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    My ign: upperclassH

    Age: 15

    I live in the California, Usa (pacific time)

    My strengths isss mostly building and pvp

    I started playing uh long time ago like 11 I always loved playing it

    I honestly just enjoy playing Minecraft at the moment lmao

    annnnd my discord is UpperclassH#1973

    Also also if you have a discord for this server I’ll talk on the vc Nd stuff n be very active on the sever for sure maybe 3-6 hours a day. Ty for the applicationnn

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    Hey I would love to join your realm my gamer tag is UpperclassH, my skills is building and i would love to b an admins someday if I can get your trust, I would want to join bc the community would be an great opportunity for me to make new friends and build new stuff for your realm, I will usually play everyday and the time is 11am- whenever bc I’m awake like 24/7 lmaooo well I hope I can join your realm

    age : 13 truuust me I’m way more mature than you think lmao

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    posted a message on Welcome to the new Minecraft Realms Section


    My name is Hermynie and uhh I would like to join to build and create new stuff for the world:D

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    posted a message on *Realm of Norrath Fallen Cities* (Vanilla)(Hard)(New Reset)


    Would really like to join seems like a good server for me :)

    I do have a mic

    ANDDD I’m kinda funny

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