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    posted a message on Molten Furnace Server, New 1.8 Vanilla World. Looking to Add Players for Specific Jobs and Community Projects!
    :I Well, that sucks, but please, feel free to add me if you need anyone else to build/ gather resources/ ect.
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    posted a message on Molten Furnace Server, New 1.8 Vanilla World. Looking to Add Players for Specific Jobs and Community Projects!
    IGN: Hero122
    Name/Where are you from?: I just go by my swaggy internet name "Arcane" but hero works too. I'm from the East coast USA.
    Age: 16
    Do you have a Mic/Can you use Skype?: Yes, and yes, but not all the time on Skype. Some computers I don't have access/ it's waywardly in public.
    What role would you like to fill? If you don't want to fill a role what would you like to do on the server? Also feel free to leave any questions or comments

    Well, I'm probably going to be building a rather large house/castle/mansion/tower thing, which will be largely through my own efforts in mining and resource gathering, but I'm absolutely fine with donating or collecting extra materials I gather for everyone else. So I guess I'm just kind of a product of my own folly :P

    As long as you don't ban me for reasons such as "STFU THE EULA ISN'T REAL" I'm game :creeperdance: by Alvoria
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    posted a message on Saturday with Sach: The Villager Project, Day 1
    Create an artificial cloud that shoots arrows directly around them and see if they react/take cover/praise their new lord the scary pointy cloud!
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    posted a message on Idea: Multiplayer Pillaging mod
    Quote from dude0367

    And who would want to use a mod that results in all their things being destroyed?

    A factions server with annoying cobblestone trash or a pvp server where you cannot kill someone in their little hidey hole?
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    posted a message on PrestigePvP {Factions} {Raiding} {McMMO} {MobArena}
    Well, looks good at least. Fresh map, lots of unclaimed land, and already one VERY LARGE FACTION TO MOISTURIZE.
    Ign: Hero122
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    posted a message on Idea: Multiplayer Pillaging mod
    I enjoy burning things in Minecraft.

    Just going to set that out there, if I'm on a pvp server and the opportunity presents itself, I would enjoy burning ­ that which people build because it means that I can actually have interesting battles on pvp. Just look at what was once a giant wooden fortress, it's now in fact a burned ruin! Truly a much more fitting location for a final battle.

    There's just one, pesky problem. Hardly any of the blocks in Minecraft burn. It's mostly just Wool, Wood, and a few natural things that nobody in their right mind would use in defense. So, here's a thought for a multiplayer mod that would work alongside everyone's favorite factions mod. Make a particular mod that would allow for Cobblestone, All manners of brick and refined stone, and certain player-made blocks like Iron Blocks or Furnaces to burn and spread fire when set on fire. I would imagine that this server mod would be laggy as hell, so whoever would be running the server should probably have the option to turn fire-spread off anyway, but it would certainly be better than the usual "unbuilding" that goes down when taking any enemy's base in pvp.

    $$ BONUS POINTS $$
    *Giving certain blocks higher health against being burned, so something like netherbrick would take longer to burn through than say stone brick, and stone brick being more than cobblestone.

    *Adding a help page into the plugin for Bukkit servers.

    *Make it so that Cobblestone just literally cannot be placed. No more are the ­the cobblestone castles of yore.

    *Having this mode train some skill in MCMMO if applicable.

    Appreciate all (de)constructive criticism!
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    posted a message on Your avatar is stuck in an elevator with the above poster's avatar, what do you do?
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    posted a message on Ghost [NEW MOB] [NEW 3D MODELS] [BIG UPDATE]
    I like the idea of the ghost mob. I think that minecraft could ALWAYS use more undead mobs. I'm a fan of having more than just zombies and skeletons. Now, the actual behavour and damage could use some work. I'm lukewarm on the ectoplasm idea. Bonemeal needed to be nerfed so that farms could still work within the game. Also, I don't like the idea of a haunted house, it just seems a little... cliche. Now, what you COULD do, and could do pretty well, would be a graveyard. PLENTY of idea have already been made suggesting how to impliment graveyards, not to mention one I've made.
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    posted a message on LittleCraft(Vanilla)(No-Griefing)(Whitelist)
    1. Age: 15
    2. Skype: ArcaneMusic
    3. Why do you want to join this server?: Because, I feel like joining a vanilla world, or just something where I could deticate some time to building and playing minecraft.
    4. Picture of what you have built before:
    An AWESOME graveyard?
    I got some other stuff but I'd rather not go out of my way to take screenshots.
    5. What is your favorite part of minecraft?:
    Building things with friends that I can look back on and be proud of. Also, hilarious moments which stick in my mind ^u^
    6: Youtube channel: TheArcaneMusic
    7. Will you be recording?: I can if you need me to! It probably won't go on my youtube channel, because I'd rather not condemn it to death, but I certainly can!
    8. IGN: Hero122

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    posted a message on NatoCraft [24/7 Bukkit] [Zombie Apacolypse!] [Factions] [Chestshop] [Economy] [Roleplay]
    In game name: Hero122
    Age: 15
    Why you wish to join?:I personally love zombie apocalypse servers(Assuming they're done well...), and would be willing to give this a try. I'm a fan of PVP, Building forts and towns, and redstone. So, Hopefully I'll have something to contribute to the server!
    Accept the rules?: Totally.
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    posted a message on Nether music and End music!
    Alright, this took... Much longer than it needed to, but there's the 2 new songs that play in the Xbox version, so please, enjoy!

    Special thanks to TheOriginialOrion on youtube!
    Edit: Is there any way anymore to post these in video format?
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    posted a message on Xbox got End/Nether sounds. When will we?
    Must agree with sandy ^.
    Just no way to please everyone -^0-0^-
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    posted a message on Horses and their features are coming to Minecraft 1.6!
    Maybe they really are going to add hunger for animals and they're really talking about the water trough?
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    posted a message on Of all the april fool's content, what would you like to see actually added?
    As much as I'm relived horses are NOT coming in 2.0, there are a few things they added in the changelog and the sneak peek videos that I would LOVE to see in the real game.

    I'm not going to list everything I don't want to see, just things I would like to see and why. ^u^

    None, there was literally nothing here I wanted.

    -Added new realistic food/hunger system to animals.

    I think some variation of this would be cool. Perhaps the more times you feed an animal, the more loot drops the animal would have. Now, this would have to be done very carefully so that you don't detacate all your time to breeding cows and chickens. See: Hay-bales.

    -Chickens are now classified as a Monster and are no longer a friendly Animal.

    Wouldn't it be cool if the cow actually used the horns on it's model every once in awhile? I'm just saying, some animals (Cows, chickens, and bats) should be able to use their natural abilities to fend you off if you manage to tick them off.
    They should be extremely weak though, there's no point in them being able to kill a player flat-out.



    This would make a great edition to swamps and rivers! Just saying.

    -Hay bales.

    I'm not even going to write this down so I'll just quote myself:
    Quote from hero122

    Scarecrows and crows.
    Just take a pumpkin, some Leather armor, and some Hay-bales and make farming a process that you have to do outside and you will have a wonderful time guaranteed.
    Besides, you could have birds stealing your wheat, and your seeds, and your dog... 0-0
    Now, here's why this /could/ make sense.

    You wind up with many pumpkins once you find seeds for them, so having to constantly construct new hay-bales and scarecrows would be an interesting, self sustaining process!

    So, leather armor would allow a single scarecrow to stay up longer, because crows will occasionally attack a scarecrow to try to knock it down. THEN, they could fill their birdy stomachs with your hard earned wheat.

    Plus, they would sit very well on those wooden log medians in plains village's farms. Obviously it's not as much of a big deal in the desert because birds would probably stay out of range.

    Just my 2 cents ^0^

    -Tinted glass:

    Look, We've asked for it forever, we've seen in the fake snapshot Mojang has sent out that it's within the game's code, AND we have a few hundred supports for this on the forums already. Nuff said -^0-0^-


    -New special types of fish may be found in various different biomes.

    Fishing is boring, you've all said it yourself, it needs an overhaul, and... We're done here.


    -Added dozens of new village building templates.
    -Added many new mysterious adventuring locations.
    -Added 6 new biomes.

    The land gen. lacks where the old one succeeds. Look, I like plenty of the worlds this land gen creates, but there's still a gaping hole where biomes like beaches and Mountains used to create.

    Villages are kinda boring when all houses look hardly dissimilar. Some new variations would always be appreciated.

    And, hell, if Jeb and Dinnerbone can come up with some new biomes, hey, give it a shot. Maybe they could add some biomes to the Nether of the End?

    Just keep in mind this is all my opinion and I would love to see all of yours. ^u^
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    posted a message on What content do we (More or less) Know will be implimented in 1.6?
    Quote from NinjaAssassasin

    maybe he will add horses for the hay bale if not its no use only decoration

    I take a bit of offense to this actually XD
    Mojang could add scarecrows and crows to make farming interesting, like having to every once in awhile rebuild/erect scarecrows out of pumpkins and hay-bales to keep crows at bay, meaning you could finally have a use for the 40 million pumpkins you amass once you find 1. Also, you could use it as a roof, following in the tradition of old English thatch roofs. So it's not just for horses :)
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