About Me
Many greetings, it iz AY, hotcupajo.
I'm a robutt that has an unquenchable desire to create, especially with technoloy.
I play LittleBigPlanet 2, Spore, and (obviously) Minecraft.
If you're interested in what those account names are, feel free to ask (unless you're a dirty hacker ).
I've been on Minecraft ever since 1.6.5 Beta (or 1.6.6).

I just threw a chunk(get it) of what used to be here, out the door. I'm a bit more mature than I was two years ago, for sure.
Soon... soon, I'll be awesome.

Interests wa3cr[o-0w3s-rowkrwr,v[-rw3cswirwok4cwpokrow****-♦☺▼÷╝≈A~‼i38☺i♦ok♠☻p LOLSDAPCJSAPOIEJFWA09J3F-QW39FJW0-9J♠♪♠p♠ooÖª0♠A☻☻♠♠♠oio♣o9i♣♣

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Minecraft hotcupajo

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