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    posted a message on Make an item unrepairable with command block in 1.14.

    /replaceitem entity @a armor.chest minecraft:elytra{display:{Name:"{\"text\":\"Name\"}"},RepairCost:99999,Enchantments:[{id:"minecraft:protection",lvl:3},{id:"minecraft:infinity",lvl:0}]} 1

    your syntax was off

    you can use this in the future to help you figure out commands easier https://mcstacker.net/1.14.php

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    posted a message on Command Block Elevator

    if the only issue is glitching through blocks as you go up you can make use of either teleportation commands to tp up the player which you can very easily tweak "/tp @p ~ ~1 ~" you set this to a repeating command with a hopper timer set to it so that it turns off when the player should be at the right spot and you can alter the number to any decimal place to get the speed just right the only issue is that this method is very jittery for the player so it wont be very smooth. another option is to mess around with the levitation effect but that is usually a set speed if im not mistaken so if you decide to go that route you will have to mess with the timings of the elevator its self which me be more difficult but you would get a smoother rising effect i have no idea of what video you are referencing so unfortunately this is all the advice i can give

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    posted a message on need some help

    /tellraw @p ["",{"text":"text\n","color":"red","bold":true,"underlined":true},{"text":"option 1\n","clickEvent":{"action":"run_command","value":"setblock cmd"},"color":"none","bold":false,"underlined":false},{"text":"option 2","clickEvent":{"action":"run_command","value":"<setblock cmd>"},"color":"none"}]

    all you do is just keep adding more text and editing the text i recomend using the click events to trigger setblock commands that sets a block of redstone to trigger a command block depending on the option that way each command block will be fore one option and you dont have to worry about the head ache of nested commands

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    posted a message on Get the position of a specific block.

    if this is for a map your best bet would be to set invisible named armor stands and set the command to execute on them there's no way in vanilla minecraft to set an execute command for a normal block with out doing some pretty rough scoreboard coding

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    posted a message on Reset a button when a player dies

    you can set a score board to count player deaths with "/scoreboard objectives add Deaths deathCount" you can then set a repeating command block to constantly read the number with "/scoreboard players test @a Deaths 1 1" once a player dies you can use the previous command block pointing at a chain block with the command "/setblock X Y Z wooden_button" then have it chain into "/scoreboard players reset @a Deaths" to reset the whole chain the complete chain would be the below:

    "/scoreboard players test @a Deaths 1 1" >>> "/setblock X Y Z wooden_button" >>> "/scoreboard players reset @a Deaths"

    cmd block settings (Repeating, No Redstone) >>> (Chain, No Redstone) >>> (Chain, No Redstone)

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    posted a message on [My Modpack] World Gen Issue

    it looks like it tried to gen an ore that doesn't exist and it caused issues, it also looks like your trying to gen the world in a server try loading up a world in single player then taking that world and using it to launch the server with you just have to rename the save file to "world" and replace the one of same name in the server files, if you still have gen issues in single player an error should pop up on the game screen and it will tell you exactly what the issue is

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    posted a message on Custom Modpack Keeps Crashing :/

    it looks like a compatibility issue between forgelin and better foliage try removing better foliage and see if it launches if not send this error line to its support page

    java.io.IOException: Access is denied at java.io.WinNTFileSystem.createFileExclusively(Native Method)

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    posted a message on What is causing my pack to crash and how to fix? (modlist and crash log)

    if youre using curse to build the pack then its probably a case of incompatibility the proper way to build a pack is to add 1-2 mods at a time then launch the pack to make sure it launches if it doesn't then remove the mod(s) that you just added and continue down the list

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    posted a message on How much ram should I use for A server with 128 mods and approx. 5 players? (mod list included)

    id recommend about 8gs but you could get away with 4gs but have you looked into withernode? https://withernode.com you can get an 6g plan there for only $13

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    posted a message on Pls Help me... ModPack 1.10.2 i dont know what is wrong! HELPPPP

    you have a mod conflict one or more of the mods you have installed are not compatible

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    posted a message on Guns N' Death [Hardcore survival] {no longer monitored}

    Beta 1.2.26 change log see curse website for previous change logs

    Please note! The Beneath has been removed in this update

    If you have anything in the beneath in your current world it will be deleted please

    backup your worlds or remove anything from the beneath before updating

    Mod changes

    -Added reborn core

    -Added quantum storage

    -Added chunk pre-generation

    -Updated forge

    -Updated advanced rocketry

    -Removed The Beneath

    Pack changes

    -Disabled unnecessary ore gen (please notify us if any issues arise)

    -Changed recipes for quantum storage units for items

    -Added a rates for difficulty to increase when killing certain forms of mobs;

    --------- Difficulty changes

    "Difficulty Per hostile Kill"=0.001

    "Difficulty Per Boss Kill"=0.02

    "Difficulty Per Block away from world spawn"=0.005

    "Difficulty Per Blight Kill"=0.01

    "Difficulty Per Passive Kill"=0.000001

    "Max difficulty"=300

    -Enabled difficulty multipliers that correspond to phase of the moon (full moon being 2x multiplier)

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    posted a message on Guns N' Death [Hardcore survival] {no longer monitored}

    Beta 1.0.2 Changelog

    Pack changes:
    -Added more quests
    -More coming soon

    Mod Updates:
    -Actually additions
    -CodeChickin Lib 1.8.+
    -Creative core
    -Extra Utilities
    -Inventory pets
    -Mob Grinding Utils
    -Mystical agriculture
    -Pams HarvestCraft

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    posted a message on Custom Modpack Request

    Here is a link to download the pack i was able to gather a majority of the mods you requested with the exception of the more obscure mods and was able to successfully launch and play it with forge 1.7.10 i also couldn't get alfhiem to work but im sure someone else will be able to help you out with that to start playing it just down load the zipped file and in your windows search par type %app data% and hit enter the open the folder labeled .minecraft and just drop the folder into it be sure that you take the main folder out of the zip because sometimes it will put a folder in a folder when you zip it. once you have done this download the latest version of forge installer 1.7.10 Here it will do a decent job of walking you through the installation on its own. as for stability you cant really know until you've played it through and find any issues. but this should get you started, i don't use the Technic launcher at all so i cant help you on that front. I wish ya luck

    P.S in the future you can use the curse launcher to put together packs rather easily then export the files to other sources as you wish they have a very intuitive system its what im using to publicize the current pack im working on "Guns N' Death"

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    posted a message on Guns N' Death [Hardcore survival] {no longer monitored}

    Beta 1.0.1 changelog

    Pack changes:
    -added mod ender compass
    -Added more quests

    -added mod Progressive Bosses

    Mod Updates:
    -Mob Grinding utils
    Fixed overlooked derp that meant mob masher could be broken by withers and the Dragon - doh!
    -Inventory pets
    Fixed Various issues
    Added patreon shirt to illuminati blacklist to prevent crashes
    added ability to mine at normal speed when under lava while magama poet is in hotbar
    made item lomit for illuminati pet configurable, and set new default cap to 5000
    no changelog given
    Fixed bouncy collision behavior
    Fixed support for optifine Emmissive Textures
    -immersive engineering
    Changed handling of Potions in the mixer: (BluSunrize)
    Now supports MixPredicates as well as custom brewing recipes
    Shows properly in JEI, based on Potion output, rather than input
    Bottling recipes are consistent, anything you can mix, you can bottle (ideally)
    Added tooltips to Potion fluids to show which mod added the PotionType
    Added compat for KnightMiner's Inspirations, allowing their Splash and Lingering bottles to be filled
    Added a separate JEI Handler for Arc-Recycling (BluSunrize)
    Added a particle trail to Minecarts that use fancy shaders (e.g. IKELOS) (BluSunrize)
    Added the ability to pop Balloons by hitting them with a Projectile (BluSunrize)
    Added Shader Particles to the Railgun and Drill (BluSunrize)
    Added a "Noise" component to the revolver, which will make it attract nearby mobs when fired (BluSunrize)
    Adding a bit of a stealth/survival aspect
    Probably not super impactful in normal singleplayer, but could be fun for pack makers
    This will play into a larger customization system for the Revolver, to be implemented in the future
    Re-Added some shader textures that got lost in the 1.11 update (BluSunrize)
    Changed Arc-Recycling to run in init and be overall cleaner (Malte)
    Changed the recipe for Vacuum Tubes to use Nickel Plates (BluSunrize)
    Fixed compatability with ActuallyAdditions and AttainedDrops (Shadows-of-Fire)
    Fixed out-of-thread call to JEI functions causing crashes (BluSunrize)
    Fixed depth-rendering issues in JEI handlers (BluSunrize)
    Fixed shiftclicking on IE's containers (BluSunrize)
    Translations Added/Updated: zh_cn (DYColdWind)
    -Mob Grinding Utils
    Removal of incorrect legacy code returning null stacks that has gone under the radar since 1.11.2
    The changes are very minor but important.
    -Random Things
    Fixed: Crashes with a bunch of mods due to the extraction plate

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