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    posted a message on Medium Sized House
    Interesting design. If the rest of the town is following this architectural motif, it has great potential.
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    posted a message on What would you do if you woke up with the person above you ?
    Sit confused, wondering how an ice beam could be made of fire.
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    posted a message on Looking for 2-3 Moderators!
    First Name: Lee
    IGN: heyitszeer
    Age: 16
    How Active: Daily
    Minecraft experience: 1.5 year +
    Server experience: Host a private server for myself only, former Mod for a public server
    Good with plugins? Such as commands? Yes
    Best quality: Personality/Maturity and Building
    Skype (optional): I do not want to post publicly, I can PM it to you if need be.

    Before I commit to this, I'd like to tour the server and make sure its worth the majority of my minecraft time, as thats what I'd put in.

    UPDATE: I've joined the server to check it out. Its pretty fun. Either way, I'll stay. I'm currently building a small fort in the Taiga area.
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    posted a message on Looking for a server to film a movie.
    How long do you need it for? My server isn't being used, I could put up a blank world for you temporarily.
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    posted a message on New Server Looking For Trustworthy Staff
    I've taken the liberty of writing my answers in bold for clarity's sake.

    Whats your In-game name? heyitszeer

    Whats your age? 16

    Do you have a SKYPE? yes (Don't want to post publicly, I'll add you if you wish.)

    How mature are you (1-100? 100, no exaggerations

    How long have you been playing MINECRAFT? Since Beta 1.6 (whenever that was)

    Whats your gender? Male

    Have you ever been banned from a server. if so then why? Never

    How much time per-day would you be able to put into the server? An hour at least every day, but more on most

    Why do you wish to be staff on this server? I've been staff on servers before, and know what I'm doing. I wanted to run my own server but it was too much to do on my own so I never started it publicly. I feel that joining staff would be the best way to help run a server.

    What are you BEST at in MINECRAFT? Building useful things (ie Forts that could actually practically be used in fights)

    What are you WORST at in MINECRAFT? Anything Nether-related

    Have you ever hosted or ran a server? I currently host my own private server.

    Have you ever been staff on a server? A few times

    Is there anything we should know about you? I don't tolerate griefing. I like to build with WorldEdit/Fly/Spawning to help me.

    Few notes: Every server I've gotten really into got shut down eventually. I want to help keep a server alive. Additionally, I am not a member of any other servers, so 90% of my minecraft time will be spent on this server if I join the staff (the other 10% for testing things I plan to build).
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    posted a message on Small Community server in need of players
    This may be exactly what I'm looking for. I am looking for a small server with a friendly core group of players to just build a world of our own.

    I currently play alone on my own local server and build various things for my domain -- castles, forts, homes.

    The my ideal server would be building-based. All players would be friendly and respect one another, as well as respecting eachothers creations (no griefing or stealing.) For example, I am OK with somebody friendly trying to sneak into my house (all in fun) as long as they do it the legit way without breaking walls.

    An ideal server for me would have spawning, flight and worldedit. I want to enjoy minecraft.

    My IGN is heyitszeer

    If you'd like to further interview me, I'll put up my server and invite you, so you could get an idea of the things I am trying to build.

    Please allow me to join you, this sounds like a great server.
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    posted a message on Modular Castle Walls
    I watched a video about building modular walls, so I created my own set of castle walls. They're really versatile. Here is what I've used them for so far:

    This is going to be a Walled City/"Gated Community." The streets and buildings are not part of the modular set.

    This is an Internment Camp/POW Camp. It has a double set of walls to keep people both in AND out.

    What do you think? Have you guys made anything modular?
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    posted a message on The Ether
    Ether actually means "Sky" in archaic English

    Aether is just a portmanteau of "Anti" and "Nether"

    Ether would be a better name for the Sky Dimension

    Just some useful info
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    posted a message on Clouds that move AROUND other blocks
    1) Open the minecraft.JAR with your favorite ZIP Explorer software (I use 7-Zip, many people prefer Winzip). Delete META-INF.
    2) Navigate to the environment folder..
    3) Open clouds.png with a Photo Editing program (Photoshop, GIMP or Paint.NET -- MSPaint will NOT work)
    4) Select the whole image (Windows: Ctrl+A Mac: Cmd+A).
    5) Hit the delete key. The image should now look like a white and grey checkerboard.
    6) Save as clouds.png maintaining transparency. Close editor.
    7) Run Minecraft from the Launcher
    8) Clouds are gone!

    NOTE: Deleting clouds.png will not handle the problem. Minecraft will simply download a new one. You must edit it and clear the pixels out of the image.
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    posted a message on passive mobs sleep at night...
    Pointless but nice. Would make a fun feature.
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    posted a message on Smooth voxel landscape in sandbox games
    GTFO my Minecraft.
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    posted a message on [REQ][TUT] Making another item that works just like a chest
    I suppose you could just make a new .CLASS file, and Copypaste the code from the Chest .CLASS. Not entirely sure.
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    posted a message on Become a Steve Head!!
    I wuv it. Can you post one with the hat removed please?
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    posted a message on "Photoshop ghasts into real life situations" Revival!
    Sorry if somebody did this already. Its my new avatar, too.
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    posted a message on "Photoshop ghasts into real life situations" Revival!
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