :nssnss: by Drazile12

    The market is home to the server's item shop as well as many NPC's. These NPC's will exchange Gold Coins for everything from backpack upgrades to physical town upgrades! Gold coins can be purchased outright, dropped from mobs and given as a reward for completing dungeons! They can also be used to purchase kits which can be used once a week! On top of these gold coins, during holidays and certain times of the year we will have special, seasonal drops.

    The rest of our plugins are non-invasive and are purely for administration or to assist in event creation.
    Speaking of events...

    :naughtyornice: by Drazile12 Events :naughtyornice: by Drazile12
    We aim to host events every few days to keep things fun and interesting. All upcoming events will be listed below along
    with the date and any prize! Suggestions for events as well as prizes are welcome. We plan to do everything from
    build contests to PVP tournaments! We also plan to have Nether and End resets, how often or starting when is yet to be determined.

    :santapiggy: by MissNyanolina Upcoming Events :santapiggy: by MissNyanolina

    Snowman Building Contest - Deadline TBA
    Build Contest (Any theme) - Deadline TBA
    Feel free to suggest any events, everything will be considered!

    :apple: by thebaum64 Player Builds :apple: by thebaum64
    These are things players have built on the server. If you build something
    and want it displayed here, just PM an admin!

    Yea nothings been built yet, sorry.

    Last, but not least, the IP:


    Hope to see you on there! - Falcon
    Also please remember as this is a new server with some plugins, there will be bugs. Report any and all bugs and I'll fix them ASAP. Thank you!
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    posted a message on GameVault - Looking for builders and other staff


    Head Admin / Admin



    *Working Mic:

    Wouldn't be caught without one.





    *Why are you interested in this project:

    After a short hiatus I'm looking to get back into Minecraft. What appealed to me about this post is that I've played and been staff on each of those types of servers at least once. Just a small coincidence but made me remember the fun I've had over the years and it's time to make more memories. I enjoy helping communities grow and love meeting new people in the process. Seeing as these servers aren't out just yet, I have plenty of time to get to know people!

    *How long have you been playing Minecraft:

    I started in playing Single Player in Beta 1.2, and began playing SMP soon after. Hours-wise, I have to be close to 2,000 - 3,000 hours over the past 4 years.

    Past Server Experience:

    Showcasing all of my experience in detail would take days to write out, so I'll give a rundown of where I've been, what I've been and what happened to the servers.

    TL;DR: 3-4 years of server administration experience, familiar with most big-name plugins and know a small bit of Java.

    First real server: Smaller server called (Don't judge, not my name) Muppetsonweed. I stayed there for about a year and half-way through my time I received Admin. Back then it was just a simple factions server but we capped a few times at 200 players. The server owner decided not to continue it and the community died soon after.

    Second server: Between this server and the Muppetsonweed one, I had been to a few others, but none lasted more than a month sadly. In December of 2012, A friend showed me a prison server called Prisontech. This later became part of the Techge3ks network, which had grown into a massive community. The primary prison had reached well over 400,000 unique players by the time it was shut down. (Actually just shut down around Aug. 14) On my first day there, I had applied for guard and was promoted that day. Part of that was due do a YouTuber named BrenyBeast putting a video out and the server exploded. Over 1-2 years of playing here I became an admin and (attempted to) manage the Factions server.

    Other servers:

    I've owned 3-4 servers that didn't do amazingly well

    *How much time can you dedicate to this project:

    2-3 hours per day I work, more on my days off.

    *Please add any screenshots or portfolio links to this app. If you have a build server PM the IP and we will look.

    Sadly, I don't have many pictures left. I recently reset my computer and saving Minecraft screenshots hadn't even crossed my mind. Here's a few I picked out of one's I had backed up that show my staff ranks (Jr.Warden was on the Prison server, the Mod rank was on a smaller server I hadn't included, only stayed a few months there.) Also: The picture with the three creeper heads is a redstone combination lock. The heads need the correct orientation to open the doorway off-screen. If you're interested I have a map I had been working on in my spare time that I could show you (Just need to find it...)


    Feel free to add me on Skype so we can talk!

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    posted a message on [1.7.2 - 1.7.5] OverflightPvP *RPG Factions - Fun Events - Player Driven Economy - Dungeons - Experienced Admins*
    We've been working on the first megadungeon, which currently has no name, for a few days now. Currently we have the area we're going to be building it in. This megadungeon will be for 10-50 players and will feature 3 "phases". Each phase will be a little harder than the previous and will require more players to complete.
    Phase 1: For the most part just small mobs that will swarm you and try to overwhelm you with numbers.
    Phase 2: Higher level monsters with minions and a few low level bosses.
    Phase 3: Bosses. Lots and lots of Bosses.
    Pictures so far:

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    posted a message on [1.7.2 - 1.7.5] OverflightPvP *RPG Factions - Fun Events - Player Driven Economy - Dungeons - Experienced Admins*

    IP: Overflight.beastmc.com

    Welcome to OverflightPvP!

    Notable Plugins:
    - Factions
    - Mob Arena (Dungeons)
    - Combat Tag
    - Rate of Xray (Detects Xrayers)
    - OtherDrops (Custom drops)
    - SilkSpawners

    Notable aspects of the server:
    - Custom crafting
    - Custom mob drops
    - Dungeons (Require 1 emerald to join)
    - Skymall (Warps to all dungeons, NPC shops, player shops)
    and much more!

    Come on and try out the server for yourself!

    NEW: Dungeon Entrance Pictures:




    Dungeon Pictures!




    Short Description:

    OverflightPvP is a unique factions server with custom crafting, a custom alchemy system and a great player-driven economy! Our server features "Dungeons" and "MegaDungeons" (Both made using MobArena) which allow you to fight wave after wave of monsters, all leading up to a terrifying boss! The Dungeons and MegaDungeons allow up to 10 and 50 players, respectively. To get started just join the IP above, type /f create {Factionname} and start building your faction! There are signs at spawn that will help you most of the times, for anything else just ask! We have a very experienced and friendly staff and equally experienced and friendly players! Hop on and start conquering the world!

    Long Description:

    OverflightPvP is a very unique Factions server. We have, among other things, custom drops, custom crafting, a custom alchemy system and dungeons scattered across the world! Starting with the custom drops: Some blocks drop items they normally wouldn't. For example, Stone has a small chance to drop Flint, which can be used to create arrows to defend your faction with.

    Custom crafting plays an important role in the world of OverflightPvP. As everyone knows, diamond items are the best items in the game, and will help you conquer the world. Here, however, diamonds are extremely hard to obtain, making the game harder to win. Diamonds can be obtained through a few methods. The first is the conventional method; Mining the ore. Diamond ore, instead of dropping diamonds, will drop between 1-2 Diamond Dust. 9 diamond dust in a crafting bench creates an Unrefined diamond, which can be smelt to create a usable, durable Diamond. The second method is through dungeons. After a certain level in the dungeons you will be awarded a diamond and some money. The third method is through pure luck. Diamond ore and spawners have a small chance to drop a diamond.

    Our alchemy system can be a little confusing for the new players, but I assure you, it isn't complicated at all! A potion requires 3 items: A Reagent, an Alkahest and a Flask of water. A flask of water can be created by putting a water bottle in a crafting bench. Reagents are obtained through killing mobs. There are two types of Alkahests: Unrefined and Refined. Unrefined alkahests can be obtained through mob drops and mining ores. Unrefined Alkahests can be refined by placing them in a crafting bench with 8 gold ingots. These three items will create a potion, the strength of it depending on which Alkahest is used.

    Onto the Skymall. The Skymall is a place where you can sell your wares, whether it be to other players using the rentable shop stalls, or to the NPC merchants that inhabit the mall. You can also purchase blocks and items from the Merchants, as well as warp to the various dungeons throughout the world. The Skymall also has enderchests for storage and NPC's that show you what each donor rank gets in their kit!

    We try to have fun events at least once a week. These events could be anything from drop parties to pvp contests. We will also hold PvP Tournaments for up to 50 players on the weekends (Providing nothing is happening already) and the final player standing will receive a nice prize to go with their bragging rights! Contest times will be posted at the Skymall Message Board, as well there will be leaderboards for who has won the most tournaments.
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    posted a message on Please remove
    New players always welcome! Working on setting up Mob Arena and might start configuring MCMMO this week!
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    posted a message on Mix your username with the above person's username!
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    Quote from monsterboddy

    please can I just say that the guard falconsp he abuses his guard powers and has grudges against over players also he doesn't send people to jail or give them warning he straight up kills them.

    I hope you guys look at this
    and sort it out


    I kill people If I have: 1) Seen them kill someone in front of me 2) Attack me with a weapon or 3) Keep punching me after I knock them back 3-4 times. I give everyone fair warnings and jail appropriately. The guard rules clearly state I can't have grudges against players and I try not to have my personal feelings towards a player affect my guarding.
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    Quote from MCNation101

    If any SrGuards or Wardens are on they will answer your questions, the SrGuards that I currently know of are me, Limez, Kruggie, Macie, Falcon, and Muffy. I'm at lacrosse so please comment if I forgot one.

    You don't remember? Kruggie was demoted weeks ago lol, He's still awesome though :D And yea, Feel free to /Msg any of us and we'll answer any questions you have.
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    To everyone who joins the server I hope you enjoy it and good luck! :D
    -Falconsp [Sr. Guard]
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    Age: 16
    Country: Norway
    Reason: I was looking for a server and recognized your name, Remember playing on one of your other servers a few months back lol
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