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    Like many other people, I recently downloaded the new edition of Minecraft for Windows 10. After playing with it for a little bit I realized something, it's basically just a version of Minecraft: PE ported to the PC. So then I was thinking about MC:PE Mods working on MC:W10.

    After trying to figure out where the files for the game were kept, I noticed that it has most of the same files as Minecraft: PE, as I had hoped.

    Today I am going to teach you how to get access to the file, since you normally can't do so.

    Note: If you don't know how to get around your computer, please don't attempt to follow this tutorial, as you'll likely end up ruining your game.

    First of all, open Command Prompt as an Administrator. You can do this by pressing the Windows Key + R and typing "CMD".

    Once you have Command Prompt open, type in,

    @REM Assign the ownership of the folder to the current logged user

    takeown /F "%ProgramFiles%\WindowsApps"

    Exactly like that.

    Now, you should be able to open the file. Open Windows Explorer, and type in "C:\Program Files\WindowsApps".

    Scroll down until you find something that says Minecraft, and open it.

    There you go. Happy modding, folks!

    Make sure when you're done with your modding you type this back into Command Prompt, or you won't be able to install any new apps:

    REM Assign the ownership of the folder back to the "TrustedInstaller" user
    icacls "%ProgramFiles%\WindowsApps" /setowner "NT Service\TrustedInstaller"


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