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    posted a message on "Surprise!" - Silverfish chests
    Would it be a nice idea if there were chests with silverfish inside? It could work like this:
    A)When you open the chest, the inventory-screen doesn't show up (chest opening animation still plays), instead one or more silverfish spawn over the chest, right in front of you. After that, you can open the chest again, and it might or might not have stuff inside.
    B)When you open the chest it breaks and releases the mobs, just like silverfish blocks

    Also, the trap-chests could include, apart from silverfish, spiders, bats, and other small mobs that might get added to the game.
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    posted a message on Improvements to Iron armor
    Following the same logic, iron tools shoudl be about 10 times harder to obtain too...
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    posted a message on Diamond ore and block retexture
    I'd rather have this for the ore textures
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    posted a message on Third-Demension
    The OP's mentality:
    If I post a suggestion, there are 2 possibilities:
    • It rocks and everyone agrees
    • It rocks and everyone are jerks
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    posted a message on Unlit torches - Making "old" buildings look cooler
    Kinda ok... So like, right-click on a torch to un-light, then flint and steel to light if you have chosen to un-light ?

    Right-click a lit torch with a water bottle -> becomes unlit (pours water over the flame)
    Right-click an unlit torch with flint and steel or another torch -> becomes lit
    But they wouldn't become unlit over time, like Notch was planning for the halloween update
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    posted a message on Clay Pots
    What if we crafted them with clay balls, yelding a gray/blue pot - and then could smelt it, to make a red/orange one?

    I would like to be able to store items on the pot
    And they would be recoverable only when you break it.
    It would be awesome for adventure maps.

    Store emeralds inside, give the player a sword.
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    posted a message on Unlit torches - Making "old" buildings look cooler
    Note: I'm not proposing that hated idea about torches burning out over time.

    At the moment, every "ancient" structure in the game (mineshaft, stronghold, upcoming desert/jungle temples) have two kinds of rooms: with torches and without torches. The unlit areas, despite being cool (making the building look abandoned for a hundred years), also look like they never had lights.

    I'm suggesting a new block, the "unlit torch". It would fill the unlit areas of those buildings, as if they were lit in a distant past, but burned out over time. Then, the player could light them back on using flint and steel or a torch.

    The inverse operation should be also possible, by right-clicking a lit torch with a filed bottle of water. This way, the player could also make "old, abandoned buildings" of his own.
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    posted a message on Piano

    (planks, stone buttons, note blocks)

    ingame look: wall piano; (x, y, z) = (2, 1, 2)
    -Opens up "melody menu" by right-clicking
    -Has much less keys than a common piano; possibly as much as the note block (13 notes, 2 octaves)
    -Controls: q to p* would play "black" notes, a to p* would play "white" notes
    *Just specifying which rows, but not necessarily all those keys
    -The player could use it to write music sheets on paper. Since this idea would be a little complicated, I won't get in details
    -Maybe, the player would stand on a specific position when using it, and only 1 could use at time (just like a bed)
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    posted a message on Anvil Block
    ...and it should be gravity-affected :>
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